Borax For Fleas

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Using Borax for Fleas is a common cure to getting rid of Fleas in your home.If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to kill these uninvited and unwanted guest using borax could be the solution you have been searching for. For a number of years my wife and I struggled to keep fleas out of our home with little to no success. until a friend told us about using borax to kill fleas. Borax like the one we used is a common washing powder made by the Dial corp. under the name of 20 Mule team laundry detergent is not to be confused with boric acid. They are totally different and not to be used together.I mention this because after reading a few articles while searching for borax it seems there are quit a few people who don’t know the difference.Now getting back to – After some searching  and visiting  over ten stores we finally found two boxes which we bought both of them. After only one evening’s effort and waiting overnight our flea problems were solved. Since then using Borax for fleas has become a major part of our total flea program which we continue to this day.If you follow these simple steps your house will be flea free in no time at all. Borax and your vacuum can and will get rid of your fleas problem.

Planning your attack:

If possible start in the room you have the most fleas in.This is usually where your pets hang out the most,but not always. My living room was once had a problem but dog and cats never went in there.

Where your pets sleeps or a heavy traffic area. Always a good place to start off with.You will need to give them a different place to rest for the night,as what ever room you start with “it needs to be closed or gated off for the night.”

Also wash your pets bedding and add a quarter cup of borax 20 mule team to the wash.

furniture couches and recliners or any other type of fabric material your pets like to lounge on.

What You will need:

1. A container like a mason jar or something with a lid you can poke hole in.Your just making a big salt shaker, I used an old gape jelly 32 oz,jar the last time I did this. A coffee can would also work. Just use what ever works best for you.

2. A stiff bristle  broom. This is for working the borax down into the carpet or the cracks of wooden floors.

3. A vacuum with a new empty bag and one more afterwords you will want to remove and discard outside the house.

4.  Gloves, eye protection dust mask and an old pair of shoes are a good idea.

5. A box of 20 Mule team Borax.

On a side note : Sprinkle a little borax on a the back of any fabric as a test to see if there will be any discoloration the night before.I have never had this happen,but better safe then sorry.


 Room Preparation:

Whatever room you decide to begin with remove everything you can. Small things setting on coffee tables,pictures anything you don’t want to dust off later. As far as the dust goes it is minimal. take all of the throw pillows and cushions set them aside. Don’t take them out of the room, they may have fleas on them. If you have area rugs. Take everything off of will need to sprinkle borax under them as well. Move all furniture away from the wall where you can gain accesses to the back of them.

Using Borax for Fleas:

Now that you have all your supplies together and have poked holes in a jar lid. Fill it about half way with borax,then replace the jar top.
Start in the far corner of the room and begin to shake your jar with a light dusting .Like if you where powdering a baby’s bottom. You need to put more holes in your jar lid to increase your coverage.Don’t worry about covering ever square’s not necessary . A half of a jar will do a 12 x 12 room.After the floor is done.including under everything. All of the furniture needs to be covered as well. What we want is to get everywhere fleas maybe hiding and I do mean everywhere. This is where the your broom comes into play. Using it to work the borax down into the fabric of the carpet and or the cracks and seams of a hardwood floor. You just want to work it in not sweep it up. I like to raise the broom up and just drop it onto the carpet repeatedly to increase the amount of detergent getting to the bottom.

borax for fleasWhat the borax is doing is etching into the skin of the fleas and being a descendent it is drying the fleas from the inside out. This will not only kill the fleas,but their larvae as well. Borax will kill fleas in all stages of its life cycle. There are not many other products than can claim that and for the price you can’t beat it.

After you are done close off this room for as long as possible.I always do this in the evening and let it set overnight. It only a suggestion use any time frame that fits you and your family’ routine. If you are short on time wait a minimum of 8 hours.

After you have let the borax sit awhile the next step is to vacuum up all of it .I always like to go over everything twice just to make sure I get all of it. Then remove the vacuum cleaner bag from the house asap. If  you continue this process to all of the rooms in your house the battle with fleas will soon be won.

Set out Traps

I also like to use flea traps. You can make one by using a shallow pan. An old pizza pan works great. Add enough water to cover the bottom. Then add a few drops of dawn dishwashing liquid. The dawn will reduce the surface tension of the water and will allow the fleas to sink. Without this they will float on  top and possibly escape. Second item you will need is a lamp. Like the one show one the right. A heat source is needed to attract the fleas. Your lamp needs to be pointed down facing your pan of water and dawn. The heat from the lamp is where the fleas are aiming for. They think it is the body heat from your pet. They jump towards the heat, hit the water and die!! This trap works best in a dark room. If you have fleas, place your trap in the room ,pull the curtains and close it off. At night is the best time as the light and heat will draw them from across the room.If you dont want to go the DIY route. Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap makes a good one. I have used these in the past and they do perform well. They use the same principle, just have sticky tape instead of water. I just like to make my own.

Using Borax for fleas is a cheap an effective way to get rid of these pests once and for all . Using borax in my opinion is safer for pets and humans alike than other man made chemicals that we all know are very poisonous.
Good Luck

P.S. Don’t forget your pets need protection when they are outside or around other animals.Our dog Gracie stays outside 24/7 and every year in the spring we always use the Vet’s Best – Flea & Tick Home Spray and Frontline Plus. The Vets best spray can be used on daily because it only contains Peppermint Oil and Clove Extract, and  it begins to kill fleas on contact. This is why I use this product. I have used others in the past and they would make our pets sick for a couple of days. There are 546 reviews counting mine on Amazon . Along with the Vets Best spray the cats get Frontline Plus. The 6-dose supply provides flea, flea egg, chewing lice, and tick relief for up to 6 months and I feel like it is the most flea med you can buy for your money,I say this because it works for me. As for our dog (Grace) she gets Frontline Plus Flea and Tick It is  best flea treatment for your cat or your small dog, bar none. By the next day  scratching and digging stops. The summer months you can use it for continuous protection for 30 days
For an extra shot of flea and tick protection I like to use Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic it not only repels fleas,but ticks cant stand garlic, it will also keep your pets coat shiny and healthy. It is not necessary, It is something I like to give them.I did see a difference with our cats dirty ears over a couple weeks. I cant say that the brewers yeast cleared them up, but they did look cleaner and healthier over time.Just think of them like vitamins for your cat or dog.
and have a great day and go kill some fleas…and dont forget to grab a Flea Comb!

Also I would recommend:

Finally a BROAD SPECTRUM (2in1) for Cats 2-15LB Flea Control oral Capsules.

P.S. in case you are wondering what out pet names are- Gracie our dog. The cats are Macie, Allison, Rusty and Abigail that I like to call “moe”. Dont ask.


  1. Thank you for this information. I have a 2 months old premee at home and need to get rid of these fleas asap. They have bitten me so bad mid calf down that I had to go buy claritin and itch and pain oint. This problem has me sick to my stomach and everytime I feel a tickle on my skin I jump. So hopefully this will work. Oh, do you know if this will kill lics and their larva as well? I found out yesterday I have lice and have gotten ris to get rid of it. Don’t know where I got it from. I am always home. Thinking maybe the dog or could be that we live in the woods and maybe got it from the trees. Do you know if fleas carry lice? Please email me back if you know that answer to this.
    Again thank you!

    • Using borax for fleas will kill the fleas,but I don’t think it will work for the lice on your dog. As for the fleas they don’t carry lice .
      I found this-
      Here are a few recommended natural treatments:
      Bathe your dog daily with a good natural dog shampoo such as Halo Cloud-Nine Herbal Shampoo for Cats and Dogs Leave the lather on the hair for ten minutes
      After bathing your dog, try applying a natural lemon rinse, also effective for the treatment of fleas and ticks. This lemon rinse will help to slowly kill of the remaining eggs. See our Dog Flea Medicine page to learn how to make and use an effective natural lemon rinse.
      Removing the eggs attached to the hair follicles is the most difficult part of eliminating them. Try rubbing mayonnaise into the hair of your dog and massaging with your fingertips. This may help to loosen the eggs and then you can follow up with a nice firm shampooing to wash the eggs down the drain.
      If you have tried all of these natural treatments and you still have a problem, ask your veterinarian or one of our veterinarians for additional recommendations and possibly a stronger, more potent potion.
      Hope this helps.

      • I’m so glad to have found this info. I have been pretty much going thru this flea thing since I got a new puppy last July. I have done almost everything possible to get rid of these things and they keep coming back. I flea comb constantly and flea bathe every two weeks, as well as using topical every month. I’m beyond frustrated with this. Before the puppy I never in 7 years of having 3 other dogs, ever saw a flea. I’m seeing about 4-5 on the puppy every week, they are large adults. I am going to try the Borax and next step will be bombing the house…I am desperate!!!

        • juanita van leer says:

          stop bathing your dog and applying frontline. just use frontline or comfortis. bathing removes the oils essential for distributing the products. no baths. comfortis seems to work when frontline doesn’t.

        • There’s also a safe home remedy spray I found once online. I don’t remember the recipe but you might want to try a search. It was apple cider vinegar, water, baking soda, and a small amount of peroxide. You could spray this directly one the puppy and on a flea to kill the flea. I am so against harsh chemical products being I have a young child and the side affects they may cause us and even our precious four legged kids. Fleas cause havoc for us as humans so imagine what they do for our four legged friends where they tend to stay so much. I wish you the best. Also search I heard you could put small containers of vinegar and it will draw them to it.

    • Yes thank you. I never knew how beastly these little critters could be. There eating my chihuahua up. But what if there all over my complex outside. I have no control

  2. Unfortunately for me and my two cats, we have a severe infestation. Aside from the bathrooms and kitchen, the entire apt is carpeted, so taking the time to sprinkle borax and flea powder everywhere was quite consuming. In addition to the borax, I also bought a flea spray for the upholstery and used a bleach water solution on all the tile and walls. I really hope that this works… my poor babies are COVERED and we cannot afford to take them to the vet for professional help :(

    • Michael says:

      Sorry to here about your cats. I was thinking last night maybe you could do the borax in one room. Getting rid of them and moving you cats in there. Giving them a flea free place to hang out while you get the rest of your apt under control and you don’t have to leave it on over night. Just leave it on for a few hours then vacuum it up. Anything you do will help kill the fleas.I would also vacuum twice a day and if you don’t empty your vacuum cleaner bag every time , set it outside to keep them from reentering you house.
      Good luck.

    • you can buy the advantage for dogs online, no prescription necessary. It is cheaper than buying for cats. Use a 1.0 ml syringe to measure out the correct amount for each cat, it lasts for multiple months. I buy the largest size for dogs, squeeze into a small container with lid (I use a leftover salsa container from takeout), and then suck into the syringe the proper amount, which depends on your cat weight (you can google the appropriate amount). I also have had good luck with the borax, which is also inexpensive, when trying to get the house fleas under control.

  3. Elisa J. says:

    So we have a completely wooded home and one small rug in the entire house. The most problematic room is our bedroom. Keep in mind we discovered the first flea only on thursday (4 days ago). We don’t have any pets, but some feral cats were getting into our storage unit/garage and we found that was infested. So anyway, now i’m being eaten alive every night (even using bug spray and a citrus spray). We were about to fog/bomb with hot shot’s, but I’m reading horrible reviews :( So if we do borax, we would start in our room. Do we put it on our bed? our bedding? In our drawer? ON our clothes? a little help please!

    • Michael says:

      Sorry to hear the bad news. As for your bedding and cloths ,I would just run them through a wash cycle and then the dryer. That should take care of them.Where ever the cats are staying at cover this area with borax and leave it over night. In your bedroom cover the floor and close it off overnight and vacuum the next morning.I would also take that rug outside and hang it up.If you can do a room a day try cover as much of the floor as you can. Your vacuum is your best friend right now. Use it twice a day on everything.Make sure you leave it outside as well when you are not using it,as it may have live fleas in it.Hope this helps.

      • Do you have to move the bed and sprinkle the borax under there? Is it safe to sleep in the same room that is being done? What about pillows? You can’t really wash them. Is it good enough just to wash the pillow cases?

        • Sprinkle it back no farther than your vacuum will reach and you can sleep in the room,but you have to keep your pets out.Just dont walk on it bare footed. For your pillows run them through the dryer on low heat,this will kill any on them.

          • How long after application setting& clean up (vacuum) cycle is it best to reapply? Meaning should I wait a few days to a wk after a 12 + hr

          • Michael says:

            12 to 24 hrs does the trick most of the time.

      • Martha Stewart said to put a brand new flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag (a new bag that is) & vacuum every day or as often as possible & leave the collar in there until summer is over (unless you have a severe infestation, then get a new one every month of so-they are pricy though….I have been doing this every year for years & boy does it work! I’m going to do the borax thingy on the dog bedding etc. Borax 20 Mule Team killed off all of my mom & dad’s pantry moths & their larvae without polluting their food stuff. Just mix it well w/ water (dissolve it well) & put into a spray bottle & go to town! Drys clear & NO ODOR!!!!! WOW!!!!

  4. Hello, We have a terrible flea problem in the Dallas area. I want to try to treat the yard with a mix of Ortho insect lawn treatment together with 20 mule team borax mixed in the lawn spreader. Will the borax mix hurt my grass ? Thanks

    • Michael says:

      Borax will not hurt your grass. All though I would not recommend mixing it with the Ortho. If you are going to use both, apply one and wait a few days then the other. To be on the safe side.

  5. >>Borax will not hurt your grass.<<

    Yeah, it will. And if you're not careful, it will render the soil useless and nothing will grow in it until the borax(which is boron) is washed out of the soil which can take years.

    • Michael says:

      Steve I have used borax on my yard several time and it has not as you say “burned the grass”. You not going to be covering your yard in a blanket of borax,your just dusting the grass. I used a box that’s 76ozs on my backyard which is almost a 1/2 acre.I did this with my spreader on the lowest setting.If you use it in moderation there should not be a problem.

    • Do you not realize that boron is an element naturally found in soil?

      • Yes. And we used to have it in all our fruits & vegetables until corporations began farming & using nitrogen as fertilizer & now we have lost most of our minerals & good bacteria in our foods. I take Twin Labs boron (in capsule form) for my arthritis!

  6. Tammy Richardson says:

    Thanks for this information..I have a Boxer and a hound dog that have fleas and flea allergies, I have tried just about everything the vet office has to offer and it’s all a week or two then back to the invasions…Is there a solution to spray around my yard as well, I can bath them get all flea off and they out for a potty break and have them right back on them…I wonder can I mix borax into some water and spray my yard with a yard sprayer???
    Is it toxic for the dogs to be around the Borax?

    • Michael says:

      I have though of using water to mix up a spray mixer,but I could not come up with the mix ratio.If you are looking for something to get the fleas off your dogs, give them a bath with pert plus shampoo.I found it at the dollar store,my walmart didnt have it.It gets rid of the fleas and they smell great and it a lot cheaper than those flea dips from the vet.If you going to do the yard you need to keep them off of it for a few days.Maybe you could do the front yard then block it off and do the back.good luck

      • My husband also got information from the vet and a pet store clerk that blue Dawn dish soap works better then flea shampoo. we used it on our 3 cats and we got quite a few fleas. Now to do the borax on the carpet for preventative measures.

        • I like dawn better than any other flea shampoo. It works and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. We’re in south Florida, and suddenly we have an overwhelming flea infestation. We bathed the dog in water with Dawn, used a commercial flea shampoo, the after rinsing her, we poured a misture 50/50 of water and apple cider vinegar. Two days later, the fleas are back!, put repellent on a brush and brushed it into the re-infested areas, which seemed to work. the fleas were crawling down her legs. This was outdoors. Today, she is pretty flea-free, but I need a permanent solution. I will brush her again tomorrow. I am over the commercial flea protection products.
    The weather has been very dry, but recently we’ve had more rain, high temperatures and humidity. Could this have an effect on the fleas infestation. Also, our yard (2-1/2 acres) has been sprayed. Help!

    • Michael says:

      I was just telling Sandy. I use Pert Plus Shampoo on our dog. It gets the fleas off.Florida is one of the most flea infested states in the U.S..The humidity is what is bringing them out looking for a host. Try the pert and see if it helps.

  8. We never had a flea problem until we moved. Apparently the cleaning and vacuuming I did when we moved in didn’t help because there are now fleas everywhere! And my husbands cat had babies on April 19th of this year. Most everything I find says not to use on kittens under 12 weeks for fleas. I’m going to use the Borax on my carpets and floors tomorrow before I leave for the day. I’m just not sure what to do about the 5 kittens… They’re very healthy otherwise. (thank goodness!) Do I use the Borax, let it sit and bathe kitties in kitten shampoo then vacuum up the borax? In this case I’m not sure which is the cart or the horse! lol

    • Michael says:

      Let it set as long as you can. Wash the kittens bedding and make sure to dust where ever they hang out most. Make sure you get it cleaned up before you let them go. I try to get a “room” flea free and let our cats hang out in there while I get the rest of the house done. They dont like it much,but what you gonna do. Fleas hate a clean environment and a clean host.
      1. Use Borax
      2.clean up borax
      3.Bath kittens
      4. make sure you take the vacuum bags outside. They can live inside and get back into your carpets.
      Hope it all works out.

      • Julie Bruning says:

        As for the fleas on the kittens. Bathe them using dawn…have ready a cup of boiling hot waterv and tweezers. After the bath pick the fleas off and drop them in water. I had to do this with my kittens. Fleas can kill a kitten, makes them anemic.

  9. COURTNEY says:

    I’m am so over the fleas. I have NO animals in my house. I do have 3 small children. My son whom is 1 is getting ate up terribly! From head to toe. No one else in the house has been bit, but the baby. I know it’s fleas, because I can see them jump on me. They just won’t bite me. Well, needless to say, I’ve tried the hartz carpet and spray, I’ve tried bombing my house using a bomb in each room, and nothing works~!!!! Although the bombing did keep them abay for a week. I just used an entire box of Borax through the entire house, each room. Hopefully this will clear them. Now, my question is, is it safe to walk on? Will it be safe for the children to walk on?

    • No, each room you do should be closed off until it is vacuumed up. Keep your son as well as yourself off of the treated area . Try doing one room at a time. As for the untreated rooms try vacuuming them each day. Also if you have a dehumidifier use it to pull moisture out of the air. This will help slow down the fleas too.

    • I got the Borax at Walmart for my basement we have a terrible problem the fleas came in with a load of slab wood. I’ve tried Diatomaceous Earth food grade bombs ortho home defense numerous sprays nothing works . I so hope it works. It’s a cement floor. Sprinkled it everywhere and I mean everywhere. Will this help?

    • Linda Sides says:

      I do not like the idea of wanlking on the carpet flea powders when I put it down. So I take old flat bed sheets and cover the traffic areas of the room I’m working on. That also keeps the ‘dust’ from going airborn when the heater kicks in. I don’t like to think I am going to be breathing this stuff. That way you can leave it down a little longer if you think you need to. Safer for pets and kids…..

  10. How can I use borax on my tile floors .i used it on the carpet yesterday and can see a difference but when I go in the kitchen or laundry room the fleas attack my legs.

    • Michael says:

      Use it like you did on your carpet. Sprinkle it on and let sit over night if you can.After you vacuum you may need to use a mop to get up any fine powder that was left behind.Using borax on a bare floor should be more effective than in carpet. The fleas will have a greater chance of coming in contact quicker. I would cover the floor like a snow storm tonight and let them have it.

  11. Can I mix borax with water or anything to spray for a yard that is covered and I mean covered in fleas? Thank you hope to hear back soon

    • Michael says:

      I have heard of people doing this and having success with this method. I personally have not tried this. The crystal like surface of borax is what cuts into the fleas outer shell and kills them, so I dont know if using it in water would dilute it enough to be effective. You could try. If you do please let me know how it goes. I would like to pass on the information. Thanks Mike

      • Will do I’m hoping it will BC my mother in law has been fighting pleas for a long time now and the pleas r so bad they was killing her dog and cat and she has even tried demon and still doesn’t work but ill try it and let u know for sure

  12. Hello- I’m learning about this issue as I’m fighting against them as we speak. Out side in my porch i knew there were a lot of fleas since the kittens were staying there. I mixed 2 tablespoons (even though I found a website that gave the ratio 2 teaspoons to 2 cups of water) with 2 cups of water and put on a spray bottle. I sprayed it outside and I’m telling you, the fleas hate it so much they began jumping to my jeans and walls on the porch, so i sprayed my jeans and tennis shoes and walls. Of course I needed about two bottle of the mixture (with the 2:2 ratio until I filled the bottle). I did it and went back to check about 3 days later, and it seems that there were a lot less fleas. But still there were some so I again did it again, this time I added Palmolive dish washer liquid (which I tossed out of the kitchen since I did not like how it left my dishes, but I still kept it to use it somewhere else …?) I sprayed it again and that was 2 days ago, I need to go check again. So, been said that, i think if you can make the mixture the same way, spray it and leave the house for a while? now, BE CAREFUL, floors are going to be supper slippery, since borax is a detergent basically… hopefully this helps!

  13. "Frankie says:

    Can I use this on my 10 yr old dachshund?

    • Michael says:

      You cant use borax on your dog. Just apply it to your home and where he hangs out. Let it sit over night and vacuum up the next morning.

  14. Hello. I’m happy to report that the Borax did work in my house. We had the fleas self-contained (lol) to our master bedroom, so it was easier to give them battle. I applied the borax about 8 pm and cleaned it in about 36 hours later. I can certainly tell you that I could see the fleas in the white power in my bag-less vaccum! It did work! I hope it helps you too! Thanks so much!

    • Michael says:

      I am glad to hear that it worked for you. Seeing the fleas in the Borax must have been a relief. I will have to try a bag-less vacuum the next time. Thanks for comment, I am sure others will find it comfort in knowing they can also rid there home of fleas. Glad to have helped, have a great day.

    • Linda Sides says:

      Be sure to empty your bagless vac everytime you vaccum. It only takes a second to do, and it is so much better for the vaccum cleaner, if you don’t keep running all that detergent through the motor all the time. Also prevents fleas from crawling out and getting back into the house. I empty mine into a little plastic shopping bag like from Walmart or the grocery store, twist it up, and tie it, and throw it into the trash can outside…….

  15. I put this on in my great room today about 12:30pm and left for work. My disabled son and his care provider were there about 3pm today and there were fleas jumping all over the place. Is this a good sign? I am extremely frustrated with this flea situation and am ready to call an exterminator..

    • Michael says:

      If you can let it set overnight. The longer you leave it down the more fleas it will kill. Check tomorrow morning to she if any are left after you run the vacuum over it. I would hold of on an exterminator for now.

  16. Just wanted to let you know, since this is a great room, there is no way to block it off and I did NOT borax the kitchen area at all. Just the carpeting. But that is where the fleas were.

  17. the good news, an exterminator came out and they could not find any fleas.

  18. Very well written article, Informative and straightforward. Thanks so much!

  19. Problem is I used 20 mule borax and it does work. Unfortunately I think my dog ingested some because I notice she is not running around as much as usual. Is there anything I can try at home before taking her to the vet?

  20. roberta says:

    Well me and my daughter have been trying to battle with the fleas in her room we have tried everything we even went as far as ripping out carpet tried bleach,vinegar,lemon juice,even tried citranella candles floating in soap water and nothing so went bought box this borax laundry detergent and gonna try it so will see what happens I pray it works cause I’m going crazy with this

    • Michael says:

      It will work. Borax for fleas works for me every time. Just be patience and give it time to work.As for your living room rug. If you can take it outside and hang it up and sprinkle it with borax. That is if it is not going to rain tomorrow. You may also try sprinkle the borax on it and roll it up. This would certainly kill the fleas in it.good luck

    • "Frankie says:

      I purchased generic capstar capsules off of ebay, they seem to do the trick

  21. roberta says:

    Oh by the way I’ll let y’all know

  22. roberta says:

    Also needed to know wanted to do my living to rug where my dog is most of the time now I know the dog cant be their over night but I have caged birds will it harm my birds .

    • Michael says:

      I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving them in there overnight and would move them to a different room just to be on the safe side.

  23. roberta says:

    well so far the borax worked great vacumed it up this morning from my daughters bedroom and so far no fleas i give this a number 1 cause i have tried everything .Now is thier something i can use to treat my pets dogs/cats cause i have tried everything and nothing is working here is everything i tried so far frontline flea drops ,bathing in dawn dish soap,bathing in lemon juice,even tried boiled rosemary leaves and they still got fleas and itching someone help me with this please

    • Michael says:

      So glad it worked. I would recommended Little city capsules for your pets. They are cheap and they work very well.There is a link near the bottom of the main page.

  24. roberta says:

    don’t know what happened but thier back uh i hate fleas

    • You will continue to have infestations as long as your pets have fleas. If they’re getting them outside, they will bring them inside every time they go out.

  25. My dogs Izzy and Tatum are severely infested with Fleas we have given them flea baths and sprayed down the house but the seem to be coming back, Tatum I believe is the worst out of the both, All he does is whimper and cry all day, we will be taking them both to the groomers on Thursday to see if they can get rid of the ones on the dogs and that way we can take care of the house while they are out, any advice on what should we do, I live in a small 2 bedroom apt. all carpet except for the kitchen and bathroom, do you think that this would work for my home? Please help me

    • Try shampooing them with pert plus shampoo,for great on fleas. I would do every room with borax and you and the dogs go somewhere and spend the day.Don’t let the dogs back in until you vacuum up all the borax. Your flea problem may be coming from your neighbors. good luck.

  26. Where will I keep my cats overnight? Can I do different rooms each night?

    • Doing one room at a time is how I like to do it. This way gives you a “clean room” for your pets to hang out. It is easier on them and you if you are not trying to do the whole house at one time.

  27. I just tried the Borax to kill fleas and it didn’t work very well. Now some I think were dead but when I vacuumed with the bagless vacuum, I could see a bunch of fleas jumping around in the bag. I dusted the room like I was dancing with the box, throwing powder everywhere and left it for two days. The ones that I could see were big ones so I don’i know what I did wrong. I’m going to redo the same room and see if I get the same result.

    • Don’t know why it didn’t work. I have had good luck using borax to kill fleas. Try agian maybe spreading it a little heavier this time.

  28. Anyone that says the Borax did not work, do you have burber carpets?

    • No I have not used borax on a burber carpet. I cant see why it would not work. Burber is a short tight woven and the fleas would have less room to hide. It may take more effort to work it into the fibers.

  29. I have 3 cats and a stray that i have come in our garage to eat and may stay overnight sometimes. My question is, If I sprinkle the Borax on the carpets, it is hard to keep my cats at night in one room for the fact I have all OPEN areas. Could i afterwards just lay some old sheets on the carpets for 24 hrs, then sweep? It may look kinda weird but it is only me and hubby. haha
    Covering up the carpets after Borax down, is it ok?

    • You really need to keep your cats off and out of any rooms where you put down borax.If you could keep them in a room for the night and do the rest or half of the open areas would help. As far as covering with old carpet, some of the fleas may work there way into it and escape the borax. I just dont think I would try this.

  30. My dog lays on it all of the time and it hasn’t hurt him at all

  31. Hello-I found your website last week. I went right out & bought the Borax at our HEB grocery store. I put it in large container with large holes (as a shaker) I have dusted the whole house except for one room where I’ve put the 2 cats. I spray my ankles with a insect repellent. The whole house looks like it snowed in here! I used A LOT!! The cat box used to be in our bathroom-so I put extra in there. When I am sitting on toilet I noticed how bad it is. I also put a very large bowl of hot water in front of the toilet to attract fleas (so theyd jump in & drown & to also get an idea how many) The first day while on toilet-I watched about 8-10 fleas hop on both my feet. I slowly lifted my feet & brushed the fleas off into the bowl of hot water. Going on day 3 now-Ive definitely noticed the fleas getting much smaller in size-and a few less-but as I stare at the floor-sadly Im seeing the black specks hopping! They don’t appear to be weak or dying as I expected.
    Im willing to keep the house “snow covered” as long as a week or 2 if needed) But it sounded like others were having much quicker results! My floors are simple linoleum tile(Not large cracks between tiles) Anything else I can try? Im so tempted to go buy the expensive poisonous bombs/foggers as I did in the past-but I’m trying to be patient!

    Ps-AS far as the cats-they are being treated with the capsule on back of neck & Ive ordered the pills. But I refuse to bring them back into free roam of house when they have become paranoid & immobilized by the fleas on floor & so traumatic for all of us! Thank you

    • It sounds like you have a lot of fleas hatching from eggs.As long as they are in the eggs they are safe, it is not until they hatch when the borax can get to them. If I where you I would vacuum up what you have down already ,to get rid of as many you can. Then Hit them again with another batch.Leaving the borax down for an extended amount of time will only make it harder to get up. Hang in there you will get them .

  32. Hi Michael, I thank you very much for all the information. I will like to know if this is one time “operation” or I have to repeat it like, the next day or so. I have been using salt and baking soda on my carpets for 3 days, works well so far, but I want to try the borax to make sure I solve this horrible situation. I have a jack Russell terrier and a husky, very easy with the terrier, but the husky just imagine with so much hair. I used frontline plus, flea comb, down soap, bio spot shampoo, essentials oils (tea tree, lemon, lavender) all of them with one week apart…I am desperate! I also buy for the next month, pills called trifexis because I am worry using frontline because I have kids. Any suggestions are very appreciate.

    • A “one time operation” all depends on how many fleas you have. For some it is one and done,but others with a whole house of carpet have to do two treatments. I try to do one room at a time,this puts less stress on the whole house and everyone in it. As for your husky. Give him a bath with pert plus shampoo.It works. Kills fleas and he will smell great. Both are still way cheaper than any other flea med you can buy. Thanks, Mike

  33. Would it work to vacuum up a half cup or so of Borax so that the bag doesn’t have to be emptied so often? Would the Borax in the vac bag kill them?

    • Yes it will work as long as you dont have that big of a fleas problem. I often do the same even when I dont have any fleas just in case.

  34. Curious,

    I know Borax has been around forever, remember the commercials on TV as a kid, but I never heard there was any dangers to pet if they were in same room, so reading through this excellent thread, I see no explanation of dangers of inhaling Borax dust or contact issues. What are the ill effects on exposing a pet or people with treated room? My Sheba-Inu had never had fleas before in nine years, but we moved, and bam, now he has fleas, so what gives, house is new, no pets, so is it just a bad year due to high humidity in NY this summer? Outside of walking him, he is not on lawn laying about for any length of time, so I am trying to figure out why he got fleas all of a sudden. He is alergic this time on summer anyhow, so now it is ten times worse, crying and scratching all day and night, and I have only found a dozen fleas in the last week on him. His fur is so dense it is hard to find them, and they disappear so fast, thank God he has light colored beige fur.


    • 20 mule team borax is just a laundry detergent additive and was not intended to be used as a pest control. I dont view it as a poison – I just like to be careful and I never let any of our pets in a treated room because if they get it on their paws naturally they will want to lick it off. As for your dog, give him a bath with pert plus shampoo. This will get rid of any fleas he has, without using any damaging chemicals.

  35. Hi Michael – excellent info and thread! I am in the middle of treating the floors with 4 parts Borax and 1 part table salt and I applied it in the manner you suggested. I saw this 4-to-1 mixture on another website before I found yours. What is your opinion of the effectiveness of this mix and is there any benefit to adding the salt? I presently have this down on my floor in one room going on 24 hours now. What is the most effective length of time to keep the Borax mix on the floor before vacuuming it up? Is there a certain time when leaving down has no additional effectiveness? I can leave it down for weeks if I have to! Also, do you recommend Borax on mattresses if they are vacuumed in the same manner as the carpeting? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    • I have never used borax with salt,but I could not see why it would not work.As for how long to leave it down 24 hours is what I always try to do any longer and you risk the borax in absorbing to much moisture. This makes it difficult to get up with a vacuum. For the mattress i do the same,just use an attachment from your sweeper to get it up. Hope using borax for fleas is working for you, Mike

  36. Haven’t had a flea problem in years until this year. My sister sent me to this site because she too has been struggling with fleas this year! Dogs on Advantage, flea and tick collars and still problems. My sister told me about this site! Surprise! I have used borax for years on ant problems! Mix borax and sugar together and sprinkle where the ants are. They take it back to the nest and they also do not appear again! Also, a very nice employee at a local pet store saw me looking at flea soaps and gave me some good tips! Get the Blue Dawn detergent (much less money and great results) they use on all the wildlife oil spills!!! Give the dog/cat a good bath in this, leaving the lathered up soap on for at least 5 minutes and WALA! it kills the live fleas! So once a week Dawn bath plus borax sprinkles……..bye bye fleas!!!

  37. Borax DOES indeed work in eradicating fleas, flea eggs, larvae and pupae – it is a life safer. However, I want to stress that it is VERY IMPORTANT, as mentioned in the article above, to wear gloves and a protective mask when sprinkling and vacuuming the borax in order to AVOID DEHYDRATION. Borax will suck any moisture right out of the air in your home, leaving it bone dry. I learned this lesson the hard way in that with my first borax application, I did not protect myself thinking, heck, this is just a natural substance. I became dehydrated as well as my cat who developed labored breathing. Fortunately, she improved when I re-humidified the air in the home as well as cleansed the borax dust from the air with air purifiers.

  38. Mike Gaffney says:

    We use the blue dawn dish soap to bath dogs in for fleas and it works great. I found it out from a breeder in Tennessee. In the yard I use a barn yard spray called Permetherin, I found it at Tractor Supply farm store. It has several different ways in the directions you can use it. I use a 3 gallon sprayer mixing 1 oz. to 1 gallon of water and after mowing the grass I apply with the sprayer and let it dry before letting the dogs in the yard. You just have to be careful with it because it is a strong flea killing chemical used on farms in barns ect. Mike

    • I will give the dawn a try. I have used pert plus shampoo in the past,but I am sure dawn would be cheaper. I have not heard of Permetherin, will have to look into it.Thanks for the tips. Mike

  39. I have 2 cats that have been treated for fleas with Frontline the last 3 months and I still have a severe flea infestation….my 2 year old’s legs are getting eaten alive! I just bought 2 boxes of the Borax tonight after reading your posts and finding your website. I haven’t seen anymore live fleas on my cats but my one cat is loaded with flea dust. How will treating each room of my house impact the fleas that are still on the cats? Should I try and bathe them (that would be a nightmare though because cats hate water). I tried to find a groomer nearby for flea bathes for cats but nobody would take cats.

    • By treating each room with borax you can get rid of fleas with out having to do the whole house at once.It is just an option,if you can do the all the rooms at the same time . This will increase the amount of fleas you can kill. As for your cats and giving them a bath. I would try shampooing them with pert plus ,but yesterday a reader “Mike” said he uses dawn dish washing soap with very good results. If you do decide to bath your cats, a heavy pair of gloves may not be a bad idea. Good luck..

  40. Michael,
    I wanted to make you aware of additional information regarding Borax. The information you are providing, while being well-meaning, could possibly result in severe injury to someone. As you will see from the below information, Borax is NOT a safe solution for controlling fleas. Borax was actually registered for one year as an insecticide with the EPA, but the registration was not renewed because the product was not viable as a consumer product. The links below will show you that Borax was classified as a dangerous insecticide by the EPA, and should not be favorably compared to other borate-based products. A product that is labeled with the signal word DANGER is not legal to sell to the general public, in fact, it is not even legal for a licensed pest control company to apply in a residential setting. Please peruse the below links regarding pesticides and Borax in particular.

    The first link is regarding the meaning of the various signal words and pesticide labels. The second is to the actual registration of Borax (Sodium Tetraborate, Decahydrate). Take note that the registration went inactive in the Summer of 1995 after being registered in 1993. That accounts for 12 months and a 6 month grace period before cancellation for non-payment. You can google search to see that the two products are the same. This third is the actual approved label for Borax when it was approved under the name Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate. Note the word DANGER on the pdf label.

    Fleas are very frustrating, but there are much better and proven safer options for controlling fleas. I would ask that you update your website to reflect the information that Borax is not a safe alternative. Think about the likelihood of a child placing their fingers in their eyes after being on carpet treated with Borax. This is a very dangerous situation. The possibility exists that children have already permanently damaged their vision through this very situation, but their parents have been unaware of why their child’s eyes were burning, or perhaps even why their young toddler was crying because they think Borax is completely harmless. This information is very important, and should be passed on to the public, particularly the parents of young children.

    Feel free to email me at if you would like to have a more detailed conversation regarding the above use, or other products in general.

    Will Evans

    • On a box of 20 mule team borax the ingredients listed are:Sodium Tetraborate and the word danger is not given anywhere, caution is but not danger. I have stressed safety as much as possible to anyone using borax for fleas. It was not intended by the manufacture for this use. Even though numerous uses are listed on the side like cleaning pots and pans. I would think if one was going to eat out of a pot that had been cleaned with borax. Carpets would not not be far off. I do agree with you in the fact that if proper care is not taken to remove all traces of borax there maybe unwanted side effects. What I would like to know is what salt like agent are you using to kill fleas ,as listed on your website. I would like to pass this information on.

  41. Hi,

    I read through most of these posts and just have a few questions.
    Can I use Borax throughout the ENTIRE house?
    I already wash our clothes using Borax quite a bit, but can I use it on our couch? Our bed? Rugs? I figure I can put it everywhere before I go to work and then come back and vaccuum the entire house when I get home, so thatll be about 8hours. Will this be enough time? I do worry if putting it on these things will cause skin reactions, but I know they are staying on our couch and bed!
    Is it harmful to birds, I have a small parrot and wouldnt want to hurt him. They are mainly in our living room and in our bedroom and my boyfriend woke up with over 30bites on his arms at 2am a couple nights ago! We are just completely fed up with them! I used Frontline on our dog and have some flea/tick shampoo I plan to use as well for him. We have a boston terrier and it is so hard to see him so miserable! This is the first time I have ever dealt with a flea infestation, we normally put vinegar in our dogs water and give them garlic tabs a couple times per week and never had any trouble with my other dogs. With our Boston I hadnt been using anything and stray dogs and cats are always up around our home.

    Now just need to figure out the best thing to use in the yard! I personally dont like a lot of chemicals in or around my home, but becoming desperate at this point.


    • Yes, You can use it in the entire house,both carpets and hardwood floors. It can be used on the couch,but do a test area to see if the borax will effect the color. Do this on the back is best. As for your bed. Strip it down to the mattress and sprinkle lightly over the whole thing and cover with a old sheet or blanket. Vacuum off when you get home. For your bird and dog, Dont leave them exposed to the Borax while you are at work. If possible move them to an room you could do last. In other words do the everything except one room, keep your pets there. Treat the rest of your house,Vacuum it up when you get home. Then treat the room where the pets where last.For a shampoo use dawn dish soap or pert plus. Both will kill fleas. Works great! You can use borax on the yard.I have a how to on the website. If you need any more help, let me know.good luck…

  42. I first noticed a problem when my normally aloof cat wanted to be loved and scratched endlessly. Yesterday I realized my three cats had a flea problem. My vet recommended this: EcoSMART spray (got 64 oz for 8 bucks at the Home Depot). Frontlined the cats. I’m treating my bedroom first because that is where I found the most fleas (the cats spend a lot of time on my bed). The first step was some giant garbage bags: all the bedding, pillows, and clothes went straight to the laundry mat. Then in new garbage bags when they come back home, so the fleas can’t get in. Dirty clothes will also go in garbage bags until this flea thing is taken care of. It’s kind of a bummer using the garbage bags for a closet/hamper but it’s fine considering the alternative. Vacuumed first, then sprayed ecosmart on the matress, under the bed, around the baseboards and then, yes, on the wood floors to get in the crevices. I also went ahead and sprayed it all along the baseboards and doorways of my house, since it said it was safe. Door shut. 24 hours later (this evening) I found dead fleas around, and less from the flea comb, yay! Still live ones on the cats… I want to make sure I really get rid of them, so round 2 is the borax method. Again just the bedroom to start. the borax is on the mattress as we speak…It’s been hanging out for almost 3 hours, but I’ll have to wait till after work tomorrow to vacuum it up. I hope that’ll be ok… It will be less than 24 hours. Once I don’t find live fleas on the cats, they can go to the bedroom and I’ll treat the last room. Gonna have to work on this slowly… One room at a time, keep vacuuming daily. Ok off to bed… This is night number two on the couch, but I hope it will be worth it!

    • This EcoSmart spray, would you use it again and where there any after effects? Sounds like you have a great plan for the whole house. Putting forth that much effort I can see no reason you should have the entire house fleas free in no time flat.Hope all goes well.

      • Hi Michael – the EcoSmart spray – yes I would/will use it again. Saw a few dead fleas after just one night, and many dead fleas after 24 hours, that was before the Borax. I didn’t feel the need to use Borax in all the rooms. I just used it in the two rooms that had the worst infestation (bedroom and bathroom) and on all the furniture (couch, etc) and boy could I see those fleas in the vacuum when I was done, gross but glad to know they were dead in my vacuum! The only side effect of the EcoSmart spray is that some people may not like the smell. I like it because I very much enjoy aromatherapy with essential oils. EcoSmart has 2-phenethyl propionate which is a derivative of peanut oil but without the enzyme that causes peanut allergies. It is safe for skin contact as well as ingestion for humans and animals. It also has Clove, Rosemary, Pepperment, and Thyme oils. I did all that I said I would above, plus gave the cats a dose of Capstar (I didn’t see this blog about littlecity products until I already had the capstar). I am happy to say that we are flea free as of this moment! My three cats are content tonight…. I think they are smiling. I am going to continue vacuuming daily, Boraxing the “hot spots” weekly, and spraying with EcoSmart weekly for several months until we get several days of a hard freeze. That will ensure that all the fleas and their eggs are gone from my life, I hope. Thanks for the tips!

        • Glad everything is back to normal. I will give the Ecosmart spray a try next time.

          • Well we did get another infestation… I know this can be an ongoing process because of the flea cycle but WOW! We also got tapeworms. Went to the vet for those $50 pills (ouch) and all three of my cats puked them up! Anyway I did order the Little City products (I asked about them in another thread below)… Hope I will get those soon, and yes, I’m going to get some more Borax…

  43. Hi, I have been dealing with fleas for about a month now. I first notice a few fleas a month ago (i have NO pets) and i immediately went out and bought some cheap flea bombs at a local family dollar the brand was tat. i bombed the entire apartment ( i only have 3 rooms, bedroom, kitchen/living room, and bathroom as well as only 2 closets in house) I came back cleaned up (i only have hardwood flooring and linoleum in bathroom) i didnt see any fleas for few days then i saw a few once again (i have never seen more that 2-4 fleas in a full day), so i went out bought a flea spray with IGR sprayed down all my floors cracks and crevices and next day saw a flea already! i went out bought more bombs this time i got zodiac with a IGR set them off left the house etc when i returned didnt see fleas for almost a week, i thought i had finally got rid of them, but no i once again began seeing them mostly only smaller ones havent seen any bigger ones in a while, so after this i went out bought more flea spray figuring the bombs missed some and sprayed everything again and it didnt help i continued to see a few a day, so now 3 weeks in i went and bought more bombs once again the cheap tat ones again cause i figured if the more expensive ones didnt work long what was the point? i bombed again this was a week ago and i saw a flea the same night i then went and got boric acid cause i heard good things i dusted every inch of my floors left it about 24 hours and vacuumed (bagless) it up i could see the fleas still alive in the vacuum then i only started seeing fleas only in the bathroom so i figured i at least got rid of them in the other 2 rooms, i treated the bathroom again with the boric acid few days ago left it overnight then vacuumed but still saw a few fleas later that day! I talked to my landlord who lives downstairs and found out that the tenant across the hall from me moved out and was infested with fleas so i guess thats why i have them, yesterday i cleaned for 4 hours straight vacucmed all floors (moving furniture) and cracks and crevices then washed all my flooring twice with lemon pinesol and dish soap then once dried vacuumed again and didnt see any fleas for a day but guess what a few hours ago i went onto my kitchen area and had a flea on my ankle went into bathroom and had another on me! i am bombing again tomorrow and so is my landlord, i honestly dont know what else to do anymore? any suggestions?

    • The fleas are looking for a new home. They are attracted the vibrations and activity you are making,thinking they can find another host. I’am assuming they are getting through the front door. I think I would block off the bottom of the door with a rolled up towel, using wide blue tape from the outside when you are at work and lay down some of the boric acid powder if you have any left. A second option is to use fleas traps or a sticky rodent paper that you could keep in by the door when you are away. You just need to stop as many of them getting in at their point of entry. Since you dont have any pets I would say they will move on and try to find a new home,at least I hope so..good luck

      • I dont think they are coming through my front door because i live on 2nd floor in rear of house, i think the initially came through my back door which is right across from the apartment who had fleas and up and moved without telling anyone! The positive news i have at this point is after fogging again for the 4th time saturday then vacuuming and laying down borax for 24 hours, then vacuuming it all up and whole house everywhere possible in the past 2 days i have only seen 1 flea and it was very very small i was able to grab it and flush it down the toliet, i am continuing with vacuuming 3 times daily but im hoping this is a sign that its almost over? I will be fogging again this saturday with a IGR fogger just to be safe.

        • oh and forgot to mention as of today i havent even seen any in vacuum (bagless) when i have been vacuuming and left of flea traps (light over a shallow bowl) for few nights and caught none! Just hoping eggs arent waiting to hatch again somewhere

  44. Karen in RI says:

    Hello Michael,
    I have two male foster cats, brothers, and my girl of 16yrs. Last night I found the 1st flea on Maggie. I worked thru her fur around her neck and found nodule after nodule and did not know what to make of it. I have never seen this on her and have been brushing her for years. She is short hair but thick coated. A cold shiver traveled down my back as I questioned: “Are these flea “nests?”. She seems so unhappy and acting out of character I thought I was losing her. I now believe the fleas are the problem.
    I have read thru, gathered my information and understand the warnings. The battle begins! I will let you know the results.
    Thank You,

    • I have never seen or heard of fleas in a nest. Could you send me a photo at I would like to see this.

      • Karen in RI says:

        Hi Michael,
        I will try to take pictures of these “nests”, “bundles”, “nodules” on her neck. Perhaps I used the wrong word. There are just so many and nothing I have encountered before. Yesterday, while in the store, I spoke with folks experiencing the same flea explosion.

        • My 14 year old cat had the same thing. I took her to the vet and spent $250 on lab work to find out that she had a bacterial infection from the flea bites. They gave her a steroid shot and she is doing much better. I am still battling fleas, getting ready to try the Borax.

  45. Hi, just found fleas on my dog a few days ago, gave her two baths and then put frontline on her after she was dry. found the flea dirt on our bed tonight along with one flea. I understand what you are saying to do, but have one question. do we do an initial vacuming first before we use borax? or just do the borax, let sit as long as we can and then vacumm? should we take down curtains? do baseboards? Thanks!
    So, it’s okay to do one room per day? we also have a four year old, which makes closing off more than one room at a time challenging. Thanks

    • I like to vacuum first before I use Borax.This will help catch a few fleas,but it also gets them up and running around. When you do spread out the borax they will have a better chance of coming in contact with it.In my living room the curtains are all the way to the floor, I just pin them up about a foot off the floor. You dont have to do the baseboards just get close to the edge as you can.Little ones are a challenge, best of luck.

  46. When I got to the part that sad, “Gracie stays out 24/7, it completely bummed me out. hope you bring her in during extremes.

  47. I live in a 2nd floor apartment. I just bought the borax and am going to use it. I will also be bathing my schnauzer with either dawn or pert plus (haven’t decided yet). The issue that I have is that we don’t control the flea treatment outside. Infestation is a good word for the all of the common areas. I can’t keep the dog in all the time as she needs to “do her business.” I have requested that the grass be treated but am not getting far with this. Killing the fleas is one thing. But how can I keep them off of her?

    • As far as shampooing your dog go with the Dawn. It is thicker and it drowns the fleas quicker. I use the Little City flea capsules and they half the price of the brand names .

      • Michael I am wondering if you’ve ever had trouble getting your orders from Little City? I ordered over $200 worth of items (flea killer, flea control, and tapeworm control), over a week ago and not only have I not recieved anything, I haven’t heard back fro Little City. This dissappoints me because you reccomend them and also there were many great reviews in amazon. I went straight through their website, though. Anyway, any insight you have would be appreciated! Thank you!

  48. I have been battling fleas from our shelter cat that we adopted at the end of July for almost 3 months, now. I’m sure by the time I had realized the cat had a flea problem. The house was fairly infested. In addition to the monthly “drop medication” vacuum carpeting each and every day, and a flea shampoo treatment, which still did not seem to help the flea problem. Aside from my ankles being chewed to pieces by these nasty little critters. I’ve decided I was at my wits end and was going to try the 20 mule team Borax to kill off some of the flea population. I secured my cat away in a bathroom for 8 hours (as that is the MOST time I can devote to leaving the Borax to set on the carpets) Then, 8 hours later as I am vacuuming the Borax up. I’m seeing little black “specks” in the canister. I’m hoping this is flea body parts. The next morning I vacuum, again. Still sucking up the Borax powder that I broomed deep into the carpet fibers. Yes!!! I see black “specks” again!! I do think that Borax is attacking those pesky little fleas that have invaded my home for so many months!!!!!

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I think the “black specks” you are seeing may be flea dirt and not flea parts. I understand this is a hard time.but is there any way you could leave the Borax down over night or at least 12 hours. The longer you can leave it the better chances are that a flea will come in contact with it.Borax does not poison the fleas it cuts into them as they get around. Then drys them out. Using your broom on the carpet is a step in the right direction. It may take two or three applications ,but you will get there.

  49. I don’t know if I saw it on your site but I’ve been creating “flea traps” using shallow pie plates and frisbees filled with water and a drop of dish soap placed strategically around the living room, under a light source. The fleas jump off the carpet and into the water where they drown. Best, most satisfying thing ever. Trying the Borax this weekend.

  50. I have been battling fleas for weeks from a tenants dog. They are through the entire house. Bombed upstairs and it worked. Downstairs not so. Trying the Borax as of 4 hours and counting. Will let you know how it works.

  51. does it kill every stage in their life cycle? larvae, egg, etcc?

    • It does. Borax does not poison the fleas,it drys them out.As long as they come in contact with it will kill off all stages.

  52. Hi! I wanted to know if it makes a difference to vacuum up after the Borax? Or can I just sweep up the next day? I have hard wood floors and our vacuum broke months ago and we haven’t had a need for a new one.

    • It makes no difference as long as you can get it up off the floor.If you are going to sweep it up you may need to use something like a Swiffer broom and a clean pad to get any fine powder up.

  53. I have bad flea problem and my poor dog is going bald and bleeding in places. I have used sprays and stuff want to try the borax but i have my sons turtle and his aquarium is too heavy to move, how do i use the borax and not kill the turtle? as it is in my bedroom which is where the worst of the fleas are. Help i need them gone for my poor dogs sake

    • Sorry for the delay Chris,I cant see anyway around other than moving the turtle to a different room. Then you could treat that room first. Is it possible to just remove the turtle and cover his tank and keep him elsewhere for 24 hours? Maybe in one of those plastic storage totes. It would not be safe to treat the room with him in it.
      good luck..

  54. Judy Shumaker says:

    I just finished reading your article, since a clerk at a local store wsuggested thee use of Borax for our fleas, just to be on the safe side. We’ve used other flea sprays, vacuumed, several times, and still have fleas, so I’m really anxious to try your remedy. Also, since we sprayed and vacuumed the carpeting, our cat refuses to walk on it, and jumps from piecees of furniture to other pieces to get where she’s going. Thanks so much for your advice – I’m tired of a flea-bitten body!!!

  55. How fast do you see improvement? I did the borax last night and have still found 2 live ones today. Is that normal? We have been going at this battle for 2 weeks and I just want to cry!

    • Yes it is normal. It is hard to kill all of them at the same time. Since they are in different stages of there life it can be difficult to kill the ones still in the egg. It does sound like you are making progress and that you do have the upper hand.Keep it up you are almost there.

  56. Our older daughter told me this morning about the use of Borax powder for fleas. Our little 4 pound Yorkie is the one who is polluted with fleas as is our Jack Russell mix (30 pounds). So, it is off to the store to bet some Borax for sure. Also, we will be ordering some of the Queen City Animals Chicken Flavored Flea Killing Capsules. I assume the best place to get them is Amazon, or do pet stores carry them? You also mentioned Pert Plus Shampoo. I’ll check Amazon for that also. Finally, we are iinterested in using the Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic as well. So, thank you so much for the great article on the use of these products. We are senior citizens and have never been polluted with fleas as we are now. Frontline no longer works for us, nor does Advantix 9.

    • Sorry to hear about your pets. I have never seen the Queen city items in store anywhere, I just buy them off Amazon and have them sent to the house. As for the pert plus if you cant find it just use Dawn for dishes. It will do the same and the tablets the garlic are my favorite they seam to give longer protection. Hope it all works out okay.

  57. Should I be worried that the instruction manual for our vacuum specifically states not to use it in an I closed space where vapors are present from paint, flammable dust or other explosive or toxic materials

    • I would not think so. 20 mule team borax is not ground up to a super fine dust that would be needed to com bust. If you are concerned, you could crack open a window if possible or turn on a fan to help move the air around. What I like to do is place a box fan in a window facing out to remove any dust while cleaning up. It does save on having to dust off the table tops and what nots.

  58. Just came across your article and I’m going to try it out tomorrow. We are pet sitting for a friend whose cat unexpectedly brought along some friends. Ugh. So the three cats are now all covered, the house is covered, and I am not amused. We tried the room sprays, animal spray, fogger, all of that. Borax is my next step. If it doesn’t work I’m moving to Hawaii :)
    But I did want to mention one thing. I see a lot of people recommending the water under the lamp trick and just wanted to throw in another positive review on that. It works really well. On another note, we actually found the little buggers hopping around on my little girl’s head. Gross. So I washed her with baby shampoo, planning to use a lice comb after to pick the suckers out. But no need- the baby shampoo completely killed the fleas on the spot. Makes me wonder what’s in baby shampoo, but whatever. It worked.
    Starting borax treatment this Thursday. Will try to remember to update on how things go. Thanks for the information!

    • The water and a lamp is a primitive flea trap. It will only work if a few drops of dawn dish liquid or baby shampoo is added. They drown the fleas by reducing the surface tension of the water allowing them to sink. The lamp is for heat, fleas being attracted to warm blooded animals think it is your pet. Hope you get them all. good luck..
      P.S.Hawaii does not sound like a bad idea.

  59. Judy Shumaker says:

    What exactly is the water & lamp idea that is mentioned? Thanks!

  60. I moved into a flea infested apartment and I didn’t even know about this but I had 20 mule borax for my laundry, that was the only powder I had in the house, so I figured why not it’s worth a shot. So I spread it all over the place, went to work and when I returned I vacuumed. I have not seen 1 flea since……Mind you I don’t have animals, the people before me did, but ready this NOW AFTER I have done it, this is simply TRUE! and Cheap!

  61. HI Michael,

    I noticed a flea issue on my 2 dogs this past weekend. We are treating our yard and are hoping to treat the house. We have no carpet only Laminate and Ceramic Tile floors. Will this method still work? I haven’t seen any fleas on any of the flooring or bedding only on the dogs themselves so far.

    Thank you!

    • Yes it will work. It would be the same as a hardwood floor. All you want to do is get the fleas to come in contact with the borax, just pay attention to the corners and around the baseboards. They will always seem to find a hiding place. It sounds like you caught them early, it should not take much to get rid of them.

  62. I just wanted to Thank you for all your info. My husband and I spent the whole day Tues. with the borax and apple cider vinegar and pert plus. I found 6 fleas on the bathroom floor after I let my cat out of his cat box. There were dead ones in the box also. The dog is still biting ( he is a husky lab and very thick fur) and if I see another flea I am going to bomb and I do not mean flea bomb. I am so tired after doing 7 rooms and 2 pets. I hope this all works. Thank you again. Alice

  63. I have had Borax down throughout my house now for 3 days, vet suggested 10, and have seen no difference so far at all. Should I just go ahead and sweep it up, and chalk it up to I Superfleas?

    • Sorry it took me do long to get back to you, but 10 days is way to long. I would say go ahead and sweep up and wait a few days for doing it again. Try doing one room at a time and clear each room before moving to the next. Good Luck

  64. Well, I swept most of it up. He is the CEO/Director of a Veterinary Hospital, so I thought he would give me good advice. Before this, we tried the salt, de, and soda variations. Done helped, thinking I might have to just go ahead and bomb. :(

    Thanks for your reply.

  65. Claudia Kirkpatrick says:

    In the kitchen: do I need to take everything out of all the cupboards and do all of them? I’m going one room at a time.

    And THANK YOU, Michael, for all your very helpful suggestions.


    • As long as you keep the cabinet doors closed you will be alright. Although everything on the counter tops has to be removed, Make sure you clean real good before using your kitchen again.

  66. Claudia Kirkpatrick says:

    THANK YOU — especially for the reminder to clean everything really really really good before using the kitchen.

  67. I’ve torn my house apart taking everything out of closets and from under beds to do the borax treatment. I’ve sprinkled it on all carpeted areas and furniture for 3 nights in a row now and vacuumed it up every morning. I’ve been washing all bedding and vacuuming some of the mattresses. We treat all 3 of our animals with comfortis or revolution. Today after 3 days of this I found a flea on my dog. It looked like it was dieing but it was still there none the less! I am about to go insane with this! What am I doing wrong?!?! It is frozen outside so I know they aren’t coming from outside anymore. I’m desperate!!! HELP!

    • They are coming inside to get warm and find a host to live on. It sounds like you are wining the war, I would follow up by vacuuming each room in a daily rotation. This would pick up any strays that have been left behind. You could also make a couple of flea traps with a lamp and a shallow pan filled with water and a few drops of dawn dish liquid in rooms that are not in use. It easy,place a small lamp on the floor and put the pan with the water mix under it. The heat from the lamp will attract any fleas and the dawn will reduce the surface tension allowing the fleas to drown. keep up the fight you will get there.

  68. I Have a 2 bedroom condo with carpet, the rest is tiled. Is it ok if I leave the 2 rooms open so my cat can still use his liter box or is it not safe for him to enter.

    • Sorry for the delay Vince, not really you need to keep the rooms you are treating closed off. If you cats walked across the borax he would clean his feet sooner or later. Maybe you could do one room at a time and move the litter box only once.

  69. I’ve used 8 lbs of Borax on a small one bedroom apartment. I’ve had the stuff down for 3 days now. I am still getting fleas jump on me from time to time, but I think they are getting less frequent. Why would I vacuum if the stuff can stay there and kill more as they come out of their pupae stage?

    • The borax will dry out any fabric if left down to long. After awhile the colors will fade and become more noticeable in time.

  70. Thank you for this information. I am curious you may have stated this before but when you are treating an area how safe would it be for a cat to encounter Borax. For instance while one was locked up they escaped and ran across the carpet with Borax on it. Just wondering, also have you had anyone comment about small animals like ferrets and how they might react to the borax treatment. Thank you again.

  71. Claudia Kirkpatrick says:

    I have some good proof of the importance of keeping pets locked away from any area where there is Borax: when I started working in my house with Borax, I was very careful to keep the pets locked away — but I was foolish enough to do the cleaning up without wearing rubber gloves. My hands were raw and open and sore for quite a while, til they healed. I wouldn’t have wanted that to happen to my pets’ paws.

  72. I am having a flea infestation now and remember having great results with borax years ago when I had carpet and nothing else worked. I now have wood laminate floors and am going to buy some tonight. I am concerned about leaving my house empty in a couple of months wheh we move and how to control any remaining fleas. I will never get it sold it there are fleas. Any suggestions?

    • If the house is empty (no pets) the fleas will not have a food supply and will die off. If it was me I think I would treat the yard before I go. This would clear the surrounding area around the house. This would keep them from getting close to your home and keep them off of any potential buyers.

  73. Anne Dyer says:

    Can I use Bonami instead of Borax? on the floors?

  74. I think I have a flea problem, we live near Boston and it is below freezing. However it was warm 40-50 degrees, about two weeks ago. All of a sudden I am getting bug bites, which I noticed the first or second warmer weather day. I have an indoor kitten, (about 5 mths old) and a 13 year old out door cat that comes in to eat because if I leave her food outside all the other animals get at it.
    My out door cat has had tic’s on her lately, and she has stayed in the house on the cold nights. I have seen both of them scratch, but they are not scratching like crazy. In the past I have had experiences with fleas where, they would attack my legs, now I am finding no bites on my legs, but a few on my back, arms and neck. The kitten does sleep on our chairs, so I am thinking that is why. What do you think and what should I do? (None of my kids or my husband are getting bitten, just me.)

  75. Also, I haven’t seen any fleas yet, could they be so small I don’t see them yet?

    • Iam not really sure what is going on. Try using a flea comb to see if in fact they do have fleas. Maybe there are only a few right now or like you say they are small. Just keep an eye out over the next week or two.

  76. Hi Michael,

    Thank you so much for your article. I really appreciate it. I have a small dog I just adopted that keeps scratching. Animal Control put Frontline on him a week ago (which I never use as that is a pesticide) and I have bathed him with organic itch relief shampoo. But he keeps scratching like crazy. I do not see any fleas or get bidden but will try the Borax anyway as per your suggestions. I have also just ordered the brewers Yeast from Amazon. (I am also currently using HomeoPet Skin & Itch.

    Question: I have a cloth couch and a cloth ottoman Should I put borax on these too? May be really hard to take off afterwards. Again, I see/feel no fleas, but want to cover all the bases.

    I will place the pillows in the dryer as well. Will leave on overnight.

    Thanks again.

    • First off, sorry it took me so long to get back with you. In regards to your furniture since you have not seen any fleas I would wait a week or two . It may take your dog a couple of days to stop scratching. If you see any fleas in the meantime go ahead and start treating with borax. If you do get fleas then your couch and ottoman will also have to be treated as well. For now try to run the vacuum cleaner every couple of days to make sure.

      • Hi Michael, thanks for getting back. I already used and sprinkled on couch, ottoman as well and left overnight before vacuuming.

        There are no fleas, but this was good to do anyway. He is probably having an allergic reaction to something. I am switching food and giving him Brewers Yeast with Garlic to help with the skin, itch issues. Has been 4 days now. Hoping it will help.

        Thank you again for your helpful post.

  77. Hey Michael,
    I have a flea infested house, i have hardwood floors. I just read through the whole article and the comments and i am going to get some borax and treat the house. The only thing is that is will dry out the air and i am pregnant. What can i do to keep some(not alot due to it being a detergent) moisutre in the air for 24 hours so i can breathe and be safe while treating the house. I am not going to be able to leave it in all the rooms for 24 hours but the nursery i can. I will leave on the rest of the house as long as possible. I will keep you updated on how it goes

    • If you are concerned about drying out the air. Try treating one room at a time and keep it closed off as you go. Let me know how it going.

  78. Learned this little trick from my grandmother ages ago. Just don’t use it on a shag carpet or you’ll never get it out.

  79. Hello Michael. Thanks so much for your clear and concise advice. Have no pets and was surprised that home could become flea infested. Also did not realize I had a flea problem until it was almost out of control. Most of fleas found under memory foam mattress cover. When cover was removed I was horrified to see what looked like thousands of fleas. Noticed painful bumps on head some time back but did not relate to flea bites until they began biting my face. Treated bedroom today with Borax. I have pillow top mattress so took some time putting Borax into mattress folds. Also treated bedroom carpet and closed door. Have been sleeping on sofa so fleas followed me to living room. Cannot provide feedback regarding Borax treatment but will report back. Although I have been vacuuming carpets and mopping floors i was pleasantly surprised to see how many fleas I mopped up on linoleum floors. Left mop in soapy water (lemon Pine-Sol, bleach and laundry detergent) overnight to ensure all fleas were dead. Am also using large pizza pan with lemon dishwashing liquid placed under night light. Pan is always full. Looking forward to seeing results of Borax treatment.

    • Sorry to hear about your fleas problem, it sounds like you have everything under control. Hope to hear some good news from you soon.

  80. Claudia says:

    Hi Michael, I live in an apartment with five girls. One of my roommates brought a cat when first moved in. The fact that she had a cat didn’t bother me although I’ve never had a pet before, but what bothered me is that when march rolled around I started to severely itch like crazy. I found out it was fleas and although my other roommates have been as bit as much as I have, I found out since I live in the corner of the coldest room in the apartment, this is why I have been bit so harshly because fleas love cold spaces. I’m trying to get the fleas off my sheets, pillows, comforter and comfort what do I do? I keep the cat out of my room now and close the door behind me. Will this at least prevent the fleas from infesting again if I apply a thick layer on the living room and my room? I bought a carpet protectant for fleas and applied it on my bed, but in the morning when I wake I still find larvae and other flea related excess. Also the bites, do you know if vicks and other menthol related creams and scents repel the fleas from biting humans? Thank you very much for the help

    • I would have to disagree with you on that fleas like cold places. It always been my understanding that fleas are cold-blooded and need the warmth of their host a.k.a. your cats to keep them warm. They’re also more active in the summer months when things begin to heat up. The chances are though you’re going to have to treat your bedroom and the living room as well. You can do this separately by giving each room a slight dusting of borax letting it sit overnight 24 hours if possible. And then do the next one. I don’t know about using menthol to keep fleas from biting you, this is a new one on me. The only way I have been able to keep fleas from biting me is to get rid of them.

      Best of luck. Sorry it took me so long to reply but have been out of town. If you need anything please feel free to write back


  81. I did this in 1986, just sprinking a snow of borax on the carpets and scuffing it in, and it’s been there ever since, through a series of four dog lifetimes. No fleas ever.

    Apparently just apply once and forget it. The granuies stay down there and I guess pierce the flea shells and kill them. So they don’t wear out.

  82. Hi thea. Can borax be used outside to kill fleas and ants and is the method the same as using it inside. thnx

  83. Jessica says:

    So my infestation is in my garage ( the large junk drawer). How do I even begin to tackle this area? Do I sprinkle Borax on every single thing in my garage? I am desperate, please advise!

    • Michael says:

      Start with the floor,assuming it is concrete. Sprinkle a heavy layer all over and let it set a few days if you can and I would empty the junk drawer as well

  84. Claudia says:

    It’s very helpful to think of this important but really tedious process as an opportunity to clean out stuff and throw stuff away!

    • Michael says:


    • Pam Collier says:

      I can relate to flea eradication as an opportunity for “downsizing” of stuff. I found fleas in my shoes. I was able to wash some shoes (tennis shoes, flip flops, slippers), but ended up throwing out several pairs of shoes I didn’t even remember owning. I also got rid of an old dog bed, an upholstered office chair and two upholstered chairs in a bedroom. I also got rid of a lot of miscellaneous clutter. The less stuff I have on mantles, countertops, shelves and other flat surfaces, the less stuff I have to move and/or clean when I’m treating for fleas :)

  85. After reading many articles, rubbing alchol also helps. Is it possible to create a mixture using these items? What effect will it have and is there something else that can be added to inhibit hatching and growth of eggs and larvae? My carpets will be steamed cleaned soon and would like to spray a mixture that will help as the carpets dry to stave reinfestation. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Michael says:

      I dont know if you could mix the two. I would think that having your carpets steam cleaned would get all of the remaining flea eggs.

  86. I’m so glad I found your site! For two summers (this and last year) in our new home, we’ve had a severe flea infestation, but only in our second floor! Why is that? Because it’s warmer upstairs? Our pets are never up there since the doors are closed. Anyway, coming from Florida, we thought we knew bugs. There’s nothing like a South Georgia summer to show you otherwise! Even with our pets on flea prevention and heavy cleaning, within 2-3 days of cleaning, we’ll have about 20-30 fleas on the floor right next to our bed. Sleeping is a nightmare. I can’t wait to try this Borax treatment today and see what happens. I HAVE HOPE!

    Thanks so much for this, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  87. Michelle says:

    Hello everyone I have a severe flea infestation I have read up on the 20 mule borax and I will give this a try tonight, but I was noticing that some people were saying there pets have flea beds there fur..beware I have outside dogs and 2 inside dogs Yorkies as I speak my 6 yr old yorkie is in the pet er and has been for 6 days I have been battling this problem for a while I noticed my yorkie was sleeping alot more than usual and always seemed cold well Tuesday morning had gotten even worse no energy and she could barely stand up rushed her to vet she was diagnosed with flea anemia and was put on iv immediately within 2 hrs she had to be given a blood transfusion bc the fleas had sucked out so much of her blood she didn’t have much blood left, then thursday I was informed she now has come down with phemonia so they are treating her for that too, said her immune system was so low from her red blood cells being depleted she couldnt fight the phnemonia. Its now sunday she might be able to come home monday. Im hoping it will be good news but I never had a clue as to how severe a flea infestation could become and I just want to tell people to please pay attention to your dogs, cats ect.. I almost lost my Yorkie and the fight is still not over for her..but I will do my whole house in borax and I put my pets on comfortis flea pills and 24 hrs later no fleas on my pets!! Hopefully my yorkie Mattie will get to come home tomorrow. . I know one thing for sure I will make sure this never happens again, I hope this has been helpful for other pet owners…

  88. Tammy North says:

    I’m hearing Borax will kill the fleas. But will it also kill the eggs and larva? I have ceramic tile floors. How will it work with my floors? Can I sprinkle some Borax on the furniture? My dog hang out on the back patio during the day. How would I use Borax for my patio. Please help. I’m desperate to get rid of these fleas. Thanks.

    • Michael says:

      Borax can not kill the fleas until they hatch.Yes it will work on tile and hardwood floors. As for your furniture try it on the back first to see if it will fade.

  89. how about using the borax to mop your floors?

    • Michael says:

      You need to use the Borax in its dry form in order for it to work.It is the crystal like edges that cut in to the fleas exoskeleton to kill them. It would be nice if you could.

  90. We will definitely be trying this!! This is our third summer with a pretty severe infestation. The two cats and the dog are scratching like crazy again. Would it be better to rip the carpeting out? Would it make a difference?? I love summer but NOT the fleas that come with it!!!

  91. We are 2 young seniors living in a condo with no pets or folks with pet that visit us. Not knowing anything about fleas my wife started complaining of bites on her legs She concluded that the potted herb plants I bout 2 weeks ago (basil, rosemary and mint) were the culprits. Ironically I got a few bites like pin pricks and there has been no inflammation, unlike her flaming red swollen bites. Google searches led me to conclude they we had a flea infestation that was going un attended. The condo unit owner adjacent to us has a dog.

    I found your article, walked over to the 24 hour supermarket across the road an bought the same brand of Borax you mention. Here is where I become uncertain of what to do that would be effective. I could use some custom advice.

    Our condo in 4 years old. We have 2 bedrooms separated from each other (split plan). The living dining room is 27 x13 feet. On one side are windows floor to ceiling facing west and north west. On the other or shaded side is the kitchen and the second bedroom.
    Apart from porcelain tiles in the 2 bathrooms all the rooms have engineered hard wood floors. Their thin planks click into each other when installed. We have one wool low nap carpest under the dining table and one in the the living room area.(same room).

    I vacuumed these carpets and brushed in the Borax. I have no idea how much, but since they are not shaggy or plush, the low pile prevented brushing them into the base of the fibre. 12 hours later (9pm) today I vacuumed them again. Let’s see how my wife cops tonight, as they are after her face.

    The real other problem, is that the fleas pester us in the kitchen and bathrooms. We cannot see them. They nip at our feet, fingers and necks. Our two closets have been infected as well. There is no place to hide! We plan on cleaning out the two closets, but are at a loss as to where to store the washed and dried laundry, as they too can get re-infected.

    The million dollar question is where is the battle ground? Are the two carpets in the large room? or our clothes? Di they nest and lay eggs in clothing and linen areas and then pay us a visit in the bedroom to feed?

    Can you suggest if twice a day vacuuming of the carpets every day with additional Borax every 2 days will starve out the little no see-ums in the closets.


    • Michael says:

      Vacuum as many times as you can, just make sure to change out the bags or empty the vacuum cleaner after each time you use it. Maybe your should try to do one room at a time and leave the borax power down longer (maybe 2 days) if possible. The borax doesnt kill flea eggs, they can only be killed after can come in contact when they hatch. This is why you can have to apply it a few times.
      As for your furniture you may want to treat it as well. Just do a test patch and leave it overnight to see if it is going to pull the color out. I always try it on the back.
      Hope you have better luck next time.

  92. Jenn Crews says:

    I had heard about borax years ago but never had the chance to need to use. For some reason the fleas are out of control here ( Md). Now I have a very sick kitty who is anemic. We are in the process of internal and externally treating him and his sisters. ( which cost us a mint) So I am hoping that this will be what gets the house squared away. ANd how economical it is. I will def let you know. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  93. We have twin girls and it seems to be in ones bed worse then the other. Would it be okay yo treat her crib mattress? What about clothes that aren’t in a dresser? We have their bedding in an armoire and their clothes hanging in their closet. We have been dealing with this for a month now and it has just gotten out of hand.

    • Sorry it took me soo long to get back with you.Fleas can’t go without food for two weeks. If you keep everything closed up they should die of starvation.

  94. Hey! Love all of the information.. I’ve been reading all of the comments in addition to the original article. We rescued an abandoned kitten, and, unfortunately, fleas came with him. Quick question, though. As the borax doesn’t kill the flea eggs… how long between treatments should I wait to reapply? In other words, how long does it take for flea eggs to hatch?


    • It roughly takes about two weeks for flea to hatch. I usually don’t wait that long. I like to leave it down to days vacuum up borax and then reapply three days.I’m actually fighting with a bout of fleas myself right now they seem to be everywhere.

  95. Hi All

    I have an indoor cat and for the past 7 years NEVER saw a flea let alone had a problem with fleas until a few weeks ago.. Still wondering how we got them??? The problem doesn’t seem as bad as the others that I’ve read about but it’s so frustrating :( to say the least..

    I stumbled on to this site and have since purchased a box of Borax and vacuumed all furniture, rug (one in house), bathroom floor, you name it I put Borax on it.. I put out about 4 dishes of water/dawn last night with tea light candles in the middle and was able to catch at least 1 in each dish!!!

    I sprinkled Borax all over the house again today before I left for work and plan to continue cleaning, wiping, vacuuming until I don’t see anymore fleas. I will do this daily as I am obsessed!! I walk around with high white socks on and if I see a flea I pick it off and drown it! I’d say I’m seeing 3-5 fleas a day is this infestation?? My poor cat looks sad! I purchased Advantage II last night and put the first treatment on her hopefully it helps her. I’m also going to order some products from Little City today.. I’ll check back in a few days to let you know how things are going.. Thanks God I found this site and learned about Borax!!!

    • in addition to the little city flea capsules grab a flea comb. I have been combing out our cats for the past week. They work wonders.

  96. Hi!

    Great website! I’m glad you have this website! Borax killed the fleas in my place! It was bad, you would just walk 1 meter and 3 would be on your ankles! Every time they jumped on me and i brushed them away, they wanted to jump back on! I tried to sleep, but they wanted to eat!

    But after saying ‘THATS IT YOU LIL’ BUGGERS!’ i started boraxin’ EVERYTHING. Couch seats, cracks, rubbing it into pillows, anything that was fabric was getting borax (Clothes were borax washed!) It was a lot of work, i spent about 3 hours boraxing everything, rubbing it into the carpet, and then after that i added another dusty layer on top of it (without rubbing it in).

    First the big ones disappeared, and then the little ones disappeared, and it keept happening until i couldn’t see them anymore! It took about 12 hours, but i was really not willing to be their host and was pretty aggressive. I used 2.5 boxes, when one would have probably done the job.

    I started boraxing at 8am, and was finished the rubbing in phase by 11am (i was going off 1 hr of sleep). Then phase 2 was to lightly coat it. I didn’t block the room off, i went about my normal routine. During the battle, one jumped on my foot, and i shook some borax on it. Believe it or not, it died right there! I was amazed, it was like the speed and angle which the borax particle hit it was completely fatal. But for the most part, when i sprinkled a little but on them, they wanted to jump off and get away! They landed in borax all over the carpet, and were never seen again.

    By 2pm i was pretty exhausted. So i put a nice dust coat of borax on my couch and slept on it. I woke up at 5pm to continue the battle. I kept boraxing and keeping a little shaker of borax on me, repelling their attacks. By 11PM i had not seen any more fleas. I took a shower, and what a mess.. the fleas were trying to get away from the battle by riding it out in my clothes.. and had left a nice black ring of whatever and bodies around my neck.

    It’s totally a flea infestation killer. I looked on the box, but there was nothing about fleas. Borax should totally pay you for this website.

    • I had the same thing happen this summer at my house. We used 4 boxes of borax, and bunt my wifes vacuum cleaner up and all of them are dead. I saw the same thing, the adult fleas seem to die frist. Glad everything worked out for you.

  97. No little city flea stuff @ amazon

  98. Fuck you. You’re a piece of shit web admin. I posted a truthful story of how borax didn’t work for me. That was 2 weeks ago, it still hasn’t been posted. You obviously don’t have an open discussion of borax on your site, only pro-borax messages are tolerated. Its been 2 weeks since my original post and the borax hasn’t had ANY effect on the fleas at all. Yet I can’t post on here to warn others against this waste of time and money. Go fuck yourself. Cocksucking piece of shit. I hope 20 Mule Team Borax pays you well, asshole!

  99. Some time ago, I also posted a comment that didn’t get put on here either, and I felt the same way about this site (minus the filthy language one person used which is so unnecessary!)….that only positive comments were posted about the use of Borax to kill fleas.

    It did not work for me, and I left it on 3 weeks, wearing my house slippers at all times. I have since read many sites and some say you need to mix the Borax with other things (salt for one) for it to work, so maybe some should try that approach. Putting nite lights around the house with sticky boards underneath the lights catches a lot of them, but everything else still needs treatment with something to get rid of them. I am happy Borax only worked for some people, but am wondering if it was just temporary as you state you are again battling fleas yourself.

    • I had fleas this summer and having four animals in the house it was no easy matter getting rid of them.By using borax on all of the floors all the fleas were dead in about a week. Using Borax is not a one time fix. It will kill the fleas that are not on your pet. As they lay and hatch eggs on a daily basis killing all of them at once will not happen. Also borax will not kill any fleas that are un hatched.
      As for your comment. I get between 300 and 400 comments each day. WordPress( the platform to publish this site) has filters to remove any spam comments. Not saying yours was,but it is not perfect. A comment can be kicked out because it’s email address,subject or even the content. Right now I have 1325 comments in the spam folder from today only.It it just not possible for me to check every single comment I get. Sorry yours didn’t get posted. If you still have it your can resend it if you like.

  100. I have cats and they’re infested.tried Advantage, but I have 2 cats & it’s very expensive! It’s very hard to bathe cats, but I read the Pert Plus thing, and Dawn. Does it hurt their skin? Or irritate it? I can’t bathe them constantly, I’ll get clawed to death! I’m going to try the borax thing. Our home is highly infested and we’ve tried hotshots and bug bombs, carpet sprays, etc. Nothing is working!

  101. Hello. I have NO pets! So I’m not sure how I have fleas in my house. Will borax work if I leave it for 8 hours daily and then vacuum?

    Also how do you know if you have a severe infestation? Is that when you see fleas everywhere?

    How many bites are considered having a severe infestation?

  102. Anybody experiencing that Frontline Plus isn’t working? I have been using Frontline Plus on my dog for over a year. Recently, I noticed my dog scratching. When I took a closer look I found a ton of flea dirt and, voila, fleas. Not just one…My plan of attack today is Borax, flea shampoo, and flea comb. I’m looking for a new topical. Any suggestions?

    • Antoinette says:

      Our vet recommends switching out flea products periodically as they can become less effective when used repeatedly. She uses Frontline one month, Advantage the next, for example. I notice with our cats that the heavier cats (more fat) don’t respond as well as thinner cats to monthly treatments. We have to treat them more often (every three weeks), or use a long-lasting ($$$$) flea collar. And flea combing helps a lot.

  103. My vet said that this routine worked best for him:

    Sprinkle the Borax on the carpet.
    Work into the carpet with an upright vacuum cleaner with the hose removed. The Borax is not sucked up into the vacuum that way. The upright vacuum pushes the Borax into the carpet and beyond.
    Wait 24 hours.
    Vacuum (with hose attached) every two days… forever and ever and ever.
    Immediately tie off vacuum bag or dump into trashbag and tie off or spray flea killer into bag and tie off. Toss in trash outside ASAP.

    For wood floors treat the seams as fleas get into those areas. Any place where there is a crevice.

    Treat animals with proper flea treatment.

    There is a service which does your whole house for you. They remove all your furniture and treat your carpet. They something similar to a cement compactor to push the Borax into the carpet and beyond.

    No matter what, dirt goes beyond the carpet and padding to the subfloor.

    For the outside, it’s not necessary to use chemicals to treat the entire yard. If you read online about the habits of fleas, they love the places in your yard where dogs love to bed down. Where? Under a tree or bush near the coolness of the house. Treat these areas with diatomaceous earth, food grade. There’s a website online which carries this version of it. You sprinkle it with a similar container as with the Borax. Don’t treat the entire yard. You must use protective gear for breathing and over clothes.

    Another method for the yard is to water it. Fleas don’t care for water. Keep the grass cut short. Allow it to die back each summer.

    • Can anyone tell me what I can do when I take my dogs for a walk? They are always in the grass and I live in Oregon where right now it rains all the time. I have tried Borax but did not treat everything and fleas are back in a big way. My suggestion is to go through all the steps and it should work. However, they go right back outside and get the fleas.

  104. Not sure who wrote this article, but you mention that you use Vet’s Best – Flea & Tick Home Spray and that it only contains 2 ingredients not true. It also contains Water mix with Sodium Benzoate at 96.30 %, that is not healthy for your pet. The sodium benzoate listed on a product’s nutrition label is typically synthesized in a lab. Sodium Benzoate is associated in promoting cancer in humans and animals. I would limited my spraying of your dog. Few years down the road your dog may show signs of cancer or not. I would not use this on my pet. To each its own.

  105. connie campbell says:

    Vectra 3D for dogs-Fleas are the worst things I have ever encountered. Vectra 3D for dogs kills them in 6 hrs. and repels, no others do this.

  106. connie campbell says:

    I just read Matt’s unnecessarily worded post. The only way borax doesn’t work is if you don’t do it correctly. Follow all directions!

  107. Quick question: If you have to leave the Borax on for eight hours is it safe to sleep through the night when it’s on your floor, or just be in your house since Borax is essential a poison?

    • Yes. We did it for three nights last summer. You could not get up without them jumping on your legs. Just remember to wear shoes or slippers.

  108. I have used Borax to get rid of fleas in my carpet before and it worked great! Thank you for the all of the useful info. I personally prefer using K9 Advantix II for my dogs only because for some reason Frontline Plus stopped working as well. I also like giving my dog a Capstar the day before I use the topical to get rid of as many adult fleas as I possibly can especially if the infestation is significant. Thanks again!!

    • Claudia Kirkpatrick says:

      Concerning Frontline: I was told that, at least here in Western Pennsylvania, the fleas have figured it out!! And developed at least a certain amount of immunity to it. I’m using Advantix X also for my dog.

  109. PLEASE DON’T GIVE YOUR ANIMAL GARLIC before consulting your vet. Some amounts of garlic will cause Heinz-body anemia and even DEATH.

  110. my question is regarding furniture. Do I sprinkle it on the couch, rocking chair, mattresses, etc? How deeply will they burrow? Will they hide in the bottom-side of furniture? I’ve only seen a few fleas, and had our dog treated. She’s now out of the house, so I’m hopeful that separating her (in her clean state) and the house will help.

    Also, we are moving in 3 weeks, and I’m paranoid that the eggs won’t be gone and then they’ll hatch while in storage. Is this likely? Will the Borax kill the eggs? I’ve read that it only works on fleas that have hatched. If borax won’t work on eggs, is there something natural that will?


    • Michael says:

      Sprinkle it anywhere a flea hide, in and under furniture. As for the flea eggs , just kept on running your vacuum ever couple of days.Hope you get all of them before the move.

  111. Will Borax take care of the fleas for good. I have a large house and I work part time. I have a sensitive to chemicals so have choosen not to use them. Will Borax take care of the problem and can you use it in the kitchen cupboards and such.

    • Michael says:

      The borax will get rid of fleas.,but it will not keep them from coming back. I would not recommend using it in your cabinets or anywhere there may be food preparation.

  112. Hello, I am trying borax and DE for a small flea infestation. The problem is it is a small infestation and I cannot see any, I have put out some home made traps and haven’t caught any. My baby daughter got bit a lot several ago she is now on antibiotics. We did not see the culprits. The borax is a terribly big job, we have lots of burber carpet, and one room has open walls from doing renovations, and we have an unfinished trap door basement. I have set up traps in the basement but have not caught any yet. Do I vacuum every other day and lay down fresh borax? I have not been able to cover everything. How many days should I vacuum and borax for? I can’t find any, but don’t want them attacking my family again! We do not have pets, but live in a semi. Our neighbors have 2 dogs that are on preventative and they say they have not had fleas. We have tore down an old shed in the back, it will be slow to get the rubble out, they could’ve been there too but have not found them. I am keeping my baby in covered tight clothing and have pinned a strip of flea collar on her back. I don’t know how to tell they are gone! any advice appreciated, thnx so much (I’ve never had fleas before)

    • several days ago*

      • I should clarify, I caught a flea in our bedroom 3 weeks ago, we both had bites. I treated the bedroom, then 3 weeks later our baby was attacked in our family room. I have been treating the house for 2 days, I vacuumed then put down a thin layer of borax and brushed in carpet. I haven’t vacuumed it up yet. We have been walking on it and not problems walking on it. I have doused all baseboards and don’t plan on vacuuming that up because I don’t have pets.

  113. Thanks for all the info and replies Michael, this is really helpful.
    Just moved to a new property with 1/4 acre of tropical garden in San Diego…now older dog has fleas for the first time, we have a new 9 week old puppy who is on trifexis (love it for dogs), and right now the rain is frequent enough that pest sprays outside are washed away too quickly.
    I’m planning to leave work early as I and the dogs were bitten to pieces last night and treat at least half the rooms in the house with borax… can you recommend anything for the yard? Puppy being so small (and not yet house trained) I can’t stop them from going outside, and I feel like they must be bringing in more every time. I’m only seeing a few here and there but its enough to be miserable.

    Also for floor rugs etc do you recommend removing them from the property and boraxing them/leaving them outside? I assume fleas could hide underneath and avoid the borax.

  114. If the borax doesn’t work on your carpet or you just have to much carpet to cover try using a steam scrubber that sucks the water back up and instead of using the regular carpet solution add dawn dish liquid to the water and wash your carpets,this will kill the fleas and wash your carpets. best to do all the carpets in one day so you don’t carry fleas from the infected room into the clean room and have to do it all again.Also in the winter if it seems like you no longer have fleas wrong the are hibernating and will come back out of the carpets as soon as it gets hot again .Hope this helps

  115. I have a rental that the the tenants left this house empty and infested with fleas. It is all hardwood and tile. I have bombed and soaked the floors with Talstar still fleas. I then read about Borax. I have spread this all over the house and have covered the floors. After a week I went back and as soon as I went in my legs got covered in fleas. They were a lot smaller than last week but still there. Do I leave the Borax on the floor for several weeks or is it time to try the pros to come in?

    • Sorry for the delay Rick.Been on vacation. Try vacuuming and reapplying every couple of days. You could call a professional,but they can be a little pricey.

  116. I have a couple questions.. Will borax damage my beautiful hardwood floors? And can I use it on my memory foam mattress?

    • As long as your floor is dry it won’t do any damage,but do a test on a small section to be sure. You could use it on a mattress. Wouldn’t be hard to vacuum up?

  117. I once had fleas in my house when my roommate got a kitten. These fleas got into my bed and bit me constantly. I could SEE them hopping around! Needless to say it was disgusting, annoying and unsanitary. My roommate ended up giving the kitten away very soon after she adopted it. I went to work immediately with the Borax and it worked right away. I recommend this solution as a flea-in-the-home remedy all the time.

  118. Teri Smithe says:

    I’ve been researching this for a while, after trying everything, and just ordered Boric Acid to put down while I’m away at my Mom’s for a month, in hopes that I don’t return to a flea infestation! Then I run across THIS – – – – – – and my anxiety level just went up!!

    Is this guy full of it, and the “misinformation on the internet” he talks about is actually from HIM?

    Could you explain? Also, I’ve seen a few fleas around and am going to leave for a month, leaving IGR, bomb and boric acid down. But, what would you recommend doing? Thanks so much for responding to all the mails! Most people just post stuff and leave us hanging.

    You are a SAINT!

    • The borax I refer to is only laundry detergent.20 mule power. It doesn’t kill fleas by poisoning them,it only cuts their outside shell.

  119. I live in a 8 x 12 room, can’t I leave Borax on floor a few days……….few weeks…….???????

    • If that is all you have to do,just put it down and work it with a broom to help cut into the fleas.If you have wooden floors keep sweeping it around.

  120. veronica bailey says:

    I have little dogs that are outside …screened in porch, concrete flooring. Fleas are bad.Can I sprinkle borax on concrete then wash it off with waterhose? How long should I leave it sprinkled on concrete? Same as if it was carpet?

  121. Helena Miller says:

    My parents had fleas in their house due to their 3 dogs & I remembered what Martha Stewart said about flea control. She said to buy a flea collar (I bought a good one & cut it in 1/2 & saved the other 1/2 for another time) & put the 1/2 into a clean vacuum cleaner bag. I vacuumed thoroughly & then spread the borax (I use the 20 Mule Team Borax only- since it contains only boron (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) which is a mineral that we used to eat in our food when our produce was organically grown) all over the carpet & in all the dogs bedding & corners of the sofa where they lay. We left it on for a month & then re-vacuumed. Fleas, eggs, etc. were gone (they actually were gone a long time before that-no need to leave it on there longer than a couple of weeks)
    & they haven’t been back! I’m very pleased! Between using the vacuum & the borax no harmful chemicals were used & the results were a like a blessing from God…..

  122. My kitty had fleas around this time last year. We did the dip, I also gave her a dawn dish soap bath a week after her flea dip, vacuumed like a crazy lady for a week and all seemed well. I checked her fur, my son and I weren’t being bit anymore, I was happy to be rid of them. My kitty recently passed after living a long 18 years with us. Unbeknownst to us, she had fleas again. We didn’t know this until we saw them coming out of her fur after she died. We now have a slight flea issue. While I haven’t seen many hopping around, just a few here and there, my and my son’s legs are being eaten up! I know they’ve got to be in the house. Probably the living room (furniture too) and kitchen as that is where kitty slept. She rarely came upstairs to our bedrooms due to her age. I plan to do the borax but we do have other caged animals (guinea pigs, bearded dragon and a fish). They’re all housed in the living room. Should I take them out of the room while I treat it? All the cages are on tables, the dragon’s is on the lower shelf of the table. You suggest leaving the borax on overnight, however, that is only 6-8 hours for our household. Can I lay sheets or plastic on top of the treated areas so that the borax sets in longer? TIA!

    • I have never thought of that. Sounds like a awesome idea. I would not see why it would not work. Thanks Kay!!
      P.S. sorry for your loss.

      • Thanks so much. I’m concerned they may be jumping around my son’s stuffed animals. Think I can run them in the dryer on high for a bit? Or should I bagged them and try suffocating the fleas? I can’t wash them. Some have sound devices in them.

    • The guinea pig and lizard should be moved and plastic wrap or foil put over the fish’s bowl (doesn’t have to be air-tight, just so particles in the air don’t settle on the water). The lizard in particular will be sensitive. No point taking a chance. Treat the upstairs, too, at some point because fleas travel on your clothes. We’re re-launching the war here, too. Tired of the little buggers. Just when you think they’re gone and relax … **sigh**

    • Helena Miller says:

      Move the animals if you’d like, but 20 Mule Team Borax is comprised of just the mineral
      boron. Before I left it on the rug for a few days, I used a tip I learned from Martha
      Stewart & put a flea collar in a clean vacuum cleaner bag & vacuumed every day for
      3-4 days & then I set out the borax. The borax causes 6 legged insect’s stomachs to
      explode after they lick/groom their feet & they all lick their feet….then after a few days,
      vacuum it up & wait & maybe vacuum again in another week (usually this was not needed). I sometimes would keep the flea collar in the vacuum bag for
      the entire summer (warmer) months & then throw the bag out when winter came…..

  123. Thanks for the response! Since overnight is only abour 6 hours at my house, do u think I can cover the carpet with sheets? I can’t leave the borax on for multiple days without walking on the floor. I have the living room and our bedrooms to do. I can’t close off those rooms. Also, do u think flea collars from the dollar store would be sufficient for the vacuum?

  124. Helena Miller says:

    Sure, cover it if you want. If you use cheap flea collars, use a couple just to make sure the flease die in the bag…..Good luck. it works like a charm for me every time…..

  125. Helena Miller says:

    Whatever you do, don’t forget to use Martha Stewart’s tip about putting a flea collar into
    a clean vacuum cleaner bag & vacuuming a few times to pick up fleas & eggs & then put out the 20 Mule Team. WORKS FOR ME EVERY TIME!!!!

  126. A suggestion was made of giving cats garlic to control fleas. Garlic and onions are in the same family and contain alllicin. Which kills red blood cells in cats, which will only make your problems worse, as the cat may end up anemic.

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