Borax For Fleas

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Using Borax For Fleas. Borax for Fleas is a common cure to getting rid of Fleas in your home.If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to kill these uninvited and unwanted guest using borax could be the solution you have been searching for. For a number of years my wife and I struggled to keep fleas out of our home with little to no success. borax usesuntil a friend told us about using borax to kill fleas. Borax like the one we used is a common washing powder made by the Dial corp. under the name of 20 Mule team laundry detergent is not to be confused with boric acid. They are totally different and not to be used together.I mention this because after reading a few articles while searching for borax it seems there are quite a few people who don’t know the difference.Now getting back to – After some searching  and visiting  over ten stores we finally found two boxes which we bought both of them. After only one evening’s effort and waiting overnight our flea problems were solved. Since then using Borax for fleas has become a major part of our total flea program which we continue to this day.If you follow these simple steps your house will be flea free in no time at all. Borax and your vacuum can and will get rid of your fleas problem.

Is Borax Safe for Pets to Walk on

Borax for Fleas, an ingredient in found in 20 mule power Landry detergent and is recommended for helping get rid of fleas. Borax for Fleas should not be confused with Boric acid, as Boric Acid is a type of borax with additional ingredient commonly labeled as a pesticide. But as much said the toxicity levels of boric acid and borax are pretty much considered very low on people, but that is not necessarily the same to animals. That said Borax for Fleas conclusively toxic for pets to walk on as they are exposed to many threats starting from inhaling fine power, to walking on it and later ingesting it while grooming. The pet’s reaction will depend on the amount of Borax they consume . You should call your veterinarian immediately on identifying the following signs of Borax  poisoning; Nausea and breathing problems, skin rashes and swelling, vomiting, as well as eye and mouth irritation.

Is Borax Safe for Cats

borax safe for catsTo understand this better, let’s first dig deeper into understanding what Borax is. Borax for fleas is Sodium Borate, which should not be confused with Boric Acid. The two are closely related but are not the same. With Boric Acid we get to see that it is a refined type of borax but with additional ingredients, labeled as a pesticide, unlike borax.

The toxicity levels of both are considered minimal and negligible to humans, but that might not be necessarily the same for animals. Using borax for fleas for household flea removal requires the dusting of carpets and floors which put your cat in danger of inhaling the fine powder, walking through it and later ingesting it while grooming. Your cat’s reaction to borax for fleas will depend on much of it gets into the cast system, how and where it got through, as well as your cat’s sensitivity levels.Just keep you cat away from treated ares of your house.

Cats experiencing Borax  reaction may have skin rashes and swelling, vomiting, eye, and mouth irritation, nausea and breathing problems. You should call your veterinarian with immediate effect for assistance. Alternatively, you may choose to quarantine the cat while you use borax for fleas to make the other rooms safe. While in the case of cat infested with fleas, using natural treatments to kill the fleas are safer for you and your pet. Products such; the use of Pyrethrin, Garlic and Brewer’s yeast, Essential Oil, Vitamin dose, as well as Diatomaceous Earth on your cat’s coat to treat flea infections.

Where to Buy Borax for Fleas

Borax for Fleas is well distributed even in small towns it may be hard find. The easiest place to purchase Borax for Fleas is Amazon. Alternatively, you can also acquire Borax for Fleas from your local supermarket, or you can alternatively order Borax for Fleas online from a reputable vendor. 20 mule power Borax  is well distributed nation-wide and indeed is hard to miss.

Planning your attack:

If possible start in the room you have the most fleas in.This is usually where your pets hang out the most,but not always. My living room was once had a problem but dog and cats never went in there.

Where your pets sleeps or a heavy traffic area. Always a good place to start off with.You will need to give them a different place to rest for the night,as what ever room you start with “it needs to be closed or gated off for the night.”

Also wash your pets bedding and add a quarter cup of borax 20 mule team to the wash.

furniture couches and recliners or any other type of fabric material your pets like to lounge on.

What You will need:

. A container like a mason jar or something with a lid you can poke hole in.Your just making a big salt shaker, I used an old gape jelly 32 oz,jar the last time I did this. A coffee can would also work. Just use whatever works best for you.

. A stiff bristle  broom. This is for working the borax down into the carpet or the cracks of wooden floors.

. A vacuum with a new empty bag and one more afterwards you will want to remove and discard outside the house.

.  Gloves, eye protection, dust mask and an old pair of shoes are a good idea.n>

A box of 20 Mule team Borax.

On a side note : Sprinkle a little borax on a the back of any fabric as a test to see if there will be any discoloration the night before.I have never had this happen,but better safe than sorry..

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 Room Preparation:

Whatever room you decide to begin with remove everything you can. Small things setting on coffee tables,pictures anything you don’t want to dust off later. As far as the dust goes it is minimal. take all of the throw pillows and cushions set them aside. Don’t take them out of the room, they may have fleas on them. If you have area rugs. Take everything off of will need to sprinkle borax under them as well. Move all furniture away from the wall where you can gain accesses to the back of them.

Using Borax for Fleas:

Now that you have all your supplies together and have poked holes in a jar lid. Fill it about halfway with borax,then replace the jar top.
Start in the far corner of the room and begin to shake your jar with a light dusting .Like if you were powdering a baby’s bottom. You need to put more holes in your jar lid to increase your coverage.Don’t worry about covering every square’s not necessary . A half of a jar will do a 12 x 12 room.After the floor is done.including under everything. All of the furniture needs to be covered as well. What we want is to get everywhere fleas maybe hiding and I do mean everywhere. This is where the your broom comes into play. Using it to work the borax down into the fabric of the carpet and or the cracks and seams of a hardwood floor. You just want to work it in not sweep it up. I like to raise the broom up and just drop it onto the carpet repeatedly to increase the amount of detergent getting to the bottom.

Borax for Fleas on Hardwood Floors

borax for fleas on hardwood floorsIs Borax for Fleas applicable on hardwood floors? The answer is yes it is. It’s only the application that varies a little but the results, all the same. To apply Borax for Fleas, as observed with the carpets, remove everything you can and remember to vacuum the area first before sprinkling the Borax for Fleas powder. Then take a broom and move the powder back and forth into the cracks, as well as edges of the walls, to get Borax for Fleas into even the tiniest of openings. Then keep off limits this room for at least 48 hours or 12 hours preferably, then vacuum first, followed by a damp clean mob to pick up the remaining residue. It is important to note that after you have applied Borax for Fleas on the hardwood floors, you should at least vacuum the said are once a day for one week.

What the borax is doing is etching into the skin of the fleas and being a descendent it is drying the fleas from the inside out. This will not only kill the fleas,but their larvae as well. Borax will kill fleas in all stages of its life cycle. There are not many other products than can claim that and for the price you can’t beat it.
After you are done close off this room for as long as possible.I always do this in the evening and let it set overnight. It only a suggestion use any time frame that fits you and your family’ routine. If you are short on time wait a minimum of 8 hours.

After you have let the borax sit awhile the next step is to vacuum up all of it .I always like to go over everything twice just to make sure I get all of it. Then remove the vacuum cleaner bag from the house asap. If  you continue this process to all of the rooms in your house the battle with fleas will soon be won.

20 Mule Team Borax for Fleas on Carpet

borax for carpets

My ole buddy Rusty trying to help

20 Mule Team Borax is a Borax for Fleas product that reaches out for cleaning and killing fleas from household items. All that is needed is Borax for Fleas, hot water, and Carpet steam cleaner. Also, clear all room of furniture before you work on the carpet. If it’s not possible to remove some of the furniture, you simply protect them the furniture by sliding wax paper alternatively aluminum foil as well, underneath their feet. An effective methodology for preventing moister absorption and getting damp from the Borax for Flea’s steam cleaning. It is also worth noting that your carpets will take around twenty-four hours to dry up from the Borax for Fleas treatment altogether. For better results vacuum thoroughly before running the carpet steam cleaner. Then use the steam cleaner for a double action in getting rid of caked in dust, ground-in dirt, packed-in grime, as well as getting Borax for fleas to kill those inbred fleas on the carpet.

Borax for fleas in yard

Fleas in fields or yard may bother dogs and cats as well as larger animals such as horses. And if you pets are running in and out of the house like a couple of little kids, then chances are they are picking fleas and bringing then into your home. Then Borax for Fleas is what you need, for we first get to learn that fleas are attracted to animals because of their body heat, their breath, and vibrations as they run outside. Borax for fleas will work perfectly instead of buying an overpriced brand. Borax twenty mule team a product of Borax for Fleas is in simple words a laundry soap additive, which is fairly better compared to human-made flea poison. The only drawback to the use of this product of Borax for fleas, being keeping your pets off the lawn for 24 hours, take them for a walk to the park for a day or two as Borax for fleas works its magic.

Set out Flea Traps..  Get all of Them

I also like to use flea traps. You can make one by using a shallow pan. An old pizza pan works great. Add enough water to cover the bottom. Then add a few drops of dawn dishwashing liquid. The dawn will reduce the surface tension of the water and will allow the fleas to sink. Without this they will float on  top and possibly escape. Second item you will need is a lamp. Like the one show one the right. A heat source is needed to attract the fleas. Your lamp needs to be pointed down facing your pan of water and dawn. The heat from the lamp is where the fleas are aiming for. They think it is the body heat from your pet. They jump towards the heat, hit the water and die!! This trap works best in a dark room. If you have fleas, place your trap in the room ,pull the curtains and close it off. At night is the best time as the light and heat will draw them from across the room.If you don’t want to go the DIY route.Victor Flea Trap makes a good one. I have used these in the past and they do perform well. They use the same principle, just have sticky tape instead of water. I just like to make my own.

Using Borax for fleas is a cheap an effective way to get rid of these pests once and for all . Using borax in my opinion is safer for pets and humans alike than other man made chemicals that we all know are very poisonous.
Good Luck

P.S. Don’t forget your pets need protection when they are outside or around other animals.Our dog Gracie stays outside 24/7 and every year in the spring we always use the Vet’s Best – Flea & Tick Home Spray and  Frontline Plus Flea and Tick .The Vets best has a Non-staining formula that is great for home surfaces (furniture, carpet, flooring, counter tops) and not harmful to plants and  it begins to kill fleas on contact. Natural key ingredients feature peppermint oil and clove extract control and kill fleas and ticks; absolutely no pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil.This is why I use this product. I have used others in the past and they would make our pets sick for a couple of days. There are 2809 reviews counting mine on Amazon . 3-dose supply provides flea, flea egg, chewing lice, and tick relief for up to 3 months and I feel like it is the most flea med you can buy for your money,I say this because it works for me. As for our dog (Grace) she gets It is  best flea treatment for your cat or your small dog, bar none. By the next day  scratching and digging stops. The summer months you can use it for continuous protection for 30 days.
For an extra shot of flea and tick protection I like to use . it not only repels fleas,but ticks cant stand garlic, it will also keep your pets coat shiny and healthy. It is not necessary, It is something I like to give them.I did see a difference with our cats dirty ears over a couple weeks. I cant say that the brewers yeast cleared them up, but they did look cleaner and healthier over time.Just think of them like vitamins for your cat or dog.
and have a great day and go kill some fleas…and don’t forget to grab a Flea Comb! You can get rid of half of your pets fleas just buy using a comb. All you need to do is grab a old cup and fill it with water,than add a few drops of dawn dish washing soap. Comb them out and drown them in the water.

P.S. in case you are wondering what our pet names are- Grace our dog. She passed away over the winter (2016). Devastated my wife and I .She meant so much to us.The cats are Mace, Allison, Rusty and Abigail that I like to call “moe”. Don’t ask.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I have a 2 months old premee at home and need to get rid of these fleas asap. They have bitten me so bad mid calf down that I had to go buy claritin and itch and pain oint. This problem has me sick to my stomach and everytime I feel a tickle on my skin I jump. So hopefully this will work. Oh, do you know if this will kill lics and their larva as well? I found out yesterday I have lice and have gotten ris to get rid of it. Don’t know where I got it from. I am always home. Thinking maybe the dog or could be that we live in the woods and maybe got it from the trees. Do you know if fleas carry lice? Please email me back if you know that answer to this.
    Again thank you!

    1. Post

      Using borax for fleas will kill the fleas,but I don’t think it will work for the lice on your dog. As for the fleas they don’t carry lice .
      I found this-
      Here are a few recommended natural treatments:
      Bathe your dog daily with a good natural dog shampoo such as Halo Cloud-Nine Herbal Shampoo for Cats and Dogs Leave the lather on the hair for ten minutes
      After bathing your dog, try applying a natural lemon rinse, also effective for the treatment of fleas and ticks. This lemon rinse will help to slowly kill of the remaining eggs. See our Dog Flea Medicine page to learn how to make and use an effective natural lemon rinse.
      Removing the eggs attached to the hair follicles is the most difficult part of eliminating them. Try rubbing mayonnaise into the hair of your dog and massaging with your fingertips. This may help to loosen the eggs and then you can follow up with a nice firm shampooing to wash the eggs down the drain.
      If you have tried all of these natural treatments and you still have a problem, ask your veterinarian or one of our veterinarians for additional recommendations and possibly a stronger, more potent potion.
      Hope this helps.

    2. I’m so glad to have found this info. I have been pretty much going thru this flea thing since I got a new puppy last July. I have done almost everything possible to get rid of these things and they keep coming back. I flea comb constantly and flea bathe every two weeks, as well as using topical every month. I’m beyond frustrated with this. Before the puppy I never in 7 years of having 3 other dogs, ever saw a flea. I’m seeing about 4-5 on the puppy every week, they are large adults. I am going to try the Borax and next step will be bombing the house…I am desperate!!!

    3. stop bathing your dog and applying frontline. just use frontline or comfortis. bathing removes the oils essential for distributing the products. no baths. comfortis seems to work when frontline doesn’t.

    4. Post
    5. My dog got sick using Frontline Plus. Hes never reacted badly before but this year he was sick to his stomach. I hear Revolution is a better option.

    6. There’s also a safe home remedy spray I found once online. I don’t remember the recipe but you might want to try a search. It was apple cider vinegar, water, baking soda, and a small amount of peroxide. You could spray this directly one the puppy and on a flea to kill the flea. I am so against harsh chemical products being I have a young child and the side affects they may cause us and even our precious four legged kids. Fleas cause havoc for us as humans so imagine what they do for our four legged friends where they tend to stay so much. I wish you the best. Also search I heard you could put small containers of vinegar and it will draw them to it.

    7. I have a bagless vacuum does that make a difference? I empty it and pour water on it to try and clean it. Also, Do I have to move the furniture from the wall into another room, or just pull it from the wall? What about under the bed, do I move the mattress to another room?

    8. Yes thank you. I never knew how beastly these little critters could be. There eating my chihuahua up. But what if there all over my complex outside. I have no control

    9. I do hair and ridx wont work for all lice. My child had it once and after spending $300 on lice products I took her to a pediatrician. The Dr. Gave a oil to be put on her head the ingredients was….wait for it lol…91% rubbing alcohol, camfor oil, and pine oil. All can be got at a health store. Mix 1\4 cup alcohol, 7 drops of camfor oil, and 20 drops of pine oil. Rub into hair down to scalp. Rap a plastic bag over hair and pin tight. Do not get in eyes or anywhere near flame! Let bag remake in place for 20 mins then rinse out. There may be minor burning if there are open wounds due to scratching but it is normal. Best if a damp rag is placed above eyes to keep away drips and to keep head held back. The resistant strain of lice will even be killed. This kills all stages of lice. Eggs too!. Use nit comb to get the nits and dead lice out after hair is dry. Do not use shampoo or blow dryer for 24 hours after rinesing hair as some residue may still be in hair. Hope this helps all as it has helps the school system lol.

    10. I done a bunch of research on where lice comes from because my nieces kept getting it and getting it and getting it. We couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. We treated the whole house every time and it just kept coming back. So threw my research I found out that bad flea infestations cause lice we got rid of my sister in laws flea probably and my nieces haven’t had head lice in over 4 years now. So your lice came from your flea infestation.

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