Borax Fleas in Yard

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If your pets are like mine running around outside in the yard then wanting back in 5 minutes later, like a couple of little kids. The chances are good that they are picking up fleas and bringing them into your home.Fleas are attracted to animals by there body heat and there breath.Mainly co2 gas as they exhale.Also vibrations as they run and explore the outdoors. Using borax in the yard may be an alternative, instead of buying an over priced name brand . Borax twenty mule team  is nothing more than laundry soap additive.Which is not bad when compared to a man-made flea poison. The only draw back to borax the fleas in your yard is  keeping your dog(s)  off the lawn for at least 24 hours .You could always take them to the park for the next day or two.

First clear the yard

Pick up everything you can out off the yard ,that you don’t want borax on. As you will be spreading it everywhere your pets hang out,run and do their business.As borax is a very dry powder you want it to be as dry out in the yard as possible. With no chance of rain for the next couple of days. What I have done in the past is to break up the yard into sections,where I do only the front yard and let then out back and vise verse. Also at this time I always mow the grass.  I drop the blades down one notch lower than I normally would to get as close to the fleas as I can. This also helps ,because you will not be on your yard for a few days.

Applying Borax to the yard

You can go about this in a couple of ways. You can spread it around the yard by hand ,wearing gloves of coarse. or a jar made into a large salt shaker. I don’t like to use the jar,because when your hand sweats its hard to hand on to.What I do like to use is a lawn spreader for seeding and feeding your grass.You can find cheap ones at lowes or home depot for around $20.00 dollars. Just remember to wash it out with clean water when are are done.

After you have given the borax a day or two to work. The last step is to rinse off the yard with a garden hose or sprinkler ,this will knock the remaining borax down into the soil . I always wait a few hours before I let them back in yard, just to let the water dry up.

Well that’s all there is to Borax for Fleas in Yard. Good luck and if you have any questions drop me a line.


  1. roxanne Crostreet says:

    I found a remedy with apple vinegar and borax to bathe my dog. Which is the safest way to bathe him or take care of it? I have spent $$$ to the vet and he has stopped the bald spots but not the itch. My poor dog itches all night, not much in the day time. We fogged the house, car, yard, mattresses in the house…I will do anything to help him!!!

    • Iam not sure ,what is it you need?

    • there may be something bringing in the fleas, like us, we found out there was rats in our crawl space and attic. you may want to see if that is a possible reason

    • My dog was driving me crazy with itching day and night. Then I used Epsom salt bath. For 7days boy I can sleep now…. I have a small dog so I used 1 1\2 cups and lukewarm water. For 10 minutes every night for 7days. Hope it works for you.

    • Are you certain it’s fleas? Mange is not uncommon, and causes bald spots in addition to itching. My dog had a bout of mange and I bathed her with neem oil mixed with baby shampoo, followed by a rinse of a solution of borax and lemon juice in water and let air dry. A couple of these treatments along with supplementing her diet with healthy oils, ie, coconut, palm fruit, flax, etc. did the trick.
      Also many dogs have allergies that most traditional vets don’t test for that will cause similar symptoms.

  2. I just want to make to i have to application right for the yard and my 2 small dogs? I have a infestation and have tried all the expensive stuff in the stores already and i am desperate but do not want to harm my pets.How long should I leave it in the yard before I let my dogs back out there? how much should I use for a 50×50 square ft fence area? Please reply asap Thank you Cathy.

    • Michael says:

      Just spread it like you were feeding birds in the back yard, a light coating. If you can keep them off the grass for two days, then hit it with a garden hose to wash in into the soil.

  3. Rita Maar says:

    I would like to know if there any precautions needed for vegetation? Thank you

  4. Hi there! Thank you for this website! I am hoping this works for me, finally! I did the borax & hydrogen peroxide on my dog (He had mange, I’m making sure it stays gone. Got him on a better diet & it seems to be helping) and rosemary, lavender, neem oil, neem oil shampoo, etc etc even some pyrethrin crappy junk toxic dip things.. all to no avail. Everyone keeps telling me it’s in my house.. OMG you have to use Diatamaceous Earth, DE to get rid of them. I tried that twice. Nada. I left it down for a week & vaccuumed. Did it again, vacuumed.. nada. I don’t see any fleas in my house at all. None on me etc.. I wash my dogs. They get clean,fleas all drown, they have to go out to potty. They come in with fleas. I live very very near the woods & they say every bug has it’s year. I think this is the year of the flea. What is funny, is one dog has fleas. One doesn’t have any. One goes outside a lot & follows me around out there gardening. One hangs out on the couch all the time. No fleas on him, but he is still itching like mad, hence the mange mention in the beginning of the post.
    I think the borax thing is finally gonna do it. I am also going to buy pert in the morning. TY again! I will update everyone!

    • let me know how it works out

    • K Staten says:

      Borax works great in the house….just sprinkle it in and vacuum as usual. It is effective for a year. You won’t see results immediately but the fleas fade away. Borax doesn’t kill fleas it interrupts their reproductive cycle. I have used it for years in the house.

  5. Hi. How long do I leave the box outside my small infested front yard for? I have mix the borax with salt hearing it will double the effect. Is that a ok or not ok solution? I can’t even take a step outside without being attack. Please please help me! Need a answer.

    • You just need to spread it on the yard it will do all the work.I have not heard of mixing it with salt.

    • if you’re so ignorant that you can’t figure out you need to spread it in the yard then you should live with the fleas.

      Darwin Award winners…wow

  6. I have a yard full of dirt n weeds dirt mostly after I’m done mowing. Will the borax work the same n dirt.

  7. Hi, I’m visiting my dad in Florida and he has 4 small dogs that are suffering miserably! His house, yard, and dogs are infested with fleas. If the dogs can’t go outside for 24 hours after spreading borax on the lawn than what can or should i do for inside the house where they spend most of there time? I’m at my wits end with this and would spread borax all over this house just to kill these micro invaders!! Help meeee…

    • This is what Iam using outdoors this year. Diatomaceous earth. I am working on a article about it.

      • Hi Michael,
        I heard about DE and spread it all over the house a while back already but it didn’t work for us. I have made a mixture of flea shampoo that contains pyrethrin and bleach to wash the floors with and that seemed to work! I also shaved 3 of the dogs that have long hair and flea bathed them. The fourth dog is a min pin so he has short hair….lucky dog gets to keep his hair lol. Let me know what you think of that idea!

  8. Our rabbit runs wild in the back yard and he eats the grass. If I put this on my lawn and wait, water it when it’s all done. Well it hurt my rabbit when he eats the grass?


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