How to Use Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats

Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats is one of the most effective flea repellents available of the market currently. However, for experience maximum benefits of the product, you must apply it perfectly. Read through the section below to learn the application procedure of Advantage.

How to apply Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats

You must ensure that the skin of your cat is dry and clean when applying Advantage. The cat should either lie down or stand up when the product his applied on her body. The only thing you must make sure is that she is still.

The base of your cat’s neck is the ideal application site of Advantage. That is because, cats usually cannot touch that part of their body with their tongue.

Begin by parting the fur covering the cat’s neck using both your hands. Once you can see the cat’s skin, hold the far using your left hand (left-handers should do this using their right hand), and place the tube (the tube should be on the opposite hand) of Advantage directly on the cat’s skin. Empty the tube without allowing the liquid to fall on the floor or on other parts of the animal’s body. If still some of the liquid falls on other body parts of the cat of the floor, wipe it off immediately using an absorbent towel or paper towel.

Also, do not allow the liquid to enter your cat’s eyes or mouth. If the liquid gets into the cat’s eyes, rinse them well using cold water. If it enters the cat’s mouth, you will immediately find her salivating because of the bitter taste of Advantage. Do not forget to get the cat checked by a veterinarian if Advantage enters her eyes or mouth.

It is a good thing that Advantage has an awful bitter taste. This stops cats from trying to lick the liquid time and again.

Rules to follow after application of Advantage

Don’t commit the mistake of touching the site of application. The place would remain sticky for several hours following the application of Advantage. If you touch the cat within a few hours of applying the liquid and get some of it on your hand, don’t forget to wash your hand thoroughly with water and soap. During this phase, you must not allow other pets in your home and kids to come near the car.

Avoid shampooing the cat for a minimum of two days following the application. This would allow the flea repellant to penetrate well into the skin of your cat. This should not cause a big problem for the cuddly animal as cats are usually not big fans of shampoo. However, you can surely bathe your cat during these two days. Advantage is absolutely waterproof; so, it will keep working even after the bath.

Are you wondering whether the Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats would cause any side effect? Usually, the medicine does not cause any side effect. The only side effect that has been reported to date is that a few cats lose hair on the application site. However, that’s only a te