The Best Flea Remedies for Pets

Best Flea RemediesAlthough flea infestations are common, it is important that pet owners first ensure that they, as pet owners, have done everything in their power to prevent it. Best Flea Remedies are One way to make sure that you have done all that you can to ensure that your pets don’t get a flea infestation is trough recording how you use flea products on a monthly basis. Since most pet owners usually believe the misconception that there is no need to continue the application of the flea products if there are no fleas visible, recording the use of these products ensures that they will be less likely to become lax with the application of the product (even if they do not see any fleas on their pets).

The Best Flea Remedies:

Things to Consider before Settling on a Product

There are a number of things that one has to consider before deciding the best fleas remedies for pets.

Product Effectiveness

The first and most important thing you need to consider is the effectiveness of the product that you wish to use. Effective fleas remedies should be able to address every stage of a flea life cycle. Considering that fleas have a four stage life cycle if one stage is dealt with while another is left unchecked, the flea problem is bound to persist.

Treatment Approach

A pet owner needs to choose a treatment approach that is most suitable for them and that will efficiently deal with the flea problem. A common mistake usually made by many pet owners is to use numerous flea products without discrimination. It is imperative that one checks the label on the flea product in order to verify the pet species that the product should be used on. If you are still not sure whether a flea eradicating product is the best flea control for pets, you should consult with fellow pet owners or read on the best products that offer the only the best fleas remedies.

Some of the best flea remedies for pets are:

a) Flea collars- There are two types of flea collars. The first and most effective flea collar type releases a toxin that is absorbed into the pet’s subcutaneous fat layer and effectively kills fleas. The second type emits a gas that is toxic to fleas and is only effective in the area around the neck and head.

b) Flea shampoos– Also referred to as a flea bath, this method is the first offensive and best flea control for most pets. Flea shampoos are widely recommended for dogs that have numerous visible fleas on their bodies.

c) Flea sprays and powders- These offer only short-term protection for the pet and will mostly be effective on adult fleas.

d) Flea dips- Flea dips are effective but leave a lot of chemical residue on your pet. They are recommended only for pet owners who need to rid their pets of multiple pest infestations such as a combination of mites, fleas, and ticks.

In conclusion, flea control does not end after treating the pet with sprays, powders, shampoos or flea dips. And lets not forget Borax for fleas. Remember, most of the flea population (about 90%) consists of the eggs, pupa, and larvae which live in bedding’s and carpets. It is important to carry out vacuuming on these surfaces on a regular basis in order to ensure that an infestation does not re-occur.