Best Flea Treatment For Your Pets

Best Flea TreatmentBest Flea Treatment  in an environment can be hectic. First, they are difficult to catch and smash. Secondly, they have a twenty-two-days life-cycle which is the main problem here. For instance, research says that adult fleas only constitutes of only 5% of a flea infestation. This means, when you get rid of the adults right now, others will be back in less than 22 days. So, if you are planning to completely eradicate fleas, then, you have to strike a blow every week or two. Focusing my attention on the best flea treatment, I have created this article to help you do away with fleas for good.

Before moving on to the best flea treatment, it is import to understand two things:

 The Life Cycle of Fleas

Understanding the life cycle of fleas is something very important when it comes to flea control. It helps you fight the fleas in a more tactical manner. Okay, here is how it goes; the life-cycle of a flea takes 12-22 days to complete depending on the environment. It includes the eggs, larvae, pupa, and adult. It is easier to get rid of the adults, but for the rest, it’s a bit difficult since they are not exposed to the environment, and you will hardly see them.

 Areas of Infestation

Though Fleas tend to spend most of their time on animals, they will infest almost everywhere in your home. You will find them indoors, outdoors and on your pet. To completely wipe them out, you need to consider the three places and concentrate on where they have invaded the most. Apart from just invading, they will also lay eggs in the dry places.

What is the Best Flea Treatment?

When it comes to flea treatment, there are a number of flea control products out there that claim to destroy these pests. These products can be in the form of sprays, once a month topical, collars, shampoos, dips, and oral products. Below, I have discussed the best flea treatment methods.

1. Flea Shampoos

A flea shampoo is also known as a flea bath, and it’s good for severe and first-time flea attack. Cats can be stubborn to bathe, but it’s really an effective method of getting rid of fleas. Though it is an effective method, flea shampoo is not a long lasting flea control method. For this reason, you have to exercise it more frequently.

2. Spot-on treatments 

This treatment is gaining popularity at an alarming rate and probably, it is the easiest method of flea control for pets since it is applied once a month. It is much effective on adult fleas though some of them have ingredients that inhibit the development of the larvae. It is important to consult with your veterinarian for the best product for your pet. Some of the common brands include Advantage, Bio-Spot, and Frontline.

3. Oral treatment

Oral medications are also a reliable way of controlling pets. Pills such as Comforties and Trifexis are more efficient in killing adult fleas. Oral treatments are divided into two; there are those that kills adult fleas only, and there are those that will not kill the fleas but make them lay eggs that cannot hatch.

4. Flea powders and sprays 

Flea sprays offer a short-term protection between two to three days. They offer an effective way of controlling fleas, but they are being overtaken by other methods such as spot-on treatments and oral medications.

5. Flea dips

They constitute of strong chemical rinses that are capable of killing the fleas almost immediately. Most of these chemicals will also kill ticks and mites. Since flea dips can be harmful to your pet, they are not recommended; unless it is absolutely necessary.

Best Flea TreatmentFlea prevention

I am pretty sure you will agree with me when I say that the best flea control strategy is Prevention. It is much easier as compared to getting rid of them. Below, I have listed some practices to help you prevent fleas.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Vacuum carpets regularly

[x_icon type=”bug”] Wash your pet’s bedding at least once a week.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Shampoo your pets at least twice a week

[x_icon type=”bug”] Regularly clean the pet carriers and other places where your pet spends time.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Frequently treat your yard.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Take action immediately once you notice a flea

Final thoughts

With the above remedies, you will definitely make it through the flea season without a flea infestation. Exercising any of the above-mentioned flea treatment will help you have a healthy and an itch-free pet as well. Always remember that prevention is the best flea control method and you will never go wrong with it.