Best way to kill fleas and keep them out of your home

vacuumThe best way to kill fleas in your home is not just one way or treatment,but a combination of things you will have to do on a regular schedule if you are a pet owner. If you have several pets inside your home it mat be necessary to double to effort in order to keep fleas off your pets and out of your home.As you may have guessed by now Borax laundry detergent is my favorite way to kill fleas. It not only kills adult fleas but if it comes in contact with the eggs they to will not make it long. Borax doesn’t poison the fleas rather it wicks out the moisture from their body and cut into the hard outer skin to kill them. In my opinion it is far safer than other so called brand name solutions out here.


Vacuuming your carpets if you have pets every two to three days a week will caught 95 % of the adult fleas in your home. This is by far the best thing you can do to help your pets and keep fleas off of them. Fleas in the larva stag of their life will eat anything they can. Anything organic that can be found on the floor,carpet,human dander or pet’s bedding will keep them alive. If you can remove the food supply they will die within a week. This is why I always tell people if you want to get rid of fleas, get rid of the food chain. Most vacuums have different attachments on them more a reason. Use them to get in,under or behind anything and everything.Remember if your vacuum cleaner has a bag in it remove the bag after you clean or set the whole thing outside if possible. If  I know I have a few fleas in the house and I am not going to treat it with borax. I will throw a handful of 20 mule team borax on the floor and suck it up. This will kill any fleas that get caught while cleaning.

Washing your Pets bedding

This is where your pet(s) sleep or just hang out. Have you see a flea or your dog/cat starts to scratch. Grab their favorite blanket,pillow cushion and chunk it in the washing machine. You may have to do this every day or at least every other day while you are battling fleas.I keep a spare blanket in the closet to swap out when needed. If they sleep in certain place every night try running the vacuum cleaner in this area every day.

Interrupt their life cycle

best way to kill fleasA flea has four cycles in it’s life span. Egg, larva,pups and adult. If you can stop or interrupt any part of life cycle you can kill them before they reach the adult stag and start bedding. A single female can lay 20 eggs in her life span then those 20 and 20 more and so and so. You get the picture.After a female lays her egg. It takes two weeks before the egg hatches and becomes an adult. At the first sign of a flea I always figure I have 1 week to get a jump on stopping them from reproducing.


Fleas need heat and humidity in order to survive. They prefer high heat and above average humidity. By controlling the temp in your home can slow down the life cycle or stop the eggs from hatching. Flea eggs can not survive above 103 degrees. That been said and this is just one of my crazy ideas that I have not tried. If one was to turn up the heat in one room on a hot day and get a temp of over 100 degree for over say 4 hours ,it may be possible to kill off the larva this way.Dehumidifiers work great. As fleas need moisture the the would dehumidifier remove it from the air ,thus drying out the larva and eggs. I would think it would work best in a room that could be closed off. The only drawback to a is the price.They coast around 250.00 for a good one. I found a old one at a yard sale for 50 dollars. You may find one yourself.

 Flea Shampoo

dawn dish soap flea killerThis one is easy. Don’t bother with anything marketed as a flea shampoo. They are a waste of money. Pert plus  or dawn dish washing liquid are  a great flea shampoo.It will get the job done and is used by ” The Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue“. You can read the full article on their FAQ page. Enough said about shampoos.

 What not to use

1.Bug bombs- they don’t work and you have to clean everything later.
2.Flea collars- poison on a rope. If you would not wear one,don’t expect your pet to.
3.Anything with a red skull and crossbones on it. There is a reason it’s called poison.

I hope this has shed some light on the  Best way to kill fleas. With a little effort and time you can keep your home fleas free.

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