Borax Fleas in Yard

Borax Fleas in YardBorax Fleas in Yard. If your pets are like mine running around outside in the yard then wanting back in 5 minutes later, like a couple of little kids. The chances are good that they are picking up fleas and bringing them into your home.Fleas are attracted to animals by there body heat and there breath.Mainly co 2 gas as they exhale.Also vibrations as they run and explore the outdoors. Using borax in the yard may be an alternative, instead of buying an over priced name brand . Borax twenty mule team  is nothing more than laundry soap additive.Which is not bad when compared to a man-made flea poison. The only draw back to borax the fleas in your yard is  keeping your dog(s)  off the lawn for at least 24 hours .You could always take them to the park for the next day or two.

First clear the yard

Pick up everything you can out off the yard ,that you don’t want borax on. As you will be spreading it everywhere your pets hang out,run and do their business.As borax is a very dry powder you want it to be as dry out in the yard as possible. With no chance of rain for the next couple of days. What I have done in the past is to break up the yard into sections,where I do only the front yard and let then out back and vise verse. Also at this time I always mow the grass.  I drop the blades down one notch lower than I normally would to get as close to the fleas as I can. This also helps ,because you will not be on your yard for a few days.

Applying Borax  in Yard

You can go about this in a couple of ways. You can spread it around the yard by hand ,wearing gloves of coarse. or a jar made into a large salt shaker. I don’t like to use the jar,because when your hand sweats its hard to hand on to.What I do like to use is a lawn spreader for seeding and feeding your grass.You can find cheap ones at lowe’s or home depot for around $20.00 dollars. Just remember to wash it out with clean water when are are done.

After you have given the borax a day or two to work. The last step is to rinse off the yard with a garden hose or sprinkler ,this will knock the remaining borax down into the soil . I always wait a few hours before I let them back in yard, just to let the water dry up.

Well that’s all there is to Borax Fleas in Yard. Good luck and if you have any questions drop me a line.

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