Borax for Flea Control

Using Borax for flea control is a low cost and effective way to keep your home free of these unwanted pest. Over the years my wife and have used Borax laundry detergent to kill fleas time and time again.Never once has it failed to kill off all fleas in which ever room it was applied to. If you have read the Borax for fleas article then you already know how to begin getting your home back to normal again. I have a schedule of what I call preventive flea maintenance each year to help make sure I can keep fleas under control in my house. As we have 4 cats and a dog of is outside quite often. Keeping fleas under control can be a daunting task at times.

Borax for Flea Control

puppyEvery spring or when the weather starts warming up. I begin outside with  the front yard and work around the house spreading borax on the grass with a sweeping motion and trying to get a even covering ,but not to heavy as to burn the grass. Less is more in this step. Just don’t over do it. I broke down this summer and bought a spreader to make it easier next year, but if you don’t have one your hands or a small cup will also work. My theory is to stop them before they can get on our dog and in the house. I believe if I can reduce the number of fleas living in the grass there will be fewer latching on Gracie our dog. Using borax in the yard I have also seen other insects like ants and spiders numbers decrease over half. I am not sure if it is because of the borax treatment, but I am going to look into it further. Anyway, after I get the yard done and  even if you do the entire yard don’t forget walkways and driveways as well. Fleas are sneaky and are hard to kill. You have to cover all the places they can hide. Even  garages , porches and steps. If you live in an apartment building I would sprinkle a little outside the front door,steps and landings. Every little bit helps.

Now the outside is done I start inside with the outer perimeter rooms then working toward the center. This works seems to work best for me. I think of it as I am working in each room the fleas i miss or jump in to the next room will eventually end up in the last center room effectually killing all fleas at once. I know for a lot of you this will not be a option as you and your family cant just leave a room closed off for an extended period of time. In this case try a tier approach. Pick out the room that has the most fleas and start there. If you can reduce the number of fleas by a half or a third each time you use borax for fleas you can get all of them.  After hitting the worst rooms wash all of your pets bedding  at least once a week  or each day while you are treating your home. As the fleas will hideout on them to stay alive. While you are treating each room make sure you do one room every day. If you do one room and stop for a few days you will have to start over and this will just be extra work nobody wants.

borax for flea controlBorax for flea control is only a small part of keeping your home flea free. Fleas hate a clean environment and vacuuming . By running your vacuum every two to three days

borax for flea control

during “flea season” you can keep them from becoming a problem.Another is humidity,fleas love moisture in the air. The hotter the more they like. If you have a dehumidifier- use it. Air conditioning,keeping the temperature down will also slow down egg production.As always use a good quality flea medication . I recommend
Frontline Flea for dogs they are nothing but the best you can buy for your best friend.,they are not cheap buy no means,but most importantly they work. They have them for cats and small dogs as well .