Borax Uses

Now that you have a box of  20 Mule team borax it  has many more uses other than washing clothes and killing fleas.  I love 20 mule team borax there are so many other tasks around the house it can do, it’s just amazing. I like the fact that you are not only buying a laundry detergent additive but also a cleaner, deodorizer, bug killer and so much more . If you are looking to save money and do away with other cleaners around your home. If you dont already have a box of 20 Mule Team Borax get one.Here are but a few of  borax uses I know of. Feel free to add yours to the comments below.

Borax Uses

1borax uses.Of course in the laundry department borax will brighten your cloths and your washing machine will also smell better.
2.By mixing a half cup of borax to one gallon of warm water you can use a kitchen cleaner for all types of surfaces and all of your appliances.
3.In the bathroom, sprinkle borax on a towel to clean shower walls and sinks. Pour about a half cup in the toilet and let set overnight or scrub with brush to clean the bowl.

4. Deodorize all your your garbage cans. Mix 1/2 cup borax to one gallon warm water let it soak then rinse out.
5. Mix 1/2 cup of borax with one gallon of hot water in your carpet cleaner for awesome results.
6.Sprinkle a handful of borax on a stripped bed to bring back that fresh smell. This will also kill bedbugs if you have them as a problem.
7.Toss a handful of borax in your pet carriers while they are not in use. Your pets will thank you for this one.
8.Add a 1/4 cup to a humidifier to make the whole house smell fresh.
9. Sprinkle borax in the bathtub and scrub with a damp cloth. Gets hard water stains off in a hurry.
10. Clean your hair brushes by soaking them in a little borax and warm water for about an hour ,then wash off.
11.Add a tablespoon to your dishwasher to remove water spots.
12.Mildew remover. Mix a tablespoon with 16 oz water in a spray bottle.
13. Stink in your kitchen sink drain. pour 1/2 cup of borax and a gallon of very hot water and poured it down the drain.
14. As an Ant killer. Mix equal parts borax and sugar. Mix with water to form a dry  paste. Place in area where the ants can find it quick. They will carry it back to the nest .

I know there are many more borax uses and if you have any please feel free to list them in the comments below.

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