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Do Fleas Die in The winter or Hibernate

do fleas die in winter

Do Fleas Die in The winter, all I know is Fleas can make you sick; they will infest your home and attack your pet in all the seasons.

 However, most people argue that fleas die during the winter season. It is difficult to settle on this because pet owners still experience flea infestations during winter.

After spending plenty of time doing research, I discovered exactly what happens to fleas during the winter and finally answered the question; do fleas die in the winter?

Here is what I found out.

Do Fleas Die in the Winter? Or wait till spring

Research shows that fleas cannot survive when exposed to temperatures below one degree Celsius for more than five consecutive days.

That is clear evidence that two hard freezes will kill fleas outdoors, but what about indoors?

Well, fleas that are indoors will still survive and thrive. The reason being; the indoor temperature will never go below one degree Celsius.

 So, we can conclude that during winter, some fleas will die while others will not. Let’s go ahead and look at the reasons why a good number of fleas will survive the winter.

Reasons why there are Still Fleas During Winter

1) Fleas find a way to Survive

Quite a good population of fleas will survive the winter if no action is taken. The main reason being; fleas will find a warmer place to stay and thrive.

 During the winter season, people tend to congest indoors, making it warmer and a better place for fleas to survive. For that reason, fleas will always survive indoors during winter.

why fleas dont die

2) Failure to Control Fleas- You didnt get all of them

During the winter season, this is the time that fleas are less active and aggressive. You will also notice that their population has dramatically decreased.

 Because of these two reasons, most people tend to ignore that small population of fleas that found a way to survive. Dealing with the mild infestation might not be a priority but trust me; when winter is over, you will feel the impact.

What Happens to Flea Eggs and Larvae During Winter?

One flea lays about 500 eggs in its lifespan of three weeks, and if you don’t get rid of the eggs; a severe flea infestation will be threatening your home.

The good thing is that winter is most unfortunate time for flea eggs and larvae. The reason being; flea eggs and larvae will die when exposed to temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius.

This implies that flea eggs and larvae that are outdoors will all be killed within the first two weeks of summer. This is very helpful since it breaks the life cycle of fleas.

What to do During the colder months

We have said that during winter, fleas will survive comfortably indoors, but the good thing is that we know they are hiding somewhere in our houses.

 So, controlling them will be much easier. When you see any signs of flea infestation, use an effective and safe method to treat your home.

Vacuum your carpets thoroughly and wash all fiber materials on high heat; this will help you get rid of the eggs and larvae. If the fleas insist, carry out the treatment method every week until you achieve the desired results.

one cold puppy

Why Winter is the best Season to Control Fleas

I will not stop reminding you that winter is the perfect time to deal with fleas, and here are the reasons why:

a) Fleas Have Limited Places to Hide

During the winter season, fleas will not survive long outdoors due to the low temperatures. Therefore, the only option left for them is to find their way indoors. This leaves you with only two things to take care of; your pet and the indoor environment. With that, controlling them becomes much easier.

b) Low Temperatures Break their Life cycle

Like I had said earlier, flea eggs and larvae do not survive when exposed to temperatures below 13 degree Celsius. This greatly affects their life cycle, and if you manage to get rid of the few adults and their eggs, a flea infestation will not be back soon.

c) The Low Temperatures Affect the Fleas’ Activities

The low temperatures experienced during winter do not only kill fleas and their eggs but also renders them inactive. Fleas that are exposed to the low temperatures barely lay eggs, punishing their life cycle and population.

Final Verdict

I cannot assure you that all the fleas in your home will die during the next winter season, but I can guarantee you that winter is the best time to get rid of fleas

. I am sure you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money paying a pest control company. So, don’t let the winter season end without treating your home and pet against fleas.

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Tips On Finding The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dog Hair

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dog HairBest Vacuum Cleaner For Dog Hair . If you are someone who loves keeping pets, then you would know about the not-so-funny side of it. While dogs and cats can be lovely little creatures who only want to have fun, they can also litter your home to a great extent. Of course, that is just a small price to pay for the delight of having a nice dog or cat sprinting around. One of the common problems that pet-lovers face is cleaning away all the fine dog hair that gets scattered in their rooms. Here are some tips to find the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair.

The Level Of Cleaning Required

Before you actually go out to purchase the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair, you should consider your options. First, take a look at your house. Which are the rooms in which your little Labrador  Retriever spends quite a lot of time lounging? Are those rooms with wooden floors or tiled ones? Most crucially, do your dogs have a lot or hair or just fine enough to create no problems? Once you have gone through these considerations, you will know what kind of cleaning effect you need from your vacuum cleaner for cleaning and disposing dog or cat hair.

Size Of The Cleaner

It is also important to spend some thought on the size. There are two options for you. An upright cleaner is one that delivers full vacuum force and advanced features. On the other hand, handheld cleaners will enable you to use them in corners, under the beds and sofas and so on. If you are fine with just some simple yet effortless cleaning, you should opt for handheld devices. Otherwise, to make sure that even your sofa remains clean, nothing works better than a simple upright vacuum cleaner that delivers a heady suction power guaranteed to remove all strands of hair.

Suction Power

If you are thinking that suction power is determined only by the motor or other components, you are wrong. In fact, the level of vacuum suction is also dependent on other factors like the type of filter being used, the nozzle and its shape and the motor power. There are also some new add-ons being introduced, like the Cyclonic suction technology that produces a lot of air suction. In either case, suction power matters since you will also be able to collect and then dispose off the dog hair if your machine delivers enough efficient suction that can work out miracles.

Filtration Systems

Finally, it is important for all pet-keepers to know that while pet hair is nothing of a menace, it contains dander. Dander consists of those tiny particles that are found in dog hair and they make their way in the air inside the house. Also, when you are cleaning dog hair, dust and allergens can also pollute the atmosphere. Efficient in-built filters in the vacuum cleaners can help to remove these particles and germs from the air. In this way, you can make sure that your house is clean and free, from not only dog hair but also from germs of all kinds.

Best Flea Treatment For Your Pets

Best Flea TreatmentBest Flea Treatment  in an environment can be hectic. First, they are difficult to catch and smash. Secondly, they have a twenty-two-days life-cycle which is the main problem here. For instance, research says that adult fleas only constitutes of only 5% of a flea infestation. This means, when you get rid of the adults right now, others will be back in less than 22 days. So, if you are planning to completely eradicate fleas, then, you have to strike a blow every week or two. Focusing my attention on the best flea treatment, I have created this article to help you do away with fleas for good.

Before moving on to the best flea treatment, it is import to understand two things:

 The Life Cycle of Fleas

Understanding the life cycle of fleas is something very important when it comes to flea control. It helps you fight the fleas in a more tactical manner. Okay, here is how it goes; the life-cycle of a flea takes 12-22 days to complete depending on the environment. It includes the eggs, larvae, pupa, and adult. It is easier to get rid of the adults, but for the rest, it’s a bit difficult since they are not exposed to the environment, and you will hardly see them.

 Areas of Infestation

Though Fleas tend to spend most of their time on animals, they will infest almost everywhere in your home. You will find them indoors, outdoors and on your pet. To completely wipe them out, you need to consider the three places and concentrate on where they have invaded the most. Apart from just invading, they will also lay eggs in the dry places.

What is the Best Flea Treatment?

When it comes to flea treatment, there are a number of flea control products out there that claim to destroy these pests. These products can be in the form of sprays, once a month topical, collars, shampoos, dips, and oral products. Below, I have discussed the best flea treatment methods.

1. Flea Shampoos

A flea shampoo is also known as a flea bath, and it’s good for severe and first-time flea attack. Cats can be stubborn to bathe, but it’s really an effective method of getting rid of fleas. Though it is an effective method, flea shampoo is not a long lasting flea control method. For this reason, you have to exercise it more frequently.

2. Spot-on treatments 

This treatment is gaining popularity at an alarming rate and probably, it is the easiest method of flea control for pets since it is applied once a month. It is much effective on adult fleas though some of them have ingredients that inhibit the development of the larvae. It is important to consult with your veterinarian for the best product for your pet. Some of the common brands include Advantage, Bio-Spot, and Frontline.

3. Oral treatment

Oral medications are also a reliable way of controlling pets. Pills such as Comforties and Trifexis are more efficient in killing adult fleas. Oral treatments are divided into two; there are those that kills adult fleas only, and there are those that will not kill the fleas but make them lay eggs that cannot hatch.

4. Flea powders and sprays 

Flea sprays offer a short-term protection between two to three days. They offer an effective way of controlling fleas, but they are being overtaken by other methods such as spot-on treatments and oral medications.

5. Flea dips

They constitute of strong chemical rinses that are capable of killing the fleas almost immediately. Most of these chemicals will also kill ticks and mites. Since flea dips can be harmful to your pet, they are not recommended; unless it is absolutely necessary.

Best Flea TreatmentFlea prevention

I am pretty sure you will agree with me when I say that the best flea control strategy is Prevention. It is much easier as compared to getting rid of them. Below, I have listed some practices to help you prevent fleas.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Vacuum carpets regularly

[x_icon type=”bug”] Wash your pet’s bedding at least once a week.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Shampoo your pets at least twice a week

[x_icon type=”bug”] Regularly clean the pet carriers and other places where your pet spends time.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Frequently treat your yard.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Take action immediately once you notice a flea

Final thoughts

With the above remedies, you will definitely make it through the flea season without a flea infestation. Exercising any of the above-mentioned flea treatment will help you have a healthy and an itch-free pet as well. Always remember that prevention is the best flea control method and you will never go wrong with it.

What are the Best Cat flea treatment

Having fleas goes hand in hand with having a cat. If you don’t stay on top of the situation and do what you can to prevent or treat an infestation, your home will become overrun with fleas before you know what happened. Both you and your cat will be miserable. Fortunately, there are some good natural products for best cat flea treatment.

There are a variety of commercial chemical-containing flea treatments products on the market today, but these may be too harsh and unsafe for your cat. These chemical products are essentially poisons, and some owners report that their cats have had their health negatively affected by them. In some cases, fleas have become resistant to these chemical treatments and so will sometimes be ineffective at treating ling your pet’s fleas. Using natural treatments to kill fleas is safer for your pet and safer for you as well while still being totally effective.


Best Cat flea treatmentOne natural method of treating fleas is pyrethrin, a substance extracted from chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums have been used for pest control for centuries; the pyrethrin is a natural insecticide. It acts as a powerful neurotoxin against fleas, and kills them on contact without harming your pet if used as directed. After being used to kill fleas, pyrethrin oxidizes into harmless compounds, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it building up to unsafe levels and causing side effects. Humans and pets only experience negative effects from pyrethrin at extreme levels – much higher than would be needed to treatment a flea problem. Another natural way to kill fleas is d-limonene, which is extracted from orange peels. Natural flea sprays and flea baths are available in pet stores containing both of these compounds.

What are the Best Cat flea treatment

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth can be used in your home and on your cat’s coat to treat a flea infestation. It’s a silky sedimentary rock made of the calcium of crushed diatoms, which are algae with bony shells. If you purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is available at feed stores and some pet stores, it carries no risks to humans or pets other than drying out the skin. Diatomaceous earth slices into the carapaces of fleas and causes them to bleed moisture, eventually killing them. Rubbing diatomaceous earth onto your cat’s coat will cause the fleas to be cut as they move around on it; after, you can give your cat a bath to wash off the diatomaceous earth and the dead fleas.

Garlic and brewer’s yeast

Garlic and brewer’s yeast can be added to a cat’s diet to keep your cat flea-free. Adding these to your cat’s food will – after a period of a month or so – cause your cat’s skin to have a taste and odor that repels fleas. Garlic and brewer’s yeast are a great way of preventing a flea infestation from starting in the first place. If the fleas can’t feed on your cat, they won’t want to infest your home and reproduce. Keep in mind that feeding your cat garlic can make his breath rather pungent, but it’s worth it to keep your pet free of fleas.

Essential oil

Essential oil is good to man as well as animals. If it can be a curative agent to man, it can also be a curative agent to animals. But extreme care ought to be taken if we have to administer essential oils to animals. This is because essential oil should be taken under strict prescriptions. We all know that animals cannot tell of how they feel over the application of certain essential oils. Even when they express certain abnormal behavior to show that they are plagued by certain infections or that they disapprove of certain treatments. It is still difficult for us to understand the true meaning of these manifestations. This is the more reason why you must first and foremost seek advice from a vet ahead of administering any essential oil to your pet.

Vitamin dose for your cat

Apart from implementing all the external methods of best cat flea treatment for cats. You must also give your cat vitamin dose. A proper vitamin dose will make its immune system strong and it can fight with the internal as well as the external infection. However, you must take a veterinary’s suggestion regarding this.  As a vitamin over does will not be healthy for your pet cat.

These are some of the best cat flea treatment methods that will show good results. However, if the itching and swelling persists then a visit to the veterinarian is must.