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Do Fleas Die in The winter or Hibernate

do fleas die in winter

Do Fleas Die in The winter, all I know is Fleas can make you sick; they will infest your home and attack your pet in all the seasons.

 However, most people argue that fleas die during the winter season. It is difficult to settle on this because pet owners still experience flea infestations during winter.

After spending plenty of time doing research, I discovered exactly what happens to fleas during the winter and finally answered the question; do fleas die in the winter?

Here is what I found out.

Do Fleas Die in the Winter? Or wait till spring

Research shows that fleas cannot survive when exposed to temperatures below one degree Celsius for more than five consecutive days.

That is clear evidence that two hard freezes will kill fleas outdoors, but what about indoors?

Well, fleas that are indoors will still survive and thrive. The reason being; the indoor temperature will never go below one degree Celsius.

 So, we can conclude that during winter, some fleas will die while others will not. Let’s go ahead and look at the reasons why a good number of fleas will survive the winter.

Reasons why there are Still Fleas During Winter

1) Fleas find a way to Survive

Quite a good population of fleas will survive the winter if no action is taken. The main reason being; fleas will find a warmer place to stay and thrive.

 During the winter season, people tend to congest indoors, making it warmer and a better place for fleas to survive. For that reason, fleas will always survive indoors during winter.

why fleas dont die

2) Failure to Control Fleas- You didnt get all of them

During the winter season, this is the time that fleas are less active and aggressive. You will also notice that their population has dramatically decreased.

 Because of these two reasons, most people tend to ignore that small population of fleas that found a way to survive. Dealing with the mild infestation might not be a priority but trust me; when winter is over, you will feel the impact.

What Happens to Flea Eggs and Larvae During Winter?

One flea lays about 500 eggs in its lifespan of three weeks, and if you don’t get rid of the eggs; a severe flea infestation will be threatening your home.

The good thing is that winter is most unfortunate time for flea eggs and larvae. The reason being; flea eggs and larvae will die when exposed to temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius.

This implies that flea eggs and larvae that are outdoors will all be killed within the first two weeks of summer. This is very helpful since it breaks the life cycle of fleas.

What to do During the colder months

We have said that during winter, fleas will survive comfortably indoors, but the good thing is that we know they are hiding somewhere in our houses.

 So, controlling them will be much easier. When you see any signs of flea infestation, use an effective and safe method to treat your home.

Vacuum your carpets thoroughly and wash all fiber materials on high heat; this will help you get rid of the eggs and larvae. If the fleas insist, carry out the treatment method every week until you achieve the desired results.

one cold puppy

Why Winter is the best Season to Control Fleas

I will not stop reminding you that winter is the perfect time to deal with fleas, and here are the reasons why:

a) Fleas Have Limited Places to Hide

During the winter season, fleas will not survive long outdoors due to the low temperatures. Therefore, the only option left for them is to find their way indoors. This leaves you with only two things to take care of; your pet and the indoor environment. With that, controlling them becomes much easier.

b) Low Temperatures Break their Life cycle

Like I had said earlier, flea eggs and larvae do not survive when exposed to temperatures below 13 degree Celsius. This greatly affects their life cycle, and if you manage to get rid of the few adults and their eggs, a flea infestation will not be back soon.

c) The Low Temperatures Affect the Fleas’ Activities

The low temperatures experienced during winter do not only kill fleas and their eggs but also renders them inactive. Fleas that are exposed to the low temperatures barely lay eggs, punishing their life cycle and population.

Final Verdict

I cannot assure you that all the fleas in your home will die during the next winter season, but I can guarantee you that winter is the best time to get rid of fleas

. I am sure you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money paying a pest control company. So, don’t let the winter season end without treating your home and pet against fleas.

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