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Flea Bites on Babies | How to Prevent them

Flea Bites on BabiesFlea Bites on Babies happen. These tend  to be diminutive parasites, which live on organic matter. These pests are frequently to be found in the outdoors where they like to hang on grass. This definitely implies that they can very easily be able to jump onto any warm blooded creatures that stumble across their domains. As such, pets are usually the most common channel by which fleas can intrude a home. At this juncture, it is very important to note that these parasites can particularly pose a great danger to infants. Continue reading

Can Cat fleas Live on Humans | Yes they Can

Can Cat fleas Live on HumansCan Cat fleas Live on Humans. Did you know that cuddling with your cat could transfer fleas over to you? It is therefore advisable to ensure that your four legged friend stays free of fleas. Fleas are normally brought about by animals. These tiny blood sucking pests will also use your companion to spread around and cause an infestation. When your cat proves to be an unreliable host, fleas will hop on to humans for food. When this occurs, you will experience itching and pain especially when they latch on. Cat fleas on humans can be as equally uncomfortable as they are in pets. Continue reading

Can Fleas Live on Humans-This is What We Found Out

Can Fleas Live on HumansCan Fleas Live on Humans.This question has been asked by many people especially the ones who keep pets. It isn’t simple to answer it as human aren’t easy to keep in laboratories to make this finding. Many who have had an opportunity to see and got bitten by fleas will agree with me that these small creatures are another big source of irritation especially if they inhabit your house. The good news is that they don’t rely on human blood alone the way bedbugs do and they would rather survive on other pets’ blood which they find much reliable.

Can Fleas Live on Humans Beings?

Fleas, just like any other parasites, are opportunistic creatures when it comes to finding their meal (blood). The common fleas (dog and cat) usually prefer animal blood. In the absence of their preferred diet, however, they will target any living creature, including human beings. The fleas will consider the human as a rather tasty alternative if they don`t find your cuddly pets. Aside from suffering flea bite, fleas can use human body as a transport medium. This is to imply that even if you don`t own a dog or cat, you should learn to protect yourself from these creatures.

Types of Fleas:

Human Fleas: these kinds of fleas like feeding on human and pig’s blood. It’s not easy to find them in homes in developed states as they’re mainly restricted to wildlife. However, you’ll find out that your piggery can occasionally get infested with these pests. It still remains a mystery to why they only like feeding on the top herbivores.

Rat Fleas: It’s rare to find these pests in places where people live except when rats are also living in our homes. The fleas are mostly found in Norway where they survive on rats living on rooftops, floors and walls. Rat fleas are the worst kind of fleas to mankind as they carry the pathogens that cause plague.

Hen’s Fleas: It isn’t easy to resist these parasites especially when you’re rearing poultry. The pests prefer to live on their host most of the time where they suck the blood of birds. When their population is getting higher, it’s easy to spot them because they like being around the eyes of the birds. In truth, they mainly like bird’s blood but they can’t spare people who live around or with birds.

Chigoe Fleas: I still do not know why these kinds of fleas aren’t classified together with Human Fleas as they primarily like feeding on human. They are common in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

I know you’d not like to be their host since they burrow into human skin and feet. The kind of irritation that they cause you due to the itchiness they cause on your feet cannot be matched with other parasites. Worse still, they can cause skin ulcers, loss of toenails and even cause people to walk in an irregular way.

Dog and cat Fleas:The main way through which Fleas get entry into our homes is via our commonest pests. These fleas like environment with fur but they never discriminate human as they occasionally bite them (human).Can Fleas Live on Humans- these fleas can.

Can Fleas Live on Humans

The lifespan of Fleas on Human

The truth is that Fleas don’t like human that much but circumstance force them to bite people especially when pets are absent. The reason that makes Fleas to evade human is the fact that human lack fur where fleas can hide as they freely suck blood for long periods without interruptions.

Various researches indicate that Fleas can live on human blood as their only diet for a period of 139-185 days. This can only work when a flea gets a 15-minute daily airtime of biting a human arm but mostly when covered with fur.

As a matter of fact, when a female flea sucks human blood for 10 minutes, it can live for up to 30 days. However, this period will be reduced for a male flea that gets the same duration of blood suckling as it can only last it for 17 days.

These findings are certainly showing us that it’s almost difficult for a flea to live on human since no one would allow fleas to suck his/her blood intermittently for ten minutes a day without causing disruptions.

Reproduction and possible extinction of Fleas

It takes a dog or cat Flea 10 hours of freely sucking its host blood for it to produce 20-30 eggs a day. This can drop tremendously to less than four eggs a day when the same fleas are permitted to suck human blood freely for 10-15 minutes a day.
You can certainly say that apart from laboratory life, fleas cannot solely live on human for long hours and can’t suck their blood freely. As a result fleas can face early death through starvation. The less period of sucking human blood in real life situation can only make Fleas infertile and await for possible extinction.So can fleas live on Humans? If you have fleas in your home,then more than likely they are on you.