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Does Salt Kill Fleas?It Shouldn’t be This Simple

Does Salt Kill Fleas

Does Salt Kill Fleas? Fleas can be annoying, irritating, and troublesome to control. Pet owners can testify on that.

For that reason, you need an excellent and effective method to get rid of fleas. So, which is the most appropriate method of controlling fleas?

Well, there are plenty of ways that you can use to curb fleas, some are natural while others are chemical, but trust me; natural methods are by far the safest and cheapest way to control fleas. Having that said, let’s go ahead and see how you can eradicate fleas using table salt.

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Do Fleas Die in The winter or Hibernate

do fleas die in winter

Do Fleas Die in The winter, all I know is Fleas can make you sick; they will infest your home and attack your pet in all the seasons.

 However, most people argue that fleas die during the winter season. It is difficult to settle on this because pet owners still experience flea infestations during winter.

After spending plenty of time doing research, I discovered exactly what happens to fleas during the winter and finally answered the question; do fleas die in the winter?

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Does vinegar kill fleas- What No One Tells You About

Does vinegar kill fleasDoes vinegar kill fleas. If you are looking for a completely natural and homemade method to get rid of fleas, the vinegar remedy might be your answer. For centuries, vinegar has been known for its incredible benefits including cleaning, deodorizing, and getting rid of pests. Today, pet owners are using vinegar to control flea infestation.

As a pet owner, you must have noticed that most veterinarians will always stick to using natural flea treatment methods like vinegar on their pests. This is because the commercial products may contain chemicals with detrimental side effects.

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Do Fleas Have Wings? If You Don’t Know by Now

Do Fleas Have WingsDo Fleas Have Wings? Fleas are bothersome parasites and learning about them is necessary; to ensure that you get rid of them effectively. Knowing how they look like, what they eat and how they move is crucial. Their ability to move determines how far they spread as they cling to their chosen hosts. Also, knowing how to get rid of them is key to a healthier life. Many people think that because fleas are insects they must have wings. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Yard- Top 5

How to Get Rid of Fleas in YardHow to Get Rid of Fleas in Yard. It is the dream of every pet owner to see their compound clean and more so, out of flea infestation. Most yards with pets are prone to pest infestation and the most likely pest, in this case, is the fleas. Fleas are small wingless insects that are in the order Siphonaptera. It is an external parasite that lives mostly on animals with fur as well as on birds. They survive by sucking blood from their host (it’s a parasite, so depends on other animals for survival). There are over 1,830 different types of fleas in the world, and they commonly appear on dogs, cats, birds and also humans. To understand how to get rid of fleas in yard, it is essential to begin by studying the parasite.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet

Fleas in CarpetHow to Get Rid of Fleas in  Carpet. Fleas can be tricky; they will hide almost everywhere in your house; from bedding, carpets, couches, curtains and any other fabric material. Since they can only jump a few feet, the carpet becomes one of their best habitats after your pet and the pet’s bedding. Its woolen texture gives the fleas a conducive environment to stay and lay eggs. For this reason, the carpet should be a major concern when it comes to flea control. In this article, I have explained the best way to clean your carpet and how to kill the fleas in  carpet.

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Homemade Flea Killer How to make it Yourself

How to make a homemade flea killer. Controlling fleas can be very easy and less costly than you think. Actually using homemade flea killer helps you not only to save money but also to have the knowledge of what you are applying to your pet. This reduces the risk of your pet being harmed by chemicals you might buy from the store. The homemade flea killers use easy to follow the recipe as well as natural ingredients. Another distinct thing about homemade flea killer is that it does not limit you on the number of time you can use it. This means that you can use it as many times as possible and as often as possible. It leaves you with no worries of pesticide leakage as well as side effects of the chemicals that have been used.

homemade flea killerHomemade flea killer with Vinegar

Fleas dislike vinegar so much to an extent that it makes it a distinct homemade flea killer spray. A pet that has been soaked in a mixture of vinegar is a terrible disgust to fleas. You only need to find a clean spray bottle then fill it with half water as well as half apple cider vinegar. Pray your pet and leave it to dry. You can repeat the spraying as often as possible.

Homemade Flea Spray with Lemon

Lemon is another distinct remedy for fleas. It is very easy to make because it only requires a couple of lemons, water, and a spray bottle. You can take three or more depending on how strong you would like it to be. Then slice the lemons very thin without removing their peel. Put the slices in a pint of water and let them boil. Leave the mixture overnight and then place the infused lemon water in a spray and do the spraying.

Shampoo of Sodium Bicarbonate

To make this homemade flea killer, you will have to make a dry shampoo of sodium bicarbonate and lavender oil. Once the shampoo is ready to massage it into your pet`s coat. The remedy has the distinctive ability to repel fleas as well as making your pet smell great.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The Eucalyptus globulus, as well as Eucalyptus citriodora, are established natural insect as well as bugs repellent. What you need to do is to take the Eucalyptus oil and massage it on your pet or its coat. This will be effective in keeping off the fleas as well as healing the bites suffered by the pet.


The homemade flea killers are established to be easier means of removing fleas from your pets. This is because they kill the fleas hence leaving them easy to remove during pet bath as well as while combing using the flea comb. These homemade flea killers can also work on any other area at home that might be infested with fleas. It does not have to be on the pets alone. It is therefore important that you take the time and try these methods in order to save money as well as your pet from any form of chemical effect.

What are the Best Cat flea treatment

Having fleas goes hand in hand with having a cat. If you don’t stay on top of the situation and do what you can to prevent or treat an infestation, your home will become overrun with fleas before you know what happened. Both you and your cat will be miserable. Fortunately, there are some good natural products for best cat flea treatment.

There are a variety of commercial chemical-containing flea treatments products on the market today, but these may be too harsh and unsafe for your cat. These chemical products are essentially poisons, and some owners report that their cats have had their health negatively affected by them. In some cases, fleas have become resistant to these chemical treatments and so will sometimes be ineffective at treating ling your pet’s fleas. Using natural treatments to kill fleas is safer for your pet and safer for you as well while still being totally effective.


Best Cat flea treatmentOne natural method of treating fleas is pyrethrin, a substance extracted from chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums have been used for pest control for centuries; the pyrethrin is a natural insecticide. It acts as a powerful neurotoxin against fleas, and kills them on contact without harming your pet if used as directed. After being used to kill fleas, pyrethrin oxidizes into harmless compounds, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it building up to unsafe levels and causing side effects. Humans and pets only experience negative effects from pyrethrin at extreme levels – much higher than would be needed to treatment a flea problem. Another natural way to kill fleas is d-limonene, which is extracted from orange peels. Natural flea sprays and flea baths are available in pet stores containing both of these compounds.

What are the Best Cat flea treatment

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth can be used in your home and on your cat’s coat to treat a flea infestation. It’s a silky sedimentary rock made of the calcium of crushed diatoms, which are algae with bony shells. If you purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is available at feed stores and some pet stores, it carries no risks to humans or pets other than drying out the skin. Diatomaceous earth slices into the carapaces of fleas and causes them to bleed moisture, eventually killing them. Rubbing diatomaceous earth onto your cat’s coat will cause the fleas to be cut as they move around on it; after, you can give your cat a bath to wash off the diatomaceous earth and the dead fleas.

Garlic and brewer’s yeast

Garlic and brewer’s yeast can be added to a cat’s diet to keep your cat flea-free. Adding these to your cat’s food will – after a period of a month or so – cause your cat’s skin to have a taste and odor that repels fleas. Garlic and brewer’s yeast are a great way of preventing a flea infestation from starting in the first place. If the fleas can’t feed on your cat, they won’t want to infest your home and reproduce. Keep in mind that feeding your cat garlic can make his breath rather pungent, but it’s worth it to keep your pet free of fleas.

Essential oil

Essential oil is good to man as well as animals. If it can be a curative agent to man, it can also be a curative agent to animals. But extreme care ought to be taken if we have to administer essential oils to animals. This is because essential oil should be taken under strict prescriptions. We all know that animals cannot tell of how they feel over the application of certain essential oils. Even when they express certain abnormal behavior to show that they are plagued by certain infections or that they disapprove of certain treatments. It is still difficult for us to understand the true meaning of these manifestations. This is the more reason why you must first and foremost seek advice from a vet ahead of administering any essential oil to your pet.

Vitamin dose for your cat

Apart from implementing all the external methods of best cat flea treatment for cats. You must also give your cat vitamin dose. A proper vitamin dose will make its immune system strong and it can fight with the internal as well as the external infection. However, you must take a veterinary’s suggestion regarding this.  As a vitamin over does will not be healthy for your pet cat.

These are some of the best cat flea treatment methods that will show good results. However, if the itching and swelling persists then a visit to the veterinarian is must.

Do Fleas Fly and How to Stop Them

do fleas flyDo fleas jump? Do fleas fly? Almost everyone has these kinds of questions in their mind and it is hard to get a satisfying answer. While some of us think fleas can fly, but that is not the truth. The truth is fleas cannot fly. Fleas have powerful and strong legs with the help of which they launch themselves in the air. Flea bites can cause rashes or irritation so it is advised that you protect yourself from it and take all the necessary precautions. Dealing with fleas is an extremely frustrating job especially if it is on your pets or there is a large infestation in your house. These irritating pests somehow manages to reach places which are impossible to reach without flying. Sometimes they even get up onto beds, tables, chairs and other similar places. How is that possible? Do fleas fly? Let us take a moment to get few things cleared out.

Although fleas don’t have the ability to fly since they don’t have a pair of wings but their amazingly powerful legs enable them to jump over large distances, up to 4 feet to 5 feet upwards. Many wonder how they manage to jump to high. Along with strong and powerful legs they have one more secret element. Fleas have something which is known as Resilin. This is a kind of protein which have rubber like properties and gives the flea a kind of springboard (when it is compressed) that launches it upward or forward when it wants to move from one place to another. With the help of this airborne assault, they can land on your or on your pets.

How to tackle flea infestation?

To control the infestation of fleas you must follow the following steps.


Treat your dog or cat – To immediately get rid of biting fleas from your pet, try fast acting anti-flea medicines like Capstar. Using medications like Advantage II regularly can prevent fleas from coming back.

Get rid of fleas in your yard and home – Sweep wooden or tile floors and vacuum furniture, rugs and carpets. Use carpet sprays on upholstery and carpets. Fleas thrive on places which receives very less light and are damp so make sure you spray in crevices and under furniture. If you own a big house, use 2-3 foggers. You can use a yard spray to kill fleas even before they enter your house.

Clean your house thoroughly – Cleaning your house is a very crucial step to eradicate the problem of fleas. To get rid of pupae, larvae and eggs from your wood floors, tile, upholstery and carpets, we suggest that you mop, sweep and vacuum your house properly. Throw away the bag containing dirt, each time you clean your house with a vacuum cleaner as flea pupae can hatch inside the bag. Wash the bedding of your pet routinely.

So Do Fleas Fly

Now you know that fleas don’t fly but are efficient jumpers. Maintain a clean house to ensure your house doesn’t get infested with fleas. It is important to note that you can’t get flea from your pet since the ones found on cats and dogs don’t like human blood.

Lessons I learned on which Dog Flea Treatments Work

Fleas may cause itching and tiredness and can carry a host of ailments, including Lyme disease and, needless to say, the  Bubonic plague. What’s the best flea treatment solution to help in keeping your dog safe? Flea drops, like Advantix and Frontline, are the most typical type of flea prevention to your pet. These drops may prevent flea larvae from developing as well as kill any adult fleas which are already on your dog. Shampoos can kill fleas up to a day, but they only change adult fleas, not larvae or eggs. Flea sprays also must accompanied by a prevention technique to maintain infestations from coming back.

One, Frontline does not work on a particular strain of Florida fleas, and perhaps other varieties. K9 Advantixtwo for dogs is the next most popular flea drop medicine after Frontline. Vectra uses a somewhat different formulation than Advantix or Frontline that kills fleas on contact, not after they sting. Not only does it kill and repel fleas, in addition, it works on ticks, lice, mosquitoes, sand flies, and mites, maintaining your dog safe from many biting insects which could spread disorders. PetArmor kills fleas, an extensive selection of ticks, and lice and lasts to get up to one month.

If you’re fighting to get ahead on your flea problem, this is just an excellent way to wipe out the mature fleas who’re laying eggs and starting with a prevention technique to keep them from coming back. Unlike CapGuard, Flea Away, like its name implies, repels fleas as opposed to killing them. Flea collars are an excellent choice if monthly treatment isn’t a good option for your dog. Bayer has another strong flea treatment product in its Serious Flea and Tick Collar.

Dog Flea TreatmentsIn addition to cleaning and freshening your pet, several shampoos may also prevent flea eggs from hatching. Based on your flea prevention strategy, these may be utilized in conjunction with more than one of the other methods to be sure that your pup stays safe and healthful all year round. It is the most typical flea and tick shampoo around and to get a very valid reason. The formulation is a double step strategy, utilizing natural elements like aloe, oatmeal, and lanolin as well as substances like Precor to kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and lice. It is extremely effective to kill fleas, ticks, and lice and it kills flea eggs and larvae to get up to 28 days. The largest con is that it is on the top end, price clever, for flea shampoos. Just use dawn dish washing liquid. It is the best.

But for me good old Borax for fleas  works every time.