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Does Salt Kill Fleas?It Shouldn’t be This Simple

Does Salt Kill Fleas

Does Salt Kill Fleas? Fleas can be annoying, irritating, and troublesome to control. Pet owners can testify on that.

For that reason, you need an excellent and effective method to get rid of fleas. So, which is the most appropriate method of controlling fleas?

Well, there are plenty of ways that you can use to curb fleas, some are natural while others are chemical, but trust me; natural methods are by far the safest and cheapest way to control fleas. Having that said, let’s go ahead and see how you can eradicate fleas using table salt.

Does this really work?

salt to the rescuse

Salt offers a simple and readily available way of eradicating fleas from your home and compound, but the big question is, does salt really kill fleas? Yes, salt will kill fleas and also discourage them from thriving in the treated place.

Sprinkling table salt on affected areas which could be indoors or outdoors will help get rid of fleas.

However, it is advisable you combine salt with other methods such as boric acid and vacuuming when dealing with a serious flea infestation.

How does this happen. Is it magic?

Salt uses its hygroscopic and hydrating properties to control fleas. The flea’s body becomes much vulnerable when it gets contact with salt, and the outer layer starts to peel off.

This renders the insect weak and easy to crush.

That is not the main deal here; the real deal is that salt will hydrate fleas up to their death.

On top of that, its hygroscopic properties provide a moist environment which fleas don’t like.

How to Kill Fleas Using Salt

If you have discovered a flea infestation, salt is one of the sure ways you can deal with the situation. Controlling fleas using salt is a walk in the park, even a seven-year-old child can do it. To be more confident about it, follow the steps below.

pass the salt

1) Identify the Infested Areas

Before you start battling these troublesome pests, it is important that you take some time to identify the areas of infestation.

 This will help you attend to all the infested places, and when all the infested places are treated, fleas will not be knocking at your door that soon.

Identifying the infested areas will also help you to know the areas that are heavily infested and thus give special attention.

2) Sprinkle Table Salt on the Infested Areas

Use a salt shaker to sprinkle table salt on the affected places concentrating on the areas that you found to be heavily infested.

The carpet is one of the favorite places for fleas. So, don’t miss to shake some salt over it; pass a broom over the carpet for the salt to penetrate.

Also, don’t forget to spend some time on the pet’s bedding and places where your pet spends more time.

3) Remove and Clean All Fiber Material

After you have finished treating the areas of interest, remove any washable fiber and soak in a solution of vinegar for about an hour before drying on high heat.

This helps get rid of the fleas’ eggs and larvae.

salt them dogs

4) Treat your Pet with Salt hold the pepper

While waiting for the fibers to soak, use some salt to treat your pet. You can do this in two ways; make a strong solution of salt and warm water in the ratio 1:10.

Go ahead and bathe your pet in the solution, but avoid the solution getting into contact with eyes and ears as it can be irritating.

5) Clean the Mess-Suck up the salt

After the salt treatment, your home must be in a mess, right? For the outdoor mess, there is no harm leaving the salt to disappear itself, but for indoors you have to do something.

Start by vacuuming all the salt that you can reach and later use a broom and dustpan to get rid of the rest. Mop up the floors and ensure everything is back to shape.

clean up your mess

Disadvantage of Using Salt to Control Fleas

We have that seen that salt is an effective and reliable method of controlling fleas. However, the salt method suffers a major drawback; it does nothing to the flea eggs and larvae.

 That is why you need to blend it with other flea control methods such as vacuuming.

In Conclusion

What I like about the salt method is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients, all you need is a salt shaker and some table salt! Also, there is no mixing required, just pure salt.

So, we can conclude and say, salt is an effective and cheap method of controlling fleas and other insects.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bed

Fleas in BedThe thought of having fleas in  bed is certainly nerve wracking. However, this is the reality that many people find themselves in. If you have pets in your home, there are very high chances that they could be the cause of the problem. Fleas love cats and dogs because they are easy targets. Fleas can hide easily in pet fur to survive for longer periods of time. In addition, pets compromise their hygiene and get exposed when they play out in the dirt. This is how you might end up with fleas in your bed. Before thinking about getting rid of fleas in your bed, you have to solve the root cause first. You will be saving your pets from flea-induced anemia and itching conditions brought about by fleas. Continue reading

Coconut Oil for Fleas A All Natural Treatment

Coconut Oil for Fleas Coconut Oil for Fleas A All Natural Treatment. Infestation of fleas is one of the most common problems with dogs. This problem becomes more concerning when it happens with pet dogs as it can infect the entire environment of the home. In such condition even most responsible pet owners try to find ways to get rid of the fleas on their pets. It is better to find some natural way for the removal of fleas from your pets as some dogs may not tolerate the effect of certain tick repellents used for this purpose. Coconut oil is considered as one of the most effective natural treatments for fleas. Coconut oil for fleas helps not only in eradicating fleas from your dog’s body but also in treating extreme allergies, promoting immune system, improving weight of extremely underweight dogs and making young, infirm and elderly dogs strong.

Reasons to use coconut oil for fleas

Main reason of using coconut oil for fleas is the natural lauric acid it contains which works as a natural repellent for ticks and fleas. Along with this coconut oil is also important for the coat and skin of the pets including dogs and cats. Moreover, coconut oil is absolutely safe and non-toxic for your pets. There is no harm to them even if they lick it while applying on them.

Can coconut oil kill fleas?

Theoretically coconut oil for fleas can eventually kill fleas if you could completely submerge your dog in a tub containing coconut oil otherwise the fleas may live longer than your dog. Though lauric acid in coconut oil can acts as a mild repellent for fleas but it cannot kill them. In fact, fleas are very strong creatures which can survive up to 30 days in extremely cold conditions and months within your carpets, if left untreated. Some people use several other things like garlic with coconut oil to make it more effective while treating their pets for fleas but it can only prevent the infestation of fleas instead of killing them.

Benefits of coconut oil for pets

Nutritious coconut oil offers a number of health benefits as coconuts are the excellent source of nutrition in all forms as fruit, juice and oil. More than 90% of coconut oil includes saturated fat which has anti fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil also helps in absorbing minerals due to its antioxidant properties

Being an incredible source of medium chain fatty acids or MCFAs coconut oil offers many health benefits for humans as well as pets.

When coconut oil for fleas is used in combination with oregano oil then the Lauric acid in coconut oil becomes more effective than antibiotics in fighting bacteria like fleas. Along with it Lauric acid can also help in preventing some cancers. Coconut Oil is the richest source of lauric acid as nearly 40% of the oil is lauric acid.

How to use coconut oil for fleas

The use of coconut oil for fleas can be less expensive and health friendly treatment as compared to other commercial treatments used in this regard. You can effectively prevent fleas from your pets by applying coconut oil on them regularly at least once or twice a week. Coconut oils can be used on the pets in a step wise manner as briefly described here under.

Coconut Oil for Fleas

First of all you should fins some extra virgin raw cold pressed coconut oil for this purpose as its contains enough amount of lauric acid to prevent and remove fleas from your pet’s skin and coat. You can buy it from a pharmacy or some nearby grocery store or the stores selling cooking oils and food items.

Now to apply it on your pet you should take a tablespoon full of coconut oil to use for once. It can be in white hard or clear liquid condition depending upon the environmental temperature in your region.

Now take some of the oil, if it is in hard condition, on your hands and rub them together to increase its consistency. If it is in clear liquid form then you can take some of it in a small container to scoop out with your fingers when required.

Then you should start rubbing the oil into the skin or fur of your of your pet. Where he or she has fleas his/her skin becomes scratchy or dry flaky and starts losing fur. The oil will make his/her skin more oily but you should rub it consistently at least for 5 minutes or until his/her sin absorbs it.

Now take some more oil on your hands and apply through the outer layer of the fur and under the belly of your pet.

In order to prevent the dog from licking the coconut oil applied on his or her skin you can put a sweater or some other cover at least for overnight or for a whole day, even if it is safe for them as compared to other commercial flea treatments.

Initially you should apply it repeatedly daily or at least 3 to 4 days a week until you notice its affect on his/her skin or fleas start disappearing from his/her skin. The fur of your pet will grow again automatically when this oil starts clearing up the skin.

After covering the coat of your pet with coconut oil you should take a flea comb to run through his/her fur to take out the fleas from it. They will stick to the comb due to the oil applied on the fur. But you should comb your pet out of your home as some fleas may jump out of the fur due to repellent nature of the oil.

So you can use coconut oil for fleas as a repellent especially on the pets which cannot tolerate the traditional medications used for fighting with ticks and fleas. You can massage this oil into the fur of your pets regularly to eradicate fleas from their fur and skin both. You can also spray its solution with some water thoroughly into the fur of your pet with the help of a spray bottle to let it work even if he/she does not have any flea.

Dog dry skin remedy – Here are The Top 5

dog dry skin remedy

Photo credit: Stuart Richards

Dog dry skin remedy all of us can use. Have you ever wondered what to do to your dog’s dry and itchy skin? Well, there are several  Dog dry skin remedy  that you can use on your pet. Most of them are effective, while others will just waste your time. To save you from the hustle of the best itchy dog home remedy, I have discussed the top 5 best home remedies to soothe your dog’s itchy skin. These remedies are natural, safe and easy to administer. As pet owners. Everyone has had a pet who had dry skin and knows how frustrating it can be.

The top 5 best dog dry skin remedy(s)

1. Vitamin E An itchy skin makes your dog uncomfortable and scratching all the time, but not anymore with Vitamin E. Many people recognize vitamin E for getting rid of the wrinkles on an aged skin, but dare me; vitamin E has a very positive effect on your dog’s itchy skin. Break or open the capsule and apply the oil directly on the dry skin. Relieve your pup from an itchy and dry skin through a vitamin E massage.
2. Olive Oil  is simply cooking oil. It is not only great for a yummy recipe but also perfect for your dog’s dry and itchy skin. Adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil to your dog’s food 2-4 times a week will help solve the itching and dryness. Olive oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E and K which play a significant role in nourishing your dog’s skin. What I liked most about olive oil is that it also helps your dog’s fur grow stronger and shiny.
3. Coconut oil Here is another wonderful remedy; the coconut oil. If you don’t have some, it’s high chance that you go for it. I refer the coconut oil as a two-in-one remedy. This is because you can typically apply it on the dry skin or administer it orally. It is a great moisturizer when applied on the skin. To add on that, it will soothe your dog’s dry skin and relieve the itching. When it is given orally, it works on the dogs immune which then stops skin and yeast infections. Coconut oil will be of much help to a dry and itchy skin when administered either way. Virgin or extra virgin coconut oil are the most recommended for a dog’s itchy skin.

4. Yogurt Yogurt contains good bacteria that can be useful to your dog, but before you start feeding yogurt to your dog, make sure it is plain yogurt without sugar and additives. When you feed your dog with plain and probiotic yogurt, the useful bacteria gets into the dog’s body, boosting their immune. Strong immune means no skin and yeast infections which result in a healthy and itch-free skin.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Considering that Apple cider vinegar has many uses, chances are; you have used it before, but did you know it can relieve your dog from that irritating and itchy skin? It is an easy and effective way to handle your dog’s itchy skin. Mix water with apple cider vinegar in the ratio of 1:1. Use a piece of cloth or sponge to rub it on the dry skin. Use it daily until the skin rejuvenates. Apple Cider Vinegar may sting your pup.

Final verdict

Well, we have discussed the best Dog dry skin remedy that you can use on a dog’s itchy skin. These remedies are cheap, natural and effective. You don’t have to call a vet or spend money trying to revive your dog’s skin while you have plenty of natural and safe remedies at your fingertips.

Best Flea Treatment For Your Pets

Best Flea TreatmentBest Flea Treatment  in an environment can be hectic. First, they are difficult to catch and smash. Secondly, they have a twenty-two-days life-cycle which is the main problem here. For instance, research says that adult fleas only constitutes of only 5% of a flea infestation. This means, when you get rid of the adults right now, others will be back in less than 22 days. So, if you are planning to completely eradicate fleas, then, you have to strike a blow every week or two. Focusing my attention on the best flea treatment, I have created this article to help you do away with fleas for good.

Before moving on to the best flea treatment, it is import to understand two things:

 The Life Cycle of Fleas

Understanding the life cycle of fleas is something very important when it comes to flea control. It helps you fight the fleas in a more tactical manner. Okay, here is how it goes; the life-cycle of a flea takes 12-22 days to complete depending on the environment. It includes the eggs, larvae, pupa, and adult. It is easier to get rid of the adults, but for the rest, it’s a bit difficult since they are not exposed to the environment, and you will hardly see them.

 Areas of Infestation

Though Fleas tend to spend most of their time on animals, they will infest almost everywhere in your home. You will find them indoors, outdoors and on your pet. To completely wipe them out, you need to consider the three places and concentrate on where they have invaded the most. Apart from just invading, they will also lay eggs in the dry places.

What is the Best Flea Treatment?

When it comes to flea treatment, there are a number of flea control products out there that claim to destroy these pests. These products can be in the form of sprays, once a month topical, collars, shampoos, dips, and oral products. Below, I have discussed the best flea treatment methods.

1. Flea Shampoos

A flea shampoo is also known as a flea bath, and it’s good for severe and first-time flea attack. Cats can be stubborn to bathe, but it’s really an effective method of getting rid of fleas. Though it is an effective method, flea shampoo is not a long lasting flea control method. For this reason, you have to exercise it more frequently.

2. Spot-on treatments 

This treatment is gaining popularity at an alarming rate and probably, it is the easiest method of flea control for pets since it is applied once a month. It is much effective on adult fleas though some of them have ingredients that inhibit the development of the larvae. It is important to consult with your veterinarian for the best product for your pet. Some of the common brands include Advantage, Bio-Spot, and Frontline.

3. Oral treatment

Oral medications are also a reliable way of controlling pets. Pills such as Comforties and Trifexis are more efficient in killing adult fleas. Oral treatments are divided into two; there are those that kills adult fleas only, and there are those that will not kill the fleas but make them lay eggs that cannot hatch.

4. Flea powders and sprays 

Flea sprays offer a short-term protection between two to three days. They offer an effective way of controlling fleas, but they are being overtaken by other methods such as spot-on treatments and oral medications.

5. Flea dips

They constitute of strong chemical rinses that are capable of killing the fleas almost immediately. Most of these chemicals will also kill ticks and mites. Since flea dips can be harmful to your pet, they are not recommended; unless it is absolutely necessary.

Best Flea TreatmentFlea prevention

I am pretty sure you will agree with me when I say that the best flea control strategy is Prevention. It is much easier as compared to getting rid of them. Below, I have listed some practices to help you prevent fleas.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Vacuum carpets regularly

[x_icon type=”bug”] Wash your pet’s bedding at least once a week.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Shampoo your pets at least twice a week

[x_icon type=”bug”] Regularly clean the pet carriers and other places where your pet spends time.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Frequently treat your yard.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Take action immediately once you notice a flea

Final thoughts

With the above remedies, you will definitely make it through the flea season without a flea infestation. Exercising any of the above-mentioned flea treatment will help you have a healthy and an itch-free pet as well. Always remember that prevention is the best flea control method and you will never go wrong with it.


Best way to kill fleas and keep them out of your home

vacuumThe best way to kill fleas in your home is not just one way or treatment,but a combination of things you will have to do on a regular schedule if you are a pet owner. If you have several pets inside your home it mat be necessary to double to effort in order to keep fleas off your pets and out of your home.As you may have guessed by now Borax laundry detergent is my favorite way to kill fleas. It not only kills adult fleas but if it comes in contact with the eggs they to will not make it long. Borax doesn’t poison the fleas rather it wicks out the moisture from their body and cut into the hard outer skin to kill them. In my opinion it is far safer than other so called brand name solutions out here.


Vacuuming your carpets if you have pets every two to three days a week will caught 95 % of the adult fleas in your home. This is by far the best thing you can do to help your pets and keep fleas off of them. Fleas in the larva stag of their life will eat anything they can. Anything organic that can be found on the floor,carpet,human dander or pet’s bedding will keep them alive. If you can remove the food supply they will die within a week. This is why I always tell people if you want to get rid of fleas, get rid of the food chain. Most vacuums have different attachments on them more a reason. Use them to get in,under or behind anything and everything.Remember if your vacuum cleaner has a bag in it remove the bag after you clean or set the whole thing outside if possible. If  I know I have a few fleas in the house and I am not going to treat it with borax. I will throw a handful of 20 mule team borax on the floor and suck it up. This will kill any fleas that get caught while cleaning.

Washing your Pets bedding

This is where your pet(s) sleep or just hang out. Have you see a flea or your dog/cat starts to scratch. Grab their favorite blanket,pillow cushion and chunk it in the washing machine. You may have to do this every day or at least every other day while you are battling fleas.I keep a spare blanket in the closet to swap out when needed. If they sleep in certain place every night try running the vacuum cleaner in this area every day.

Interrupt their life cycle

best way to kill fleasA flea has four cycles in it’s life span. Egg, larva,pups and adult. If you can stop or interrupt any part of life cycle you can kill them before they reach the adult stag and start bedding. A single female can lay 20 eggs in her life span then those 20 and 20 more and so and so. You get the picture.After a female lays her egg. It takes two weeks before the egg hatches and becomes an adult. At the first sign of a flea I always figure I have 1 week to get a jump on stopping them from reproducing.


Fleas need heat and humidity in order to survive. They prefer high heat and above average humidity. By controlling the temp in your home can slow down the life cycle or stop the eggs from hatching. Flea eggs can not survive above 103 degrees. That been said and this is just one of my crazy ideas that I have not tried. If one was to turn up the heat in one room on a hot day and get a temp of over 100 degree for over say 4 hours ,it may be possible to kill off the larva this way.Dehumidifiers work great. As fleas need moisture the the would dehumidifier remove it from the air ,thus drying out the larva and eggs. I would think it would work best in a room that could be closed off. The only drawback to a is the price.They coast around 250.00 for a good one. I found a old one at a yard sale for 50 dollars. You may find one yourself.

 Flea Shampoo

dawn dish soap flea killerThis one is easy. Don’t bother with anything marketed as a flea shampoo. They are a waste of money. Pert plus  or dawn dish washing liquid are  a great flea shampoo.It will get the job done and is used by ” The Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue“. You can read the full article on their FAQ page. Enough said about shampoos.

 What not to use

1.Bug bombs- they don’t work and you have to clean everything later.
2.Flea collars- poison on a rope. If you would not wear one,don’t expect your pet to.
3.Anything with a red skull and crossbones on it. There is a reason it’s called poison.

I hope this has shed some light on the  Best way to kill fleas. With a little effort and time you can keep your home fleas free.