Diatomaceous Earth Fleas for Natural Control

Diatomaceous Earth Flea

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Diatomaceous for Earth fleas  for Natural Control .Diatomaceous earth (food grade) is an essential substance that every home should have, but did you know that you can use it to control fleas? It is an effective, safe, and natural method of eradicating fleas. Fleas are very stubborn, they are difficult to catch, and they also get immune to chemical sprays, but I don’t think they are going to escape this one. So, to help you use the Diatomaceous earth effectively, I have created a step by step guide on how you can use diatomaceous earth (DE) to completely get rid of fleas. I am also going to answer all the questions concerning diatomaceous earth flea control.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

It is a fine powder made of diatoms. These diatoms are composed of fossilized algae whose skeletons are made of silica. With time, diatoms accumulate in the sediment of lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. Presently, diatomaceous deposits are mined from these areas.

How do Diatomaceous earth  Fleas?

For a long time, DE has been known for its many uses including flea control, but how does it actually kill the fleas? We all know that DE is non-toxic, safe and fit for human and animal consumption. It is contradicting, right? but don’t worry, here is the point; Diatomaceous earth contains razor sharp edges which are usually scorching and dehydrating. So, when fleas ingest this porous powder, they are severely dehydrated from the inside and as well as their exoskeletons. With that in mind, we can happily conclude that Diatomaceous earth gets rid of the pests by naturally dehydrating their bodies until death. The adorable fact about the process is that it takes a very short time to kill the fleas.

Step by step guide on using diatomaceous earth to control fleas.

Now you have no doubt using DE to control fleas and other pests. Let’s look at the entire process of eliminating stubborn pests using Diatomaceous earth, but before that be sure you have DE food grade, not other versions.

how to apply diatomaceous earth  fleas

Step 1: Clean your target areas

Thoroughly clean the areas where you want to apply the powder. Strictly do not use water, vacuum the areas instead. After cleaning, make sure the area is absolutely dry, DE has no effect on fleas when wet.

Step 2: Apply your Diatomaceous Earth

We all want a perfect job with maximized effect on the fleas. Right? We also don’t want the powder to turn against us. So, don’t be in a hurry while doing this. Carefully use a sieve to sprinkle the powder on the targeted areas. Don’t use too much of it on the pets bedding’s. If you are using it on your pet, have somebody else to handle the pet. At times pets can be stubborn and cause accidents.

Step 3: Vacuum the area after 2-3 days

After the powder has done its job, you will need to clean the place again. In between two to three days, vacuum the area again to remove the powder and dead fleas.

Step 4: Reapply the powder

Diatomaceous earth does not get rid of the flea eggs and larvae. For this reason, you will not have eradicated all the fleas in your home with a single application, and you will need to repeat the process after two or three days. This will help you get rid of the fleas for good.

How Long Does the Effect of Diatomaceous Earth Last?

The effect of Diatomaceous earth can last up to a month, depending on the environmental factors. However, it is important that it does not last more than three days on pets or homes because of the skin dryness and irritation it causes. Having in mind that fleas have a laying cycle of seven to 21 days, reapplication of DE weekly is recommended, but in cases of serious infestation, two or three times a week will completely get rid of the fleas.

Is Diatomaceous Earth an Effective Way of Controlling Fleas?

Yes DE is an effective way of controlling fleas. What I liked much about the method is that you don’t have to you use it alongside other pest control methods. It eradicates fleas in a natural and soft way that even the fleas don’t understand. Unlike the chemical sprays, fleas cannot escape from Diatomaceous earth, it is not bitter or poisonous, not to mention its powder form which provides a conducive habitat for the fleas. Also, fleas cannot get immune to DE since it uses a mechanical action against their bodies. It is reasonable that the fleas will get comfortable residing and eating the DE, just for it to kill them in seconds.

Precautions When Handling Diatomaceous Earth

As a matter of fact, DE can be harmful to you, your children and pets. I cannot say that it is capable of causing death, but it will result in discomfort if it is poorly handled. The first thing we need to understand is that this porous powder can cause severe skin dryness when applied in large amounts. Also, it causes irritation when it comes to contact with a mucus membrane like the eyes, nose, throat, and ears. For this reasons, you still have to practice a few precautions when using diatomaceous earth as a method of flea control. The precautions are:

· When you decide to use it directly on your pet, be sure to apply a small amount. It’s better to apply it daily than applying large amounts to cater for the next couple of days.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Shampoo your pet after 12 hours of DE application.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Wear gloves when handling the powder.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Don’t let DE get near your face. Close all the house openings and switch off any fan when sprinkling the powder.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Once the DE has done its job, be sure to clean the place using a vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth to Control Pests

[x_icon type=”bug”] It is an effective way of controlling pests

[x_icon type=”bug”] Offers a safe and natural way of pest control

[x_icon type=”bug”] It is cheap and readily available

[x_icon type=”bug”] It is a multi-purpose powder

Things to Remember

[x_icon type=”bug”] Keep DE powder dry. Otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Only use food grade DE for pest control, it is safe and more effective.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Diatomaceous earth doesn’t destroy eggs; it only kills adult pets.

Final Thoughts-is diatomaceous earth safe for animals?

After such a long discussion, I don’t think you will have any doubt using Diatomaceous earth  fleas. Apart from its natural and mechanical way of killing fleas, I also admired the fact that it can be used to kill other pests like ants, mites, bedbugs, ticks, cockroaches, lice among others. It is a true pesticide, and you will never go wrong using it against any pest.