How to Set-up an Easy Diy Flea Trap

diy flea trapEasy Diy Flea Trap Flea Trap.Are you looking for a way to evict fleas from your home? Chances are, you have thought or have been advised of flea traps. So, what are these flea traps? Are they another way of milking my hardly earned money? Are they effective? Well, use of flea traps is an effective way of handling fleas that will not even cost a dollar. So,  I am set to show you how to set up a homemade flea trap in less than two minutes.


How the flea trap works

surface tension

Just like a water strider. A flea doesn’t weight enough to break the surface tension

I remember the days my mom used to tell me to apply some saliva between my fingers before pinching a flea. Well, this is the same trick used here. It uses a source of light to attract the fleas, just to drown them in the bowl containing soapy water. As we all know, fleas don’t fly so they will definitely need a place to land, preferably next to the light source and there they take the bait. Similarly, a flea will also get heavy and stuck when wet, so there are no chances that it will get out of the water alive.

How to make a Easy Diy Flea Trap


[content_band bg_color=”#9ecadf” border=”all”] [container] [custom_headline style=”margin: 0;” type=”center” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]In a nut shell: By adding a dish washing liquid to the water. The surface tension is reduced. This simply put, makes the flea unable to float. They sink to the bottom and die. This also works as a flea shampoo. It will do the same in drowning the flea right off your pet.Sweet![/custom_headline] [/container] [/content_band]

trap for fleasSetting up your own DIY flea trap is not rocket science. With a few ingredients and tools that you probably already have at home, it’s much possible to surprise the fleas. Here is how to go about it.

Before we begin, below are the things you will require:

·A Candle. I use an old desk lamp that I use. I like it because it hangs out over the trap  or any other light source.

· Dish soap- I like to use Dawn. It works better than cheaper brands.

· Large bowl with short sides or a pie plate. An old baking pan works best. Like an 11 x 14.

Step 1: Prepare the mixture

Fill the plate with water and add the soap. Stir gently until all the soap has dissolved. Remember, the purpose of adding soap to the water is to break the water’s surface tension to ensure the fleas do not glide but sink. You can choose to test the strength of the surface tension, but one to two tablespoon full of dish soap will do well in an ordinary plate.

Step 2: Place the source of light

Place your light  as close to or over your flea trap. A tea candle if that is what you are using. If you are using an alternative source of light, shine it directly above the plate. Be cautious when using electricity and water in close proximity.  Make sure you dont have any pets in this room that cloud knock over your lamp into the water. That would be bad. I have placed a weight over the lamp cord to keep it from tipping over if bumped by accident.

That’s it; you are done.

Step 3: Launch your trap

Now place your trap somewhere you think is the central point and don’t place it so high. In fact, I advise that you put it on the floor where it will be easy for the fleas to notice and reach. Have in mind that fleas are more active at dawn, so it’s important that you leave the trap overnight.

I have been thinking fleas are also attracted to vibration. What if you where to place a blue tooth speaker next to your flea trap for an extra boost. If you happened to try it. Let me know how it worked.

How effective are Diy flea traps?

As I had mentioned earlier, diy flea traps are an effective way of controlling fleas. They do capture and kill fleas. I have caught up to 50 in one night. The way I see it every little bit counts. If you can kill one flea ,you can take out thousands that would have been born. Although they will not eliminate all the fleas in your home. They can reduce the number of days you home is infested. The reason being your pets are more attractive to fleas than the traps, meaning not every flea will leave your pet for the trap. It is the one that dont have a host yet. It is necessary that they are used alongside other flea-control methods. Equally important, will be more efficient in houses without pets.

Final thoughts

Look at it this way, once you use another method to smoke the fleas off your pets, not all of them will die, they will jump around as they wait for the chemical to dilute, and that’s where flea traps now come in. So, when used alongside other flea-control methods, they will definitely make a great deal. With that in mind, I don’t see any reason that can stop you from setting up a Diy flea trap. Or you can buy them premade. Which is a lot easier. That is if your lazy like me.