Do Fleas Fly and How to Stop Them

do fleas flyDo fleas jump? Do fleas fly? Almost everyone has these kinds of questions in their mind and it is hard to get a satisfying answer. While some of us think fleas can fly, but that is not the truth. The truth is fleas cannot fly. Fleas have powerful and strong legs with the help of which they launch themselves in the air. Flea bites can cause rashes or irritation so it is advised that you protect yourself from it and take all the necessary precautions. Dealing with fleas is an extremely frustrating job especially if it is on your pets or there is a large infestation in your house. These irritating pests somehow manages to reach places which are impossible to reach without flying. Sometimes they even get up onto beds, tables, chairs and other similar places. How is that possible? Do fleas fly? Let us take a moment to get few things cleared out.

Although fleas don’t have the ability to fly since they don’t have a pair of wings but their amazingly powerful legs enable them to jump over large distances, up to 4 feet to 5 feet upwards. Many wonder how they manage to jump to high. Along with strong and powerful legs they have one more secret element. Fleas have something which is known as Resilin. This is a kind of protein which have rubber like properties and gives the flea a kind of springboard (when it is compressed) that launches it upward or forward when it wants to move from one place to another. With the help of this airborne assault, they can land on your or on your pets.

How to tackle flea infestation?

To control the infestation of fleas you must follow the following steps.


Treat your dog or cat – To immediately get rid of biting fleas from your pet, try fast acting anti-flea medicines like Capstar. Using medications like Advantage II regularly can prevent fleas from coming back.

Get rid of fleas in your yard and home – Sweep wooden or tile floors and vacuum furniture, rugs and carpets. Use carpet sprays on upholstery and carpets. Fleas thrive on places which receives very less light and are damp so make sure you spray in crevices and under furniture. If you own a big house, use 2-3 foggers. You can use a yard spray to kill fleas even before they enter your house.

Clean your house thoroughly – Cleaning your house is a very crucial step to eradicate the problem of fleas. To get rid of pupae, larvae and eggs from your wood floors, tile, upholstery and carpets, we suggest that you mop, sweep and vacuum your house properly. Throw away the bag containing dirt, each time you clean your house with a vacuum cleaner as flea pupae can hatch inside the bag. Wash the bedding of your pet routinely.

So Do Fleas Fly

Now you know that fleas don’t fly but are efficient jumpers. Maintain a clean house to ensure your house doesn’t get infested with fleas. It is important to note that you can’t get flea from your pet since the ones found on cats and dogs don’t like human blood.