Does Borax kill Fleas

Does Borax kill Fleas?the answer would have to be yes. There is no doubt in my mind as I have used Borax to kill fleas for over four years now. If you use borax 20 mule team laundry detergent additive. Not the boric acid used to kill ants ,it is very poisonous and should not be used with or instead off the 20 mule borax. I just don’t understand why there are so many reports of people saying that Borax is poisonous when there clearly using boric acid from a bottle that has a skull and cross Bones.I don’t understand I want to make the mistake of between the two. If you read my last post borax for fleas I made a basic outline in the steps and how to go about getting rid of fleas in your house.

How does borax kill fleas?

So you’re probably wondering how does Borax kill fleas? This will be a two-part answer. 1. think of it like sandpaper , When a flea comes into contact with the Borax which even after being ground into powder still has crystal like surface, it etches into the fleas skin. Fleas are also like ants ,they have exoskeletons it is their only defense. As they run across or land on borax it cuts into them leaving the borax in the cut.

2. Now that the damage has been done it is it e to finish them off. The borax dries up all of the fleas bodily fluids until they are dead. This is why it is so important to leave it set on the carpet,floors and furniture as long as you can.

High Humidity precautions

If you live in a high humidity location don’t leave the borax no for more than 24 hours. It will absorb the moisture out of the air giving you an sticky mess to clean up.

Get them where they live.

Flea control for your home is what we are concerned with today. Your pets we will get into that a bother time. The most important thing you can do to increase your chance of killing all the fleas on the first go round. Get every nook and cranny. Every possible place a flea could hide. Under kick panels ,stoves transitions from carpet to vinyl or hardwood. If your vacuum does not have a crevice tool get one or like I did borrowed one from my shop vac.

Does borax kill fleas? Again yes it does. If you put forth the effort, it will do the rest.

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