Dog dry skin remedy – Here are The Top 5

dog dry skin remedy

Photo credit: Stuart Richards

Dog dry skin remedy all of us can use. Have you ever wondered what to do to your dog’s dry and itchy skin? Well, there are several  Dog dry skin remedy  that you can use on your pet. Most of them are effective, while others will just waste your time. To save you from the hustle of the best itchy dog home remedy, I have discussed the top 5 best home remedies to soothe your dog’s itchy skin. These remedies are natural, safe and easy to administer. As pet owners. Everyone has had a pet who had dry skin and knows how frustrating it can be.

The top 5 best dog dry skin remedy(s)

1. Vitamin E An itchy skin makes your dog uncomfortable and scratching all the time, but not anymore with Vitamin E. Many people recognize vitamin E for getting rid of the wrinkles on an aged skin, but dare me; vitamin E has a very positive effect on your dog’s itchy skin. Break or open the capsule and apply the oil directly on the dry skin. Relieve your pup from an itchy and dry skin through a vitamin E massage.
2. Olive Oil  is simply cooking oil. It is not only great for a yummy recipe but also perfect for your dog’s dry and itchy skin. Adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil to your dog’s food 2-4 times a week will help solve the itching and dryness. Olive oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E and K which play a significant role in nourishing your dog’s skin. What I liked most about olive oil is that it also helps your dog’s fur grow stronger and shiny.
3. Coconut oil Here is another wonderful remedy; the coconut oil. If you don’t have some, it’s high chance that you go for it. I refer the coconut oil as a two-in-one remedy. This is because you can typically apply it on the dry skin or administer it orally. It is a great moisturizer when applied on the skin. To add on that, it will soothe your dog’s dry skin and relieve the itching. When it is given orally, it works on the dogs immune which then stops skin and yeast infections. Coconut oil will be of much help to a dry and itchy skin when administered either way. Virgin or extra virgin coconut oil are the most recommended for a dog’s itchy skin.

4. Yogurt Yogurt contains good bacteria that can be useful to your dog, but before you start feeding yogurt to your dog, make sure it is plain yogurt without sugar and additives. When you feed your dog with plain and probiotic yogurt, the useful bacteria gets into the dog’s body, boosting their immune. Strong immune means no skin and yeast infections which result in a healthy and itch-free skin.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Considering that Apple cider vinegar has many uses, chances are; you have used it before, but did you know it can relieve your dog from that irritating and itchy skin? It is an easy and effective way to handle your dog’s itchy skin. Mix water with apple cider vinegar in the ratio of 1:1. Use a piece of cloth or sponge to rub it on the dry skin. Use it daily until the skin rejuvenates. Apple Cider Vinegar may sting your pup.

Final verdict

Well, we have discussed the best Dog dry skin remedy that you can use on a dog’s itchy skin. These remedies are cheap, natural and effective. You don’t have to call a vet or spend money trying to revive your dog’s skin while you have plenty of natural and safe remedies at your fingertips.