Dog Hot Spots Coconut Oil Remedy

Dog Hot Spots Coconut Oil Dog Hot Spots Coconut Oil to keep your dog from suffering . Don’t worry, coconut oil has got you covered. It is a natural and effective remedy for treating dog hot spots. Apart from just treating the host spots, there are so many other benefits that come with coconut oil. In this article, I will be explaining how to treat your dog’s hot spot using coconut oil. This remedy has been proven to be completely natural and safe for dogs.

What are Dog Hot Spots?

These are the spots which appear as a result of the skin’s response to a bite, an allergic reaction or an infection. They usually appear as reddish, moist and irritating. They can appear anywhere on your dog and without warning.

How to Treat Dog Hot Spots Coconut Oil

Treating your dog with this natural remedy is not complicated;  directions are very easy even for a 10-year-old kid to grasp, but before we begin the treatment, it is important to understand two things:

· contains about 90% saturated fatty acids. Most of these fats are MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which contains the anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

· Coconut oilcan be applied topically to the skin’s dog or given orally. Both of them will heal the hot spots but giving it orally is attached to other health benefits.

Having that said, we can now jump into the main dish. First, you will have to decide which method to use; whether you will apply it typically or administer orally. If you are planning to administer it orally, start with half spoon a day and gradually increase to 2-3 teaspoons over some weeks depending on the dog’s size. It is recommended that you feed one teaspoonful (5ml) of coconut oil per 10 pounds of body weight.

If the hot spots are dry and itchy, it’s time to apply the remedy typically. Rub a generous amount of coconut oil on the hot spots and comb the far. There is no harm adding some coconut oil to your dog’s food and applying it on the hot spots.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil  dog Hot Spots

Dog Hot Spots Coconut OilLet us now look at the reasons why the coconut oil is our number one preferred remedy for treating dog hot spots.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Perfect remedy for hot spots, dry and itchy skin

[x_icon type=”bug”] Nourishes the skin

[x_icon type=”bug”] Reduces allergic reactions

[x_icon type=”bug”] Improves digestions

[x_icon type=”bug”] Balances insulin as it promotes normal thyroid function

[x_icon type=”bug”] Coconut oil contains powerful anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents.

[x_icon type=”bug”] Coconut oil treats and also prevents yeast/fungal infections

[x_icon type=”bug”] Boosts immune system

[x_icon type=”bug”] Help lose weight

[x_icon type=”bug”] Keeps the skin moist and soft

[x_icon type=”bug”] Promotes the healing of cuts and wounds

[x_icon type=”bug”] Keeps the dogs skin glossy and free from odor

With such benefits, coconut oil is a remedy that we cannot afford to miss.
[x_icon type=”check-circle”] Final Verdict

For thousands of years, coconut oil has been used to heal wounds and a variety of skin infections, and we are now extending its healing power to our dogs. After such an amazing discussion, we have realized the power of coconut oil on our dog’s skin and health. I don’t think you will have any doubt letting coconut oil taking care of your oil.