All Natural Flea repellent for humans

Flea repellent for humans Fleas can be irritating pests for both pets and humans. Sometime we need a Flea repellent for humans. They can be hard to eradicate too if you do not take the necessary precautions and considerations of their life cycle. But there are many ways to remove and control fleas in humans.Fleas are small insects usually dark in color, such as brown to almost black, that have specialized mouth part that can pierce the skin of its host and suck blood. It is of the hosts’ blood that they get the nutrients that they need to survive. They also have long hind legs that are ideal for taking ling jumps, making them more difficult to catch and making it easier for them to move about from one area or host to another.

Fleas are usually found in pet dogs and cats but can easily be transferred to humans. They can make their hosts uncomfortable. Some may also be allergic to the fleas’ saliva which gets mixed in when they pierce the skin and suck their hosts’ blood. The constant itchy feeling and scratching that can lead to breaking the skin and getting wounds and scrapes that may get infected when left untreated.

The following is one example of liquid flea repellent  containing. Frontline Plus for Dogs & Puppies doses for 8-week puppies or older dogs ranging in size from 0-22 lbs. And contains the following active ingredients:

Fipronil 9.8% (per 0.67 ml applicator).

(S)-methoprene 8.8% (per 0.67 ml applicator).

If you applied the entire tube to an 11 lb dog, you just gave a double dose. If your puppy weighs 7 lbs, that would be a triple dose. It is similar to giving a child the same size dose as an adult. I would only apply  of the tube to an 11 lbs dog if I chose to use it.

The above chemicals are toxic to the brain and nervous system. These chemicals disrupt hormone (endocrine) systems. They cause cancer. They are effective in repelling pests but with dangerous side effects.

flea repellent for humans essential oils

Choose to use essential oils instead of toxic chemicals to repel flea. Young Living essential oils are 100% pure. They are not diluted like other essential oils to 10% or less. There are not any side effects, only benefits when using essential oils. There are not any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or cancer causing properties when using therapeutic grade essential oils.

All the active ingredients in the liquid flea repellants have been linked to SERIOUS HEALTH effects in laboratory animals.

Have you considered the side effects to yourself, children, and other pets in your household? Do you think you apply it to your dog and it is adsorbed without affecting anything else? I have found that the decision to use pesticides that cause health issues is made by people not knowing what else to use.Making your own Flea repellent for humans would be the logical choice.

Flea repellent for humans The thought of flea is disgusting. We want to avoid these pests. You can repel these pests without exposing your pet or family to dangerous poisons.

home remedies to keep fleas off humans

All essential oils repel pests, but some are more effective in doing the job. Is your brain thinking, “This can’t be possible?” Do a trial test and see how well essential oils work. Mix 1-15 drop(s) Purification essential oil made by Young Living to each 1-ounce water in a spray bottle. Shake before each use and mist yourself. Avoid your eyes.

You can take it an ahead and mist just the lower half of your body. Go out and see if the mosquitoes, flies, ticks or other pests want to feed on you and where. You will find they will choose the areas where the essential oils are not applied.

Yes, you will need to use the essential oils more than once a month to continue to repel pests on your pet. Make it easy and keep a spray bottle by the door, mist your pet before it goes outside. Stop being lazy and protect yourself, family and pets with products that do not cause serious health issues.

how to keep fleas away from you

Keep it simple for yourself. Mix a bottle for each member of the family to carry with them. You can purchase glass spray bottles. They come in 1, 2, 4-ounce sizes, making it easy to put in your shirt pocket or purse.

You will be doing more than just repelling pests; you will be giving the body added benefits. Essential oils have great healing powers. Many are anti-bacteria, anti-virus, anti-parasite; each essential oil has at least one ANTI property to it. You will not be causing harm to the environment, the wildlife or the human race. Your immune system will become stronger and not made weaker by using conventional chemical products available on the market. Make the decision to heal rather than to destroy your pet’s body or yours. Just do it,make yourself a Flea repellent for humans.