How to Get Rid of Fleas in House

Get Rid of Fleas in HouseHow to Get Rid of Fleas in House, they will explore the entire house and settle in the most conducive places. They jump from one place to another and also use your pet as a means of transport. Apart from just being irritating and annoying, fleas multiply at a very high rate. A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day! So, a flea infestation is not something to ignore; you need to fight back. To ensure that you do away with these pests, I am set to show you the best flea control method for use in your house.

How to get rid of fleas in  house

There are a number of methods that you can use to eradicate fleas from your house, but are they effective? And if they are effective, are they safe? These are the two questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on which method to use. Remember, you want a method that is effective and safe as well. In this section, I intend to take you through the most effective method that you can use to Get Rid of Fleas in House. This method uses natural remedies which make it safe for anyone in the house.

Step 1: Prepare a Remedy

Again, there are a variety of natural remedies that you can use to kill the fleas. I will be using a solution of hot lemon, but if you have trust in a particular remedy, I am not going to stop you. Here is how you can prepare a hot lemon solution:

· Pour some water in a cooking pan or dish

· Thinly slice one lemon and add it to the water

· Allow boiling for around 3 minutes

· Leave it overnight

· Pour the solution into a spray bottle

Step 2: Identify the Most Infested area

Before you begin wrestling with the fleas, you need to know their strongholds. These include the carpet, pet’s bedding, areas where your pet spends the most time, fabric linings, and under the couches.

Step 3: Soak any Infested Fabric in Hot Water

This applies to the removable fabrics that are heavily infested such as pet’s bedding. The hot water will kill all the fleas, eggs and larvae present on the fabric.

Step 4: Spray the Lemon Solution

Spray the lemon solution on the infested areas, paying more attention to the areas that you identified in step 2. The lemon solution is safe and leaves no odor, meaning you are not limited to the areas to spray but do not spray the carpet.

Get Rid of Fleas in HouseStep 5: Work on the Carpet

Since fleas don’t jump, the carpet becomes one of their best habitats. For the carpet, sprinkle some salt and sweep with a broom for it to get deeper in the carpet. Diatomaceous earth will also work perfectly in the place of salt.

Step 6: Vacuum the Carpet and any other Fabric

Thoroughly vacuum the carpet and any other fabric in the house. Vacuum cleaning gets rid of the adult fleas, eggs and larvae. After vacuuming, throw away the vacuum cleaner bag far away from your house.

Step 7: Make a Flea Trap

Make a flea trap and place it somewhere easy for the fleas to see. For those who don’t know how to make a flea trap, this is how you go about it:

· Add some dish detergent in a shallow bowl.

· Fill the bowl with water and stir

· Place a candle in the middle of the bowl or a source of light above the bowl.

· Place the trap low enough for the fleas to reach.

The flea trap is to ensure that any remaining flea are hunted.

Final Thoughts
Get Rid of Fleas in House and Controlling fleas has never been such easier. With this remedy, you can completely get rid of fleas for good. For the infestation period, I would recommend that you exercise this method twice a week.