Get rid of Fleas with These Four Steps

How to get rid of fleas. If you have pets sooner or later you will have fleas and I say this from personal experience. This summer being 2014. My wife decided to do our neighbor a favor and dog set for them while they spent two weeks in Texas. They have  one large dog so smaller half mix Chihuahua. They both spend the day out in the yard do their business and go back in the house. Where they spent the next two weeks constantly looking out the window for them to return.They had to cut their trip short because the smaller dog stopped eating.(he was so sad) But in the process they and my wife picked up fleas. This summer has been really hot and with high humidity has certainly been an ideal  for these unwanted critters. To make a long story short , now both houses have fleas.
We’ve been in this house for five years now and have had no problems since then. We only have two rooms carpet and the rest is harwood. I thought a could knock this out in a few days. Needless to say I was mistaken.

There are four keys to get rid of fleas in your house

get rid of fleas

five dead fleas in borax

1.The first would be of course spreading down borax laundry detergent over every floor and your home. This also includes any fabric type furniture. Get in the cracks all the way up to the wall. They will hide everywhere. I saw them do this.
2.Second would be your vacuum cleaner. If you happen to get fleas and don’t have anything on hand to treat them with, the first thing you should do grab is your vacuum cleaner and vacuum every single room in your house.Everyday until you do.
3.The third and what I found out to be an excellent way to get rid of fleas . I never really bothered much with them. I just wanted to do the whole borax process. What I did find out is your dog or your cat is the best flea trap in the world. This goes without saying if you have fleas in your house they will end  up on your pets. If they are on your pets you can get rid of 50% of them right now.


flea comb

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double row flea comb

Make sure you put a few drops of dawn dishwashing liquid in the water to drown the fleas.

Combing out the cats is a lot easier than giving them a bath in your sink. I did  and I have the scratches to prove it.


4.  Use a high quality flea killer. These work and yes they do cost more,but you will not be disappointed or need to buy another one because that cheaper brand didn’t work..I have said this a thousand times. Use Frontline capsules. When my wife came out to the garage and said we have fleas. The first thing I did was to order more flea capsules.I had run out and she didn’t let me forget it until the new ones came in.These are the ones we use


Just remember there is no cure all for fleas due to their life cycle. The fact that they are encased in an egg in born lakes it hard to get all of them at the same time. The best thing to do is protect your pets all year around.