How to Make Homemade Flea Spray

Homemade Flea SprayHomemade Flea Spray.On the internet you can find hundreds of remedies to repel fleas that can be made at home. These homemade flea sprays are not only economical than commercially produced remedies but also safe for the entire environment of the home as they normally do not contain any toxic element. While making homemade flea remedies for your pets you should use safe and natural ingredients. If you are doubtful about any ingredient then you should consult a reputed vet in your area to ensure that your product is safe for the pets. In fact some of the essential oils normally used in such products can be harmful for the animals.

Effectiveness of homemade flea spray

Before starting to make a homemade flea remedy you must know whether such products are effective or not. In fact the effectiveness of homemade repellents depends upon the purpose they are made for and the nature of the individual on whom they are used. Every homemade repellent cannot be similarly effective for all the pets as each pet is different by nature and the environment he lives in.

There are many natural ingredients that can be used to make spray repellent for fleas at home. some of them may include essential oils like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, rosewood oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil and cedar vinegar etc.

While making homemade flea sprays all or some of these essential oils are mixed in some water and filled in a spray bottle to repel the fleas with their smell. You can easily spray this repellent on your household furniture as well as pets and the place used by them like their buddings etc. to get rid of fleas.

Other natural flea repellents remedies

Flea traps: Along with making homemade flea spray you can also make some traps at your home to get rid of fleas. The technique if making these traps is very simple. You only have to mix adequate amount of liquid hand-soap in a bowl of hot water. The fleas get trapped into it when you place the bowl near the foot of your bed and light a small lamp near it. In fact fleas fell down into the trap after getting attracted to the warmth of the light. You can also apply tea tree oil or other essential oil on your legs and arms to calm the itch, if you are suffering from the bites of fleas.

Brewer’s yeast and apple cider vinegar: These two natural ingredients can also help in repelling fleas effectively. You can add small quantities of both the ingredients in the drinking water of your pet. It will not only boost his immunity level but also make his coat and skin healthy. You can also rinse your pet with this solution after bathing him to repel fleas from his coat.

Herbal shampoo: Apart from homemade flea spray you can also use herbal shampoos containing lavender, eucalyptus, lemon grass oil, tea tree oil or germanium for bathing your pet. They are ideal for repelling ticks and fleas. You can also make flea repellent collars of your pets by dipping them in various essential oils like lavender, germanium or cedar etc. You can also make a dry shampoo to message into the coat of your pet by mixing lavender oil and sodium bicarbonate. The great smell of this solution will help in repelling fleas from his coat.

DIY homemade flea sprays

Cut nearly 15 to 20 lemons in halves and put them into a gallon of boiling water and let them stay there for at least 4-5 hours. After that strain the mixture and fill it in spray bottle. You can spray this solution from time to time on your dog to control the infestation of fleas.

You can also spray the mixture of a cup of white vinegar into a gallon of water filled in a spray bottle on your pets to repel fleas.

You can also put some dry chamomile herbs or fennel near the sleeping area of your pet to repel fleas from these places.

Other options to prevent infestation of fleas

Apart from homemade flea spray and other remedies you can also prevent the infestation of fleas in your home by vacuuming it regularly especially under the sofas, beds and behind the pieces of furniture in your home. Regular cleaning of bed sheets, bed boxes and mattresses can also help in removing the eggs of fleas for your house. The use of borax powder and diatomaceous earth powder on the rugs, flooring and carpets before vacuuming and dry cleaning and dusting of upholsterers and curtains can also help in removing fleas from your home. But while using borax for cleaning your carpets etc it is better to keep your pets and kids away as it can cause irritation in their eyes and skin.

In this way, it can be fun to make homemade flea spray at home as it will not only reduce the use of toxic products for this purpose but also helps in saving lots of money and healthy environment. But while making these homemade remedies you should consult your vet to know the effectiveness and safety features of your product for your pets. While using these homemade remedial products you should consider the size and weight of your pet as same quantity of a product cannot be suitable for all the pets of different sizes and types.

Though the homemade flea remedies discussed in this write-up are safe and natural still you should be careful while using them on your pets. If your pets are allergic to any of the solutions discussed in this write-up then you should stop their use and wait until its symptoms get subside. If the symptoms persist even after few days of stopping the use of homemade spray or other alternatives then you should immediately consult your vet as it can be harmful for your pet. While using homemade flea repellents you should also ensure that they should not get into the mouth, eyes or broken skin of your pets as it can also be harmful for him/her.