Effective Home Remedies To Treat Hot Spots On Dogs

Hot Spots On DogsTreat Hot Spots On Dogs. Dogs are the most adorable pets, and it hurts to see them suffer in any way. If your dog is suffering from hot spots, then it is not only hurtful but also a stressful time for the poor fellow. It should be your biggest priority to prevent hot spots as a pet owner. And if your dog has already got hot spots, you should try to treat it without the use of antibiotics. Take a look at the home remedies for hot spots on dogs provided in the lines below, and you can opt for one or more of these remedies to help your dog recover completely.

Understanding Hot Spots:

As a dog owner you need to first find out what hot spots are and how they can affect your dog. Hot spots can be described as immune-mediated response provided by the dog’s skin. These mostly appear in the form of moist, red, irritated, and sometimes oozing skin lesions on any part of the dog’s body. They seem to appear without giving any warning. In case the hot spots go untreated, chances of these skin lesions spreading fast are high.

Hot spots, also called acute moist dermatitis, may also occur because of an allergic reaction, underlying disease, bug bite or poor grooming. Stress or boredom may also lead to the development of hot spots in your dog. Dogs with long or thick hair are mostly affected.

Home Remedies The Can Effectively Treat Hot Spots On Dogs

So, once you find out the reason behind the appearance of hot spots in your dog, you can opt any of the following home remedies to cure your loving pet.


Hypericum is also called St. John’s Wort, and this herb has great potential in healing hot spots. You will need to mix this herb with calendula and apply it on the lesion to reduce inflammation and pain as well as to help the area heal. It is easy to find ready made Hyper Cal (Calendula Tincture and Hypericum diluted in water) in stores, or you can prepare this mixture at home. HyperCal is an antibacterial wash that known to work effectively to offer relief from hot spots. Pour in 12-15 drops of Hyper Cal in a cup of water (warm) and wash the area affected by the lesion using a clean and soft cloth. Wash as many times as possible to offer relief from itching as well as to keep the lesion clean. Finally, dry the affected area using another dry and clean cloth.

Mild Bath With Himalayan Salt:

This method is also effective in healing hot spots. Giving your dog a bath with Mild Himalayan Salt can help your dog recover fast as it works as an antibacterial solution (skin). You may purchase the Himalayan salt from any health food or gourmet store. It is pink in color so picking the right salt will not be a big problem. All you have to do is add 1 teaspoonful of this salt in a cup of water, and then give a bath to your pet by mixing this liquid solution in the bathtub.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned natural and home remedies work efficiently, and keep the immune system of your dog from stressing out, preventing the recurrence of hot spots in your pet. However, if you observe that the hot spots are not going away, you should immediately contact your vet.