How to get rid of Fleas in Carpet

If you have fleas in your home the chances are they will be living in your carpet and on your pets. When a flea has been hatched it need to find a host within 7 days or it will die.In other words it needs to eat and your carpet is a great hiding spot to ambush a pet walking by.Fleas are excellent jumpers are reach heights of over 8 inches.This is rather amazing considering how tall they are. Fleas wait in hiding in your carpet until one of two things trigger their jump, vibrations from them walking or co2 from your pets breath.After that it’s lunchtime for them.This is why you need to stop them while they are a young adult and have not breed yet. If left untreated the flea problem will only get worse.

get rid of fleas in carpetI am a big fan of using Borax laundry detergent for fleas so much I made this website about it. Over the years I have never once found a flea in my carpet after treating them with borax. The whole process is very simple and you should read my borax for fleas article it explain how to get them out of your home on all surfaces. Lets say you want to do your living room. Makes sense that is where everyone hangs out the most including the pets.First off remove any furniture you can as long as you don’t think it has any fleas on it. Next I like to cover any end tables,coffee tables that I was not able to get out of the way. There may be a little bit of dust in the air as you spread the borax on the carpet.By covering items now it will save on clean up later.Now- This may sound a bit strange,but you want to run the vacuum over the carpet before you star. This will make the carpet fibers stand up and allow the borax to penetrate the carpet better. Before you do shake out about a handful of Borax on the carpet and suck it up with the vacuum. This will kill any fleas you get with the first cleaning.

OK, take you box or fill a shaker and sprinkle the borax laundry detergent all over the carpet. You want to cover it equally ,but to to heavy. I like to use a broom or just walk on it to help work it down in the fiber where the fleas are and let it sit. Depending on how bad the flea problem is. A few fleas couple hours. If fido is eat up with them overnight. “No more than 24 hours” as fading of the carpet may occur. I warned you. Don’t do it and keep this room closed off if possible,keep the pets out and dont let them get it on there paws. As they will more than likely lick it off. Borax is a laundry detergent if you wont eat,dont let them.
When you are ready to clean up,run the vacuum over the carpeting once then empty the bag or container and vacuum again.
If you see any left over fleas just suck them up in the vacuum and move on to the next room. Getting rid of fleas in carpet is just doing your regular house work. So dont worry about calling an exterminator.

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