How to Keep Pets off the Furniture

How to Keep Pets off the FurnitureHow to Keep Pets off the Furniture. Pets will always get on the furniture to look for comfort and also explore a better environment to unleash their playful behavior and may be get some exercise. I agree that this is their natural behavior, but we are looking forward to a well-groomed pet that is disciplined and knows their boundaries, but how can you teach them to stay off the furniture?

Well, yelling at them or reacting violently may end up ruining your relationship with them, and we don’t want this to happen. So, you need a natural and friendly way to keep your pet off the furniture. In this article, I will be explaining the best methods that you can use to keep your pet off the furniture.

 1: Teach your Pet a Cue

If the pet being on the furniture is an issue to you, you better restrict them from day one. Teaching your pet a cue is by far the best idea, you are making the pet understand when to be on the furniture and when to be off. This method best works for the younger pets and the newly adopted once.

 2: Provide Your Pet with Alternatives

There are high chances that there is nothing else your pet can play around with, or maybe the available one is not as comfortable and appropriate as your furniture. To discourage them from staying on the furniture, provide them with alternatives which are more comfortable and pleasing than the furniture. These alternatives include a condo or comfy bed.

If your pet is still addicted to the furniture and seems to ignore the alternative, you should set aside one furniture for them. Maybe an old armed chair. If this doesn’t work, combining it with method one or the one that I am about to show you will be much helpful.

 3: Encourage your Pet to Stay on its furniture

As I had mentioned before, pets get on the furniture for various reasons, and now that you have bought alternatives for them, you need to encourage them to stay on the alternatives. The first thing to do is make sure the alternative is intriguing to scratch, exercise and play with. Secondly, you can use treats as an incentive. When you see your pet on the human furniture, make them get off and toss a treat on the alternatives you provided.How to Keep Pets off the Furniture

4: Make your Furniture Less Desirable

Making your furniture less desirable is a very effective way to keep pets off the furniture. Having in mind that your pet has a favorite spot on the human furniture, it’s time to make that place less comfortable for them. There are several ways that you can make these places less comfortable. For instance, you can use natural bitter sprays, booby traps, movement-sensing vibrating alarm, sticky tape and aluminium foil.

Once you have made the favorite spot less comfortable, pets will tend to look for another favorite and having provided them with alternatives; chances are, their furniture will be the new favorite spot.

 5: Keep Food Away from the Furniture

Food can make your pet stick on the furniture. So, if you always feed your pet with junk on the furniture as you eat, it’s high chances that you stop.

How to Keep Pets off the Furniture

Some people have no problem when their pet spends time on the furniture, of which is not really a good idea. They can cause discomfort to allergic visitors or most likely chew or pee on your couch.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your pet away from the furniture is a training technique that will keep your house clean and furniture intact. Also, you will achieve a disciplined pet that knows their boundaries.