How To Tell if Your Dog is Pregnant

How To Tell if Your Dog is PregnantHow To Tell if Your Dog is Pregnant.  Determining whether your dog is pregnant is a tricky affair. A new owner or an inexperienced breeder might find it a challenge to be able to identify. There are certain symptoms that you can look out for but there are many things that one ought to consider and the odds are that we might have miscalculated on any one of those which in turn effect our estimation. Taking your dog to a veterinary doctor is always a better option, but you it would always be good to do some initial level of determination to eliminate any false alarms.

How do we identify early signs?

Identifying early signs is difficult, especially if you are inexperienced. However there are certain signs that you can look out for. Dogs becoming lethargic would be one of the fists signs and it generally is an effect of the hormonal changes experienced by dogs. There are other noticeable physical changes like the nipple growth, loss of appetite which could hint at pregnancy but there are many a factors which influence the conception. The better way to go would be having a pregnancy test done. There are pregnancy test kits that are available which you can use to determine, saving the effort and save of an ultra scan at a veterinary doctor.

Dog Pregnancy tests:

Using a Dog pregnancy test how to tell if your dog is pregnant? A regular pregnancy test is a combination of 5 different tests. The pregnancy tests measure the level of the hormone relaxin” in the serum and plasma samples of the blood taken from the dog. Higher levels of the hormone “relaxin” in the blood are an indication of the pregnancy. These tests can be conducted as early as 21 days into the suspected pregnancy of the dog.

How To Tell if Your Dog is Pregnant

A small blood sample collected from the dog would be enough to provide the results instantly. For an inexperienced new owner and in fact for many of the canine loving owners, it is a bit of a challenge to prick the needle and collect the blood sample from the dog, however this step is very much needed if one would want to go ahead with the testing. After collecting the blood sample, the next step is to use a centrifuge to separate the blood plasma and the serum. It could be a challenge for a new owner; in that case the sample can be taken to a vet who would be able to separate the blood. The kit can then be applied on the serum and plasma to get instant results.

The advantage of Dog pregnancy test.

One of the most important aspects of going for the dog pregnancy tests is that the results are instant. The results would remove any doubts you have on the pregnancy and more importantly cuts of the guessing game that you do. It is a cheaper option when compared to an ultrasound and there by more feasible to opt for in case of any initial doubts of your dog conceiving. One another important feature of the tests are that they do not provide any false positives.

So, if you are looking at getting instant results and cut down on the expanses of going to a vet to get the ultra sound scan done, the better option would be to go for the Dog pregnancy test.