Oatmeal Bath for Dogs and How to make One

oatmeal bath for dogsOatmeal bath for dogs. Just like us humans, your little pet dog too can end up having itchy skin. Constant itching can be a visible sign of dietary issues, allergies due to contact or even skin problems like mange. This itchiness can also be a direct result of excessively dry skin. Many dog owners have observed similar problems in their pets. And have therefore sought the simplest and the most effective solution in this regard. Yes. I am talking about oatmeal baths. It has been observed by many pet owners that oatmeal bath for dogs, relives them from itchy skin and also ensures that they are clean, dry and healthy.

Oatmeal bath for  dogs recommended?

One of the main reasons why oatmeal bath for your dog is recommended is simply because it nourishes and soothes your pet’s skin. Likewise, it also acts as an excellent moisturizer preventing it from being dry or flaky under all weather conditions. A good oatmeal bath will leave an invisible protective coating of oatmeal on your dog’s skin. This in turn, will prevent it from further possibilities of itching. However, if you happen to suspect that the itching experienced by your dog is a direct result of a medical condition, then it is highly recommended to take your dog for a proper treatment to a good veterinarian.

How to make an oatmeal bath?

So in case your dog is experiencing a similar issue and you are looking to help him out, here’s a detailed insight on making an oatmeal bath.

Powder your Oatmeal

First you need powdered oatmeal. While powdered variants of oatmeal are always available, another good option here would be to blend a cup of your plain, regular,uncooked oatmeal. To do this, simply put a cup of your regular oatmeal in a blender, and blend it until it becomes a fine powder. Bleand until mixed . As you get your oatmeal powdered, it will be easier to get it dissolved in water. In this regard, you can use any type of oatmeal as long as it is plain and regular. Do not use those variants that are laden with a flavoring or sugar.

oatmeal bath for dogsGet some lukewarm water

In the very next step of creating an oatmeal bath for dogs, you will have to fill your bathtub with some mildly heated or lukewarm water. Fill the tub until it reaches the chest of your dog. Make sure the water is perfectly lukewarm. You can check this by putting the water inside your wrist. While you do this, your water should feel comfortable against your skin. In case it feels excessively hot or cold, adjust its temperature accordingly.

Add the oatmeal powder

In the third step. you will have to use your powdered oatmeal and add it to the water in the bathtub.  Use your hands for to apply the powder of oatmeal around the water so that it is perfectly dissolved in it. Here, also make it a point to mix that powder thoroughly such that it doesn’t create any lump at the bottom of your bathtub. Mix the oatmeal  to the proper consistency. It will take a milky white shade. Here, you should also re-check the temperature of the water by taking it in your wrist once again. This will ensure that the water is at a good temperature for your dog. Adjust the temperature of necessary.

Set up an oatmeal bath dogs

Now that your oatmeal bath for dogs is ready. Now use your hands for gently scooping some oatmeal bath at the back of your dog. Keep doing this once in every couple of minutes. Letting your pet sit in the bath for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t be afraid if your dog is a little impatient. Keep him calm by talking to him, scooping water on his body and petting him while he takes his bath.

Pat your dog dry

In the final step, you will have to remove your little pet from the bath. Do not let the mix rinsed off. Now gently pat him dry with a proper and clean cloth/towel. As you do this, you will notice that the oatmeal bath has left an invisible coating on the skin of your dog. This itself will prevent further itching.

So make an oatmeal bath for your dog and keep your little pet nourished, moisturized and infection free, all way round.