Lessons I learned on which Dog Flea Treatments Work

Fleas may cause itching and tiredness and can carry a host of ailments, including Lyme disease and, needless to say, the  Bubonic plague. What’s the best flea treatment solution to help in keeping your dog safe? Flea drops, like Advantix and Frontline, are the most typical type of flea prevention to your pet. These drops may prevent flea larvae from developing as well as kill any adult fleas which are already on your dog. Shampoos can kill fleas up to a day, but they only change adult fleas, not larvae or eggs. Flea sprays also must accompanied by a prevention technique to maintain infestations from coming back.

One, Frontline does not work on a particular strain of Florida fleas, and perhaps other varieties. K9 Advantixtwo for dogs is the next most popular flea drop medicine after Frontline. Vectra uses a somewhat different formulation than Advantix or Frontline that kills fleas on contact, not after they sting. Not only does it kill and repel fleas, in addition, it works on ticks, lice, mosquitoes, sand flies, and mites, maintaining your dog safe from many biting insects which could spread disorders. PetArmor kills fleas, an extensive selection of ticks, and lice and lasts to get up to one month.

If you’re fighting to get ahead on your flea problem, this is just an excellent way to wipe out the mature fleas who’re laying eggs and starting with a prevention technique to keep them from coming back. Unlike CapGuard, Flea Away, like its name implies, repels fleas as opposed to killing them. Flea collars are an excellent choice if monthly treatment isn’t a good option for your dog. Bayer has another strong flea treatment product in its Serious Flea and Tick Collar.

Dog Flea TreatmentsIn addition to cleaning and freshening your pet, several shampoos may also prevent flea eggs from hatching. Based on your flea prevention strategy, these may be utilized in conjunction with more than one of the other methods to be sure that your pup stays safe and healthful all year round. It is the most typical flea and tick shampoo around and to get a very valid reason. The formulation is a double step strategy, utilizing natural elements like aloe, oatmeal, and lanolin as well as substances like Precor to kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and lice. It is extremely effective to kill fleas, ticks, and lice and it kills flea eggs and larvae to get up to 28 days. The largest con is that it is on the top end, price clever, for flea shampoos. Just use dawn dish washing liquid. It is the best.

But for me good old Borax for fleas  works every time.

Diatomaceous earth fleas alternative for Borax

Diatomaceous earth fleasDiatomaceous Earth  is undoubtedly an all-natural, efficient way to kill pests.When the fleas or any other pest  come in contact with it’s sharp razor like edges, the fragments is going to cut into there hardened outer shell and wick away their bodies fluids. Diatomaceous earth is most successful on active fleas you can apply it directly dog or cat. And gently rubbing it into the coat. Diatomaceous earth is a form of hard-shelled plankton or phytoplankton that was created millions of years ago in seas as well as wetlands that blanketed a percentage of your american United states of america. It is mined from underground just like borax.Then ground into a super fine powder. It is absolutely safe for you as well as your family pets. This kind  of Diatomaceous Earth is actually made use of as a organic and successful pesticide. DE is definitely an outstanding & completely all-natural flea control, without any showing of side effects . Diatomaceous Earth isn’t a poison.

Food-grade or DE is sometimes made use of to deworm animals and even in humans. It is actually most often used instead of boric acid, and where a nontoxic solution is needed.It will take about Twenty-four to Seventy two hours for your live fleas to perish. If fresh fleas hatch, then it is exactly the same for them. so it isn’t an urgent issue. They will be dead in the next 24 hours.

 I use DE on outside, around the foundation of my house. Every couple of feet I spread a little around the openings where the mortar all the way up . If ants really are a issue, including the notorious fire ant, spread Diatomaceous Earth straight around the ant hills in which it will likely be followed into the nest. Immediately, ants won’t be an issue without the use of poisonous pesticides. Also in case your family pet eats a little amount of it, you’ll find nothing to concern yourself with. And so, with DE, you do not only treat flea problem throughout the house, but additionally infestation which impacts your furry friend.


Life Cycle of A Flea

The Life cycle of a flea control issues are aggravated because of the lack of understanding and knowledge of a given pupal stage of the flea. Even with advanced innovations pest management, the flea pupae has proven as being hardest to control of every stages of the flea life cycle. Most people think that their flea control program is failing when within fact they just do not understand the tough a critter a e flea pupae is.

Flea pupae development actually begins in the Life cycle of a flea through the third and final instar of the larvae. Flea larvae spin their pupal case by using a combination of materials collected with their immediate area, with the assistance of a specific silk produced by the larvae. This silky material (created by spit of the larvae) helps combine together debris gathered by the adolescent flea. In a house, these materials include pet and human hair, lint, dust and materials from carpets, furniture and upholstery. Making use of these materials, the larvae puts together a water-tight cocoon that’s almost unseen – totally camouflaged by blending together with its surroundings.

Life cycle of a flea

life cycle of a fleaThe main change occurs around the pupal case in the Life cycle of a flea: the legless, eyeless worm is changed into the highly formed insect that is engineered to detect warm blooded nesting animals, jump high enough and fast enough to latch on to the animal and feed voraciously from the animal’s blood.
If you open a flea pupal casing you would either discover a fully developed grown-up flea, a reforming flea larvae or maybe an undeveloped larvae which has been deformed by an insect growth regulator.  Although the change is complete, the fully developed adult flea will not necessarily emerge at this time. Nature has a way of protecting creatures from starvation until the point of demise. Immediately after emerging, the adult flea need to have a blood meal to live and companion. In the event the fleas emerge and it isn’t a suitable host within the immediate area, the fleas would not survive. Nature protects fleas by giving them the capacity to remain in their cocoon (pupal casing) until there is a good chance that a host is close by. It is not unusual regarding the protected flea to keep dormant for some months at a time. Without sensing a possible meal, the flea remains dormant. Many people return home from vacation only to find thousands of fleas that they will did not know existed before they went on their trip. The very act of walking around, shutting doors, etc., produces vibrations that cause lots and lots of fleas to hatch simultaneously – hungry fleas that attack anything that moves, in search of dinner.

Impacting the Life cycle of a flea – Flea Pupae

This is actually the most frustrating portion of flea control which explains why a grasp of the dormant stage is so important because of an integrated pest management perspective. The majority of folks assume that as soon as a home or lawn has actually been sprayed or otherwise treated, they will not see any more fleas. This just is certainly not the case. Pesticide sprays kill adult fleas that are in contact with the spray. Insect growth regulators effect only flea eggs and flea larvae, preventing them from becoming adults. Flea Stoppers kills flea eggs and flea larvae.
Pesticides, insect growth regulators and borate carpet treatments (Flea Stoppers) do not kill fleas that might be with their protected pupal casing. The case or cocoon is water-tight and never affected by sprays. This means that control of flea pupae involves removing them mechanically (cleaning, vacuuming) and provoking each of them hatch.
Your vacuum cleaner will be your best friend and most important tool for controlling flea pupae in your house. As stated in development of fleas inside pupae, you will find only three possible creatures inside of the pupae: a fully developed flea, a maturing flea and a larvae deformed by an IGR that will not live. Once you have treated your home with a product for eggs and larvae, the next thing is to eliminate as many pupae as you can.Interrupt the Life cycle of a flea.

Get rid of Fleas with These Four Steps

How to get rid of fleas. If you have pets sooner or later you will have fleas and I say this from personal experience. This summer being 2014. My wife decided to do our neighbor a favor and dog set for them while they spent two weeks in Texas. They have  one large dog so smaller half mix Chihuahua. They both spend the day out in the yard do their business and go back in the house. Where they spent the next two weeks constantly looking out the window for them to return.They had to cut their trip short because the smaller dog stopped eating.(he was so sad) But in the process they and my wife picked up fleas. This summer has been really hot and with high humidity has certainly been an ideal  for these unwanted critters. To make a long story short , now both houses have fleas.
We’ve been in this house for five years now and have had no problems since then. We only have two rooms carpet and the rest is harwood. I thought a could knock this out in a few days. Needless to say I was mistaken.

There are four keys to get rid of fleas in your house

get rid of fleas

five dead fleas in borax

1.The first would be of course spreading down borax laundry detergent over every floor and your home. This also includes any fabric type furniture. Get in the cracks all the way up to the wall. They will hide everywhere. I saw them do this.
2.Second would be your vacuum cleaner. If you happen to get fleas and don’t have anything on hand to treat them with, the first thing you should do grab is your vacuum cleaner and vacuum every single room in your house.Everyday until you do.
3.The third and what I found out to be an excellent way to get rid of fleas . I never really bothered much with them. I just wanted to do the whole borax process. What I did find out is your dog or your cat is the best flea trap in the world. This goes without saying if you have fleas in your house they will end  up on your pets. If they are on your pets you can get rid of 50% of them right now.


flea comb

Comb was $5.00 bucks on Amazon. click to see

double row flea comb

Make sure you put a few drops of dawn dishwashing liquid in the water to drown the fleas.

Combing out the cats is a lot easier than giving them a bath in your sink. I did  and I have the scratches to prove it.


4.  Use a high quality flea killer. These work and yes they do cost more,but you will not be disappointed or need to buy another one because that cheaper brand didn’t work..I have said this a thousand times. Use Frontline capsules. When my wife came out to the garage and said we have fleas. The first thing I did was to order more flea capsules.I had run out and she didn’t let me forget it until the new ones came in.These are the ones we use


Just remember there is no cure all for fleas due to their life cycle. The fact that they are encased in an egg in born lakes it hard to get all of them at the same time. The best thing to do is protect your pets all year around.

Fleas and the Family pet

Fleas certainly are a problem for dogs and also their owners alike. These tiny pests will survive on the body of your respective dog, sucking the animal’s blood and laying eggs. The bites and presence of fleas can cause the dog to itch and if the dog happens to be allergic to fleas (the allergy is technically to the insect’s’ saliva) it may experience extreme itching, loss of fur in some locations, inflammation, and problems. No matter whether the dog has an allergy to flea’s saliva, infestations must be dealt with or they will go on and on and of course the fleas will also infest your own home, other pets, and could even live on humans. In short; you’ll be able to be directly and adversely affected by an out of hand flea infestation.

Discovering Fleas:

If you suspect your dog has fleas because it’s been scratching a little more than usual, there are ways to check for their presence. Fleas are very small (no less than an eighth of an inch long), but visible to the naked eye, and brownish in color. Basically because they prefer dark places they will try to hide under the dog’s fur, under the collar, or on the underbelly. Their fecal matter also know as fleas dirt. This material can also be seen on the dog’s coat and appears like multiple black flecks or specks – almost like pepper. If fleas or their droppings are discovered it’s time to treat your dog to get rid of them.

Treating Your Dog for Fleas:

family pet dog

Our dog Grace. May she rest in peace

While flea collars (that I call poison on a rope), powders, and sprays could help to avoid infestations to some extent, they won’t help when the dog has become infested. When fleas are infesting a dog a female lays eggs at a rate of about thirty per day. These eggs fall off the animal and into your carpets, floors, or wherever the dog might be. In these areas they hatch and pupate, eventually growing into mature fleas which can certainly then re-infest the canine. In order to halt the cycle all the fleas upon the dog and in the environment needs to be killed or the life cycle needs to be interrupted.

There are several flea treatments readily available for dogs, but one of the best is an oral medication that won’t kill adult fleas, but does kill the eggs and larva.  This interrupts the flea’s life cycle and prevents them from repeating, as long as the animal is not continually in contact with new fleas. If that’s happening, the origin needs to be cleaned of fleas no matter if it is the rug, the environment, or any other dogs with which your dog associates.

Fleas can become a real nuisance for your furry friend and their owners, but catching them and treating loved one quickly is the key to eliminating the infestation and preventing the little buggers from returning.

DIY Flea Baths- Helping Your Cat get rid of fleas

There is hardly anything worse for a family when living with a cat/ kitten that is actually suffering from a flea infestation. It’s bad enough that your current cat is constantly scratching and clawing at itself, even ripping large hunks of hair and flesh from its body looking for a way to rid itself of the biting insects. But unfortunately there isn’t anything to prevent the fleas from staying on the cat. If the problem remains untreated, you can actually quickly find that your particular entire house is filled with fleas, therefore you are being bitten nearly as often as your pet house cat. The reason for this post is a question I received by a nice lady who was having trouble with her cats and she left this comment.

I have always said:You should stop the fleas as soon as the first one shows up,before they take control your own home.

how to get rid of fleas on cats

Preventive medicine has been found to be the best way to make certain that your pet and house stay flea free. There are several topical medications sold at today’s market really are created to prevent fleas from feasting on your cat. A lot of the products are quite successful provided the cat owner follow the directions and utilize them properly.

If your cat already has fleas, the fastest method of getting rid of them is to give it a flea bath. Try to find a flea shampoo “Pert Plus ” or Dawn dish liquid” that is mild enough that likely it won’t hurt your cat or kitten. For anybody who is not able to look for a mild flea shampoo that you are confident won’t irritate your cat’s skin or strip its hair of its natural oils, try out a baby  shampoo .The good ole kitchen is a great place to give your pet a bath. This will allow you to stand up and get a better grip while you’re holding your cat in the water. Kitchen sinks are typically deeper and smaller than a bath tube,giving them less room to get away.

how to give a cat a bath


“When you happen to be giving your pet cat a  bath have plenty of towel around, both to dry your freshly washed pet, and to sop any excess water that will get inadvertently splashed located on the counters and kitchen floor. If your cat is going to bite and scratch when its in the bath, you may wish to purchase a pair of thick, tall welding  gloves which will protect your hands and arms. Of course if you dawn dish soap flea killerdo get bitten by your cat while giving it a flea bath you ought to be able to get to your doctor’s office promptly, even cats that might be kept inside, have dirty mouths and cat bites can get infected very quickly.After your cat has had its bath , send time talking to and drying it’s hair to let them know everything’s all right .Bathing your cat will be easier should it be one thing you do to it regularly. If you start bathing your kitten when you first get it, the cat will learn that baths are simply just a routine part of life and are also very little to stress over. I know it is hard to do and both you and your cat hate to go through this torture, but it is something you must do as a pet owner.

For those who still use Flea collars,that I will always hate,but people still use.Are a traditional favorite of animal owners inside the war against fleas. Strapping a flea collar (poison) around you cat’s neck can certainly help prevent fleas from sipping your pet’s blood provided your cat is not adept at slipping the collar from around its neck. If flea collars are your chosen method of flea control be sure that the collar is not so tight that your chosen cat has difficulty breathing and eating but not so loose that your cat is in danger of getting caught on objects while it plays.


Borax Uses

Now that you have a box of  20 Mule team borax it  has many more uses other than washing clothes and killing fleas.  I love 20 mule team borax there are so many other tasks around the house it can do, it’s just amazing. I like the fact that you are not only buying a laundry detergent additive but also a cleaner, deodorizer, bug killer and so much more . If you are looking to save money and do away with other cleaners around your home. If you dont already have a box of 20 Mule Team Borax get one.Here are but a few of  borax uses I know of. Feel free to add yours to the comments below.

Borax Uses

1borax uses.Of course in the laundry department borax will brighten your cloths and your washing machine will also smell better.
2.By mixing a half cup of borax to one gallon of warm water you can use a kitchen cleaner for all types of surfaces and all of your appliances.
3.In the bathroom, sprinkle borax on a towel to clean shower walls and sinks. Pour about a half cup in the toilet and let set overnight or scrub with brush to clean the bowl.

4. Deodorize all your your garbage cans. Mix 1/2 cup borax to one gallon warm water let it soak then rinse out.
5. Mix 1/2 cup of borax with one gallon of hot water in your carpet cleaner for awesome results.
6.Sprinkle a handful of borax on a stripped bed to bring back that fresh smell. This will also kill bedbugs if you have them as a problem.
7.Toss a handful of borax in your pet carriers while they are not in use. Your pets will thank you for this one.
8.Add a 1/4 cup to a humidifier to make the whole house smell fresh.
9. Sprinkle borax in the bathtub and scrub with a damp cloth. Gets hard water stains off in a hurry.
10. Clean your hair brushes by soaking them in a little borax and warm water for about an hour ,then wash off.
11.Add a tablespoon to your dishwasher to remove water spots.
12.Mildew remover. Mix a tablespoon with 16 oz water in a spray bottle.
13. Stink in your kitchen sink drain. pour 1/2 cup of borax and a gallon of very hot water and poured it down the drain.
14. As an Ant killer. Mix equal parts borax and sugar. Mix with water to form a dry  paste. Place in area where the ants can find it quick. They will carry it back to the nest .

I know there are many more borax uses and if you have any please feel free to list them in the comments below.


How to get rid of Fleas in Carpet

If you have fleas in your home the chances are they will be living in your carpet and on your pets. When a flea has been hatched it need to find a host within 7 days or it will die.In other words it needs to eat and your carpet is a great hiding spot to ambush a pet walking by.Fleas are excellent jumpers are reach heights of over 8 inches.This is rather amazing considering how tall they are. Fleas wait in hiding in your carpet until one of two things trigger their jump, vibrations from them walking or co2 from your pets breath.After that it’s lunchtime for them.This is why you need to stop them while they are a young adult and have not breed yet. If left untreated the flea problem will only get worse.

get rid of fleas in carpetI am a big fan of using Borax laundry detergent for fleas so much I made this website about it. Over the years I have never once found a flea in my carpet after treating them with borax. The whole process is very simple and you should read my borax for fleas article it explain how to get them out of your home on all surfaces. Lets say you want to do your living room. Makes sense that is where everyone hangs out the most including the pets.First off remove any furniture you can as long as you don’t think it has any fleas on it. Next I like to cover any end tables,coffee tables that I was not able to get out of the way. There may be a little bit of dust in the air as you spread the borax on the carpet.By covering items now it will save on clean up later.Now- This may sound a bit strange,but you want to run the vacuum over the carpet before you star. This will make the carpet fibers stand up and allow the borax to penetrate the carpet better. Before you do shake out about a handful of Borax on the carpet and suck it up with the vacuum. This will kill any fleas you get with the first cleaning.

OK, take you box or fill a shaker and sprinkle the borax laundry detergent all over the carpet. You want to cover it equally ,but to to heavy. I like to use a broom or just walk on it to help work it down in the fiber where the fleas are and let it sit. Depending on how bad the flea problem is. A few fleas couple hours. If fido is eat up with them overnight. “No more than 24 hours” as fading of the carpet may occur. I warned you. Don’t do it and keep this room closed off if possible,keep the pets out and dont let them get it on there paws. As they will more than likely lick it off. Borax is a laundry detergent if you wont eat,dont let them.
When you are ready to clean up,run the vacuum over the carpeting once then empty the bag or container and vacuum again.
If you see any left over fleas just suck them up in the vacuum and move on to the next room. Getting rid of fleas in carpet is just doing your regular house work. So dont worry about calling an exterminator.


Best way to kill fleas and keep them out of your home

vacuumThe best way to kill fleas in your home is not just one way or treatment,but a combination of things you will have to do on a regular schedule if you are a pet owner. If you have several pets inside your home it mat be necessary to double to effort in order to keep fleas off your pets and out of your home.As you may have guessed by now Borax laundry detergent is my favorite way to kill fleas. It not only kills adult fleas but if it comes in contact with the eggs they to will not make it long. Borax doesn’t poison the fleas rather it wicks out the moisture from their body and cut into the hard outer skin to kill them. In my opinion it is far safer than other so called brand name solutions out here.


Vacuuming your carpets if you have pets every two to three days a week will caught 95 % of the adult fleas in your home. This is by far the best thing you can do to help your pets and keep fleas off of them. Fleas in the larva stag of their life will eat anything they can. Anything organic that can be found on the floor,carpet,human dander or pet’s bedding will keep them alive. If you can remove the food supply they will die within a week. This is why I always tell people if you want to get rid of fleas, get rid of the food chain. Most vacuums have different attachments on them more a reason. Use them to get in,under or behind anything and everything.Remember if your vacuum cleaner has a bag in it remove the bag after you clean or set the whole thing outside if possible. If  I know I have a few fleas in the house and I am not going to treat it with borax. I will throw a handful of 20 mule team borax on the floor and suck it up. This will kill any fleas that get caught while cleaning.

Washing your Pets bedding

This is where your pet(s) sleep or just hang out. Have you see a flea or your dog/cat starts to scratch. Grab their favorite blanket,pillow cushion and chunk it in the washing machine. You may have to do this every day or at least every other day while you are battling fleas.I keep a spare blanket in the closet to swap out when needed. If they sleep in certain place every night try running the vacuum cleaner in this area every day.

Interrupt their life cycle

best way to kill fleasA flea has four cycles in it’s life span. Egg, larva,pups and adult. If you can stop or interrupt any part of life cycle you can kill them before they reach the adult stag and start bedding. A single female can lay 20 eggs in her life span then those 20 and 20 more and so and so. You get the picture.After a female lays her egg. It takes two weeks before the egg hatches and becomes an adult. At the first sign of a flea I always figure I have 1 week to get a jump on stopping them from reproducing.


Fleas need heat and humidity in order to survive. They prefer high heat and above average humidity. By controlling the temp in your home can slow down the life cycle or stop the eggs from hatching. Flea eggs can not survive above 103 degrees. That been said and this is just one of my crazy ideas that I have not tried. If one was to turn up the heat in one room on a hot day and get a temp of over 100 degree for over say 4 hours ,it may be possible to kill off the larva this way.Dehumidifiers work great. As fleas need moisture the the would dehumidifier remove it from the air ,thus drying out the larva and eggs. I would think it would work best in a room that could be closed off. The only drawback to a is the price.They coast around 250.00 for a good one. I found a old one at a yard sale for 50 dollars. You may find one yourself.

 Flea Shampoo

dawn dish soap flea killerThis one is easy. Don’t bother with anything marketed as a flea shampoo. They are a waste of money. Pert plus  or dawn dish washing liquid are  a great flea shampoo.It will get the job done and is used by ” The Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue“. You can read the full article on their FAQ page. Enough said about shampoos.

 What not to use

1.Bug bombs- they don’t work and you have to clean everything later.
2.Flea collars- poison on a rope. If you would not wear one,don’t expect your pet to.
3.Anything with a red skull and crossbones on it. There is a reason it’s called poison.

I hope this has shed some light on the  Best way to kill fleas. With a little effort and time you can keep your home fleas free.

Borax for Flea Control

Using Borax for flea control is a low cost and effective way to keep your home free of these unwanted pest. Over the years my wife and have used Borax laundry detergent to kill fleas time and time again.Never once has it failed to kill off all fleas in which ever room it was applied to. If you have read the Borax for fleas article then you already know how to begin getting your home back to normal again. I have a schedule of what I call preventive flea maintenance each year to help make sure I can keep fleas under control in my house. As we have 4 cats and a dog of is outside quite often. Keeping fleas under control can be a daunting task at times.

Borax for Flea Control

puppyEvery spring or when the weather starts warming up. I begin outside with  the front yard and work around the house spreading borax on the grass with a sweeping motion and trying to get a even covering ,but not to heavy as to burn the grass. Less is more in this step. Just don’t over do it. I broke down this summer and bought a spreader to make it easier next year, but if you don’t have one your hands or a small cup will also work. My theory is to stop them before they can get on our dog and in the house. I believe if I can reduce the number of fleas living in the grass there will be fewer latching on Gracie our dog. Using borax in the yard I have also seen other insects like ants and spiders numbers decrease over half. I am not sure if it is because of the borax treatment, but I am going to look into it further. Anyway, after I get the yard done and  even if you do the entire yard don’t forget walkways and driveways as well. Fleas are sneaky and are hard to kill. You have to cover all the places they can hide. Even  garages , porches and steps. If you live in an apartment building I would sprinkle a little outside the front door,steps and landings. Every little bit helps.

Now the outside is done I start inside with the outer perimeter rooms then working toward the center. This works seems to work best for me. I think of it as I am working in each room the fleas i miss or jump in to the next room will eventually end up in the last center room effectually killing all fleas at once. I know for a lot of you this will not be a option as you and your family cant just leave a room closed off for an extended period of time. In this case try a tier approach. Pick out the room that has the most fleas and start there. If you can reduce the number of fleas by a half or a third each time you use borax for fleas you can get all of them.  After hitting the worst rooms wash all of your pets bedding  at least once a week  or each day while you are treating your home. As the fleas will hideout on them to stay alive. While you are treating each room make sure you do one room every day. If you do one room and stop for a few days you will have to start over and this will just be extra work nobody wants.

borax for flea controlBorax for flea control is only a small part of keeping your home flea free. Fleas hate a clean environment and vacuuming . By running your vacuum every two to three days

borax for flea control

during “flea season” you can keep them from becoming a problem.Another is humidity,fleas love moisture in the air. The hotter the more they like. If you have a dehumidifier- use it. Air conditioning,keeping the temperature down will also slow down egg production.As always use a good quality flea medication . I recommend
Frontline Flea for dogs they are nothing but the best you can buy for your best friend.,they are not cheap buy no means,but most importantly they work. They have them for cats and small dogs as well .