Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Fleas

tea tree oilTea tree Oil for fleas has been used for years.Tea tree is also called Australian tree tea oil. During the past few years, this oil has become very popular .Tea tree Oil for fleas has been used for years. . During the past few years, this oil has become very popular for treating many kinds of skin conditions. Due to this, tea tree oil has also been added to a few veterinary skin care products. However, they are added in very small concentrations, .1% to 1%, this oil is considered safe for dogs and cats.

One thing which pet parents must remember is that ingestion of high concentrations of tea tree oil like 100 percent tea tree oil is harmful for the pets and lead to toxicity.


What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is oil which is extracted from the leaves of a tree which is native to Australia. The tree is quite similar to myrtle tree. The oil has a pale yellow color and camphor like smell. It has bacterial and fungicidal properties which make it a great remedy to treat acne, burns, boils and insect bites in human beings as well as pets. Many times it is added to vaporizers to treat infections. In the past few years due to its increasing popularity, the oil has been added to many cosmetic products like soaps, toothpaste, lotions, creams and shampoos.

If taken orally, it can lead to toxicity in pets as well as human beings. People often feel that using this oil is safe as it is natural. This is a major problem due to lack of labeling.

Spraying of Tea Tree oil For Fleas


If your dog has flea infestation, then spraying him with a solution of tea tree oil and water can work very well. Add 1 tsp of tea tree oil into 1 cup of warm water. Pour the mixture in clean spray bottle which is readily available in pharmaceutical and health food stores.

Do not spray inside the home, take your dog outside and give him a good spray. Some fleas will die immediately and others might leap off. Spay the entire coat with this mixture and keep him outside for at least 15 minutes till the mixture dries. Keep doing this for few days until you see that all fleas have gone. This treatment with tea tree oil for fleas is a very good and natural way of treating fleas.

Using tea tree oil Shampoo

There is another option if you want to use tea tree oil for fleas in your pet’s coat. Add a few drops of oil to the regular pet shampoo. The main problem which fleas face because of tea tree oil is that they do not like the smell of it and will remove themselves from it. Shampoo your pet well in each and every corner of the skin. You will be able to see fleas leaving the skin immediately. To treat fleas in your pet’s body, give him a shampoo everyday using this mixture for about a week or even more until you see that the fleas have gone and there is not more o disturb them

tea tree oil for fleasPrecautions

Always remember to use tea tree oil in a diluted form with shampoo or any other substance before applying it on your pet. If you apply it in concentrated form, you might kill the fleas but it will be extremely irritating for your pet. You will see them scratching themselves more ad that would hurt them more than the fleas. You will see them coming back to normal only after there is no more tea tree oil in the skin.

Tea tree oil Toxicity for Pets

There are various types of chemicals called terpenes present in tea tree oil. These chemicals make the oil effective in fighting against bacteria and fungi. They are also the toxic ones which are rapidly absorbed into the body whether taken orally or applied over the skin. Applying tea tree oil for fleas topically or ingesting it will have the same result.

The symptoms in your pet will vary according to the amount of terseness which have been ingested. Vomiting and drooling are minor symptoms which can be seen even when small dose or the oil is ingested. Some animals which have already been ill will have life threatening symptoms like tremors, seizures, coma etc. The symptoms will continue for 2 to 12 hours after the exposure.

What is the treatment for toxicity?

Unfortunately there is no antidote for terpenes. It depends how much toxicity has been spread into the body. Mild contamination will be cleaned by washing the skin with a detergent. Trying to make your pet vomit on purpose is not recommended because this will increase the risk of aspiration pneumonia.

People have often tried to administer activated charcoal after oral ingestion of terpenes, but the results are unknown, but it is still important to administer medicine for vomiting before giving your pet activated charcoal or it will be of no use.

The standard support therapy is to do skin decontamination with intravenous fluids. Other symptoms need to be taken care of by medication only. The treatments should be continues for 3 days after the exposure. As the terpenes are toxic, use liver protection medicines from vets also. This would include silymarin for two weeks.

How to protect tea tree oil poisoning in pets?

Even though tea tree oil for fleas is highly effective in treating skin condition sin pets, it is a home remedy and is not proven to be above other kinds of treatments. The concentrations which are recommended for skin problems for tea tree oil far exceeds the concentration which are found in most pet products. It is good to use natural products but it is not worth the risky at all. It is very difficult to calculate how much tea tree oil is to be used and most of the times miscalculations occur and finally if you have tea tree oil at home for own personal purpose, please store them away from your pets at any cost.

Overall if you see then tea tree oil is not bad, but there aren’t any chemically proven dosages so that pet parents may be guided as to what to do and how much to add. There isn’t much information also available to understand what to do in case of over dose or oral ingestion. Hence it becomes dangerous for pets and it is recommended to stick to other treatments for fleas.