What to do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

What to do If Your Dog Eats ChocolateWhat to do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate.Chocolate is toxic to your pet. If your dog has eaten a chocolate, then first you will have to understand the type and amount of the chocolate he has consumed. Some chocolates are less harmful and cause minor health complications. But if your pet has eaten some poisonous with a large amount, then he might need a medical emergency. For example, if your pet ate a little amount of the milk chocolate, you do not need to worry much. But unsweetened baking chocolate can be much more dangerous and can be life-threatening without immediate medical attention. Therefore, it is important to know which chocolates are more harmful to your dogs.

Which chocolates are harmful?

Milk chocolate will not cause any life-threatening condition. But when the quantity is more, your dog can be sick. As mentioned earlier, unsweetened baking chocolates are very dangerous. Baking chocolates are normally used to make chocolate cake, brownies, truffles, and other desserts. Make sure that your dog is not having baking chocolates even in a less quantity. One bite can also be harmful. If it is milk chocolate and your pet is just having a little quantity, then there is no danger.

What is the sign of the poisoning?

Chocolates affect the nervous system of your pet directly. As the result, you might notice some hyperactive behavior. Some other signs of poisoning are the larger amount of the urines, thirstiness, vomiting, and diarrhea. These are not the life threatening condition, but these complications can leave your dog completely exhausted. In the rare instances, your puppy might stop breathing and you might need to perform the rescue breathing. Some dangerous signs are the seizers, coma, muscle spasms, tremors, and ultimately death.

What to do If Your Dog Eats ChocolateHow to treat chocolate poisoning

You will not find any antidote for the chocolate poisoning. The dogs might need the supportive treatments to prevent the further absorption of the chocolate poison and to eliminate the poison from the system fast and more effectively. The vet will try to reduce the symptoms and to improve the overall health condition.

The vet might consider activated charcoal to prevent the further absorption. The dog will be given appropriate medications for the vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and heart irregularities. The treatment will be continued for the seventy-two hours for the complete elimination.

First aid to prevent any seriousness

Whenever you see your dog having such thing, first you need to induce vomiting to get rid of the poison fast. Chocolates are not absorbed quickly. If you make your pet vomit soon after noticing such activities, it may be helpful to prevent the poisoning. Make your puppy to have a small meal. It will delay the absorption and also helps to induce the vomiting. You can also use the table salt for the vomiting. After the vomiting, you should visit your vet for the further care.

The best way to protect your dog from the poisoning is to prevent the problem. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep the chocolates, especially the bake chocolates, out of the reach of the pet. Remember that your little negligence can cause severe health complications, even the death.