Why do Dogs Tilt Their Heads When We Talk

Why do Dogs Tilt Their Heads Why do Dogs Tilt Their Heads. Are you fond of pet dogs? Have you ever noticed their activities very deeply? Then you must have noticed that they tilt their heads while you interact with them. Dogs are sensitive and intelligent animals, and like humans they have emotions. They dream and have a good memory. The question why do dogs tilt their heads may have a number of answers. You can even figure out some of them if you observe them carefully while you speak to them.

They try to recognize the sensory organ

Experts say that dogs are sensitive animals; they have a high affinity to respond to human interaction. Veterinarians who have experimented with the sensory organ of dog have stated that they try to sense the direction of the sound and they tilt their head so that the ear is more sensitive to the sound. Since they have a muzzle near their mouth, they tilt their head to have a better view of the person who is speaking to them. This reason is quite transparent.

Dogs continuously scan our faces

Another school of thought says that dogs always tilt their heads and they try to gaze our facial expression. This theory must be the reason why dogs continuously tilt their faces and try to listen what we are trying to communicate.

Health reasons: 

Dogs which suffer from hypothyroidism, injury to nerves, cancer, toxic effects and congenital effects then they have a tendency to tilt their head and respond to the source of a sound.

Disorientation on the vestibular region

Veterinarians say that if the dogs have disorientation in the vestibular region which is present in the inner ear, then they have a tendency to tilt their heads. But there can be various other reasons for this unusual behavior in dogs. When they grow old, their tendencies to tilt heads become even more.

Cute expression:

Dogs are lovable and cute animals. So, when we talk to them, then they tilt their heads so that we can see the response to sound and they look beautiful. There is no exact reason why they tile their head, but then it’s a style and a hobby for them.

Dogs with bigger muzzle tilt more

It is a universal observance, and often dog lovers report that dogs which have more rounded muzzle like greyhound they have a tendency to lean more.

Why do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

There are various types of expressions that canine give us. There are numerous studies on the sensitive reception areas of dogs. 62% dog owners have reported that their dogs tilt their heads while they speak to them. 52% people say that they flatter their heads up and down while they speak to their pets. 71% of the dog owners say that when they bigger muzzle the tendency of tilting face is more. There is no particular reason why vestibular disease occurs, but there are many grounds for this condition. They can be – ear injury, brain disease, metabolic diseases, nutritional deficiencies, respiratory tract infection, toxicity, inflammation of middle ear due to bacterial, parasitic and other infection. Dogs are fine-tuned and cute animals which one may regard as best friend to human. They recognize nature of men and can differentiate between good and evil intentions. If you care them for once, they will remember for ages.