Six Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

Why Dogs Eat GrassWhy Dogs Eat Grass. Pica is the technical name given to the behavior of eating strange food and materials. At times, a dog may lick at the air as it shows a swallowing behavior, then rush out to the lawn and start grazing until the urge abates? This is a common behavior in dogs, and there are a number of reasons why a dog would graze. In this article, I am going to unleash the various reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass.

1. Gastrointestinal upset

We can say that grass-eating is a way that dogs react to stomach irritation. When a dog is suffering from a digestive upset, on most occasion, they will eat large amounts of grass in an attempt to throw up. Once the dog has vomited, chances are, the stomach upset problem will have gone.

Have in mind that a dog eating grass does not necessarily mean it’s unwell. In fact, research shows that only 10% of dogs that seem to be sick ate grass and only 25% of the dogs that eat grass vomit after grazing.

2. Intestinal worms

Some study shows that canines consume plant material to increase intestinal motility which helps eliminate intestinal parasites.

3. Ease nausea, bloating or gas

These conditions are very much related to the gastrointestinal upset. When dogs suffer from gastrointestinal upset; nausea and gas are very the first symptoms and can be relieved by vomiting before diarrhea comes in. Some folks do not agree with this because; they argue that dogs don’t have the brains to treat themselves, of which it’s true, but they forget that the body has its own natural way of treating itself. For instance, when you are dehydrated, you tend to feel thirsty after every few minutes. The same case applies here, a dog will crave for something that will make it throw up, and the grass is the closest at hand.

4. Boredom playful behavior

To some dogs, eating grass is fun, they will play around biting and chewing the grass especially when they get bored. This is most evident in puppies and younger dogs.

Why Dogs Eat Grass outside5. Fulfill a nutrition requirement

When dogs feed on grass, it is possible that they are missing key nutrients in their diet that are found in the grass but most often, dogs go for grass in search of fiber and roughage.

6. Normal and natural behavior

Dogs have been grazing from the time immemorial; even the wild dogs have been known to eat grass. Some say that this is a behavior that dogs inherit and for real it’s normal and natural for dogs to eat grass.

Do Grass Add any Nutritional Value to Dogs?

Dogs don’t have the ability to digest grass; they lack the respective enzymes needed to break it down. For this reason, there is little nutritional value to them.

How Can I Train My Dog to Stop Grazing

As I had explained before, grass-eating in dogs could be a natural behavior that they inherited. So, training your dog to stop eating grass completely is not possible. However, you can incorporate more fiber and roughage in their diet to reduce their rate of grazing.

Why Dogs Eat Grass

After discussing the reasons why dogs eat grass, we can conclude that eating grass is a normal and natural habit in dogs and for sure there is nothing big to shout about when you see a dog grazing.